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Farm Boy Wesley Crusher – Part 2/5


After finishing jerking off, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher slipped into a deep sleep.  His subconscious reprocessed his experiences from the Holodeck.  Over and over it ran through them trying to make sense of how he had failed.  In the morning, the conscious Wesley continued working on the problem.  Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher was not accepting of his own failure and he knew that he had failed shamefully on his visit to that primitive farm.

He remained in his bunk thinking about what had happened, attempting to figure out how such a thing could have happened.  He was also aware that his butt hurt.  It hurt in the same way as a real blow hurt – the sort that he had encountered in real sports activities.  It was then that he realized that the entire Holodeck adventure seemed different than all the others he had experienced.  This one was far more real; it must be a more advanced program.

He went to his console and started to investigate.  He found nothing.  That, like Sherlock Homes' non-barking dog, was very interesting.  Even the usual notice of new programs in the Holodeck library was not there.  He requested a Holodeck session.  He was surprised that one was available that evening because of a cancellation just moments before and accepted it.  He would cancel his other plans.

Would you like to make your program selection now?

Yes         No© YLeeCoyote

As soon as he touched 'Yes', the second question popped on the screen:

Would you like to continue your previous program:
A Day's Adventures of a Boy in the American Midwest, 1888?

Yes         No

As soon as he touched 'Yes', the computer acknowledged and dropped to idle.

He spent the next few hours studying the world of 1888.  History, geography and current events and, of course, high school arithmetic.  This was particularly easy since he knew all the stuff although not in the form that was appropriate to the 1880's.  After studying common unit conversions, he realized how easy the arithmetic problem had been.  Actually, trivial for forty acres was a quarter of a quarter section of a square mile and thus a quarter mile on each side.  That would require 132 sections of fence per side for a total of 396 sections.

Wesley approached the Holodeck and entered.

* * * * * * * * * *

Again he stripped and got into his bed.  Confident that he was ready he quickly fell into a deep sleep.  He was awakened, as usual, by his pa's hand connecting with his bottom.


"I just don't know what the matter is with you, boy, unless you like getting your butt spanked?  You never want to get up in the morning.  The cows are awaiting."

Wesley, jumped out of bed.  He slipped into his shirt and overalls and beat his pa out to the barn.  After the milking was done, he asked which pasture to take them to.  "The near one today, boy." decided his pa and he lead the cows there.  After breakfast, Wesley soon found himself behind the plow.  There was just one more acre to be done to finish plowing the entire field.  He guided the team along the first of the thirty-two furrows that were indicated by the stakes placed in the ground years ago by his pa and uncle.  Wesley paced the second furrow and determined that it was two hundred meters.  It was going to be a long, hard day.  There were times that the plow need pushing in addition to the pulling by the team.

At midday he unhitched the horses and let them into the pasture to graze and rest.  He then went for lunch.  After lunch, he hitched up the wagon to deliver the milk to the depot and his father finished the plowing.  He also picked up a letter from Uncle Robert.

Uncle Robert ran the general store in Greenville, a town about thirty miles away.  He had a major gout attack and was not able to really work.  Could Wesley come and help out for a few days.  "Well the plowing is done and I can manage for a few days without you, boy. It will be good for you learn about the store.  I'll take you to the train in the morning."

So the next morning, after he milked the cows, mucked out the barn and passed an inspection by his ma.  "It would not do for your Aunt Martha and Uncle Robert to see you as a dirty farm boy not knowing how to wash.  They are town folk now, son."  So, dressed up in his Sunday best complete with shoes, Wesley rode off to the train station with his ma and pa.

There was something impressive the way the steam engine roared into the little station belching steam and smoke and pulling just three little cars.  Wesley could feel how proud his ma was that her son was off by himself for the very first time with a ticket in his pocket.  A full thirty miles she thought – a day's journey by foot or horse.  Wesley was caught up in her excitement but thought about the million of light-years that he had already traveled and, at times, even in command of a vessel incomprehensibly greater than this iron horse.  Like every lad on a journey, he was not happy carrying the pies his ma had made wrapped in a checkered table cloth.  They set him apart from the mostly salesmen and solders who were his fellow passengers.

The three hour multi-stop trip went quickly as Wesley watched the landscape flowing before his eyes.  He easily found the general store with the proud sign: "Robert Crusher & Sons, Prop.".  His relatives were glad to see him.  His aunt and uncle were a bit older than his (Holodeck) parents and his Cousin Jake was a couple of years younger.  Uncle Robert was in a chair with his foot up on a stool tending to the money side of business while the other two tended to the needs of the customers.  Wesley could provide the hands to allow the others to rest some.  Of course, he was mainly useful for fetching and other tasks not requiring knowledge of the store's merchandise.

It was after the store closed and at dinner that they were able to talk family matters.  Wesley's other cousin George, Jake's older brother, was learning surveying working on the railroad.  Aunt Martha insisted that Wesley save his Sunday clothes for Sunday and she took him down to the store to pick out a shirt and trousers for him.  She told him to undress so she could measure him properly.  After Wesley took off his shirt, he stopped.  She put the tape measure down and picked up a yard stick.  She just grabbed Wesley by the arm and gave him six hard slaps with the thick wooden stick on the seat of his Sunday pants.  "Now, do as I tell you boy."

"But, I don't have any underwear on." complained the youth.

"For gosh sakes, boy, I've changed your diapers and you're no different than George and Jake.  Or would you like more of the stick?"

"No, Aunt Martha." he said as he dropped his trousers.  Jake snickered.  A quick glance from his ma stopped that immediately.  Then it was off to bed.  He shared Jake's room and slept in George's bed.

In the morning, after breakfast, Uncle Robert lectured him endlessly about the stuff in the store.  So many things that he knew nothing about.  Once the customers came in he was constantly fetching following the orders of his uncle, aunt and cousin.  A couple of times he even was required to deliver goods.  His main down fall came because of his knowledge of the heavens.  He made the mistake of correcting the pastor's remarks.  He was immediately ordered to be quiet, respect his elders and apologize.  Wesley even argued with his uncle that he was right.  It was only when his uncle promised the pastor that he would have a 'discussion' with the lad after the store closed that the pastor and the stern, sour Deacon Wagner seemed satisfied.

Right after the store closed and after Jake and Wesley helped Uncle Robert upstairs they had their discussion.  It was the four of them: Uncle Robert, Cousin Jake, Wesley and the strap in Jake's room.  After a long lecture, Uncle Robert told Wesley to strip and lean over the bed.  He then started to use the strap but his gout would not let him stand properly to do the job.  He handed the strap to Jake.  It was bad enough getting the strap with his cousin watching but even worse with his cousin actually applying it.  Jake, smiling, acted as if he did not care being very polite in responding to his father orders.  He swung the strap at Wesley's waiting tail.  It connected with a loud SLAP and SNAP followed by a yelp from Wesley.  Suddenly Jake had a feeling of power.  He quickly brought the strap back for another shot.  He suddenly knew how his older brother felt when he was told to whip him.  The strap continued its assault on Wesley.  Wesley lost count before his uncle said enough.  Wesley ate his dinner standing and bare butted.

Saturday was the busy day in the store, but they also closed early.  It was the tradition that the town's teen boys go swimming after work.  After changing into old clothes, they went off to the swimming hole.  There was a group of ten youths at the swimming hole and, of course, they were skinning dipping.  The strap marks stilled showed and everyone had fun looking at them except Wesley.  "Your uncle really gave it to you." said one of them.

Jake jumped at the opportunity to boast: "I gave it to him.  Pa just watched."

One of the reasons for this custom was to avoid Saturday night baths, so everyone soaped up while they were there.

Sunday was church.  Wesley did not appreciate the service.  The little kids were taken outside for Sunday School with a couple of the deacons while the minister gave a fire and brimstone sermon (Wesley felt it was a rant) to the teens and adults.  Then, while the adults were socializing, the teens had their Sunday school session with the deacons Wagner and Smithy, the huge blacksmith.  Since it was a hot day, the boys were allowed to remove their suit jackets.  The sermon's theme was carried forward by the deacons.  Wesley had not learnt his lesson from two days earlier and managed to argue and challenge the deacons.  It did not help that one was the same Mr. Wagner who had been with the minister on Thursday.

With everyone siting on their chairs (brought out from the church) Wesley was called forward and was given a long lecture about respect and obedience.  Then, to be sure that the words would be well impressed on his mind the blacksmith opened and lowered Wesley's trousers before hauling him over his knee in front of the town's teens of both genders.  The man was strong from years of working at the forge and anvil and even controlling horses.  Wesley could not even move as he was held down on the huge man's lap like he was but a little child.  The came the spanking.  The blacksmith's hand came crashing down on his naked butt like it was a paddle.


This hurt more than the strapping he had gotten from his cousin.  He was yelling.


Wesley's yells turned into screams and tears.


Wesley was bawling like a baby.  The blacksmith continued.


The spanking stopped although Wesley continued to bawl.  The blacksmith picked him up and carried him over to the wall of the church.  "Stand here with your hands on your head, boy, and consider the wages of blasphemy."

He remained there until Jake called him that they were going home.  He preferred to eat dinner standing that afternoon.

Monday, Uncle Robert decided to rest upstairs and let the boys take care of the store.  Jake promised to consult his father should the need arise.  Wesley was in the unpleasant position of being the apprentice to his younger cousin.  Jake made sure to remind his older cousin that he had already strapped him and was quite ready, willing and able to do it again should he fail in any of his duties.

When a couple of the other youths dropped by for things, Jake was very generous with his orders for Wesley.  A few of the young ladies also came by, wanting Wesley to wait on them and giggling a lot.

Wesley seriously considered requesting termination of the program but wanted to redeem himself.

That night in the privacy of their room, when they were in bed, his cousin told about the realities of life in town by pointing out that if he had declined to whip Wesley, then his pa would have gotten Smithy to do both of them.  Also, that he better learn to hold his tongue when the deacons are around or he might never sit again.  Although, everyone had kidded him about bawling, they all knew that Smithy makes everyone cry like that and it really was not anything to be ashamed about.  And he did not have to worry about his woodie then either since all the guys were hard from just watching.  Confidentially, I even got hard when I was whipping you with pa here.

"Really" said Wesley, rubbing his own crotch under the covers.

"Really!  I'm even hard now thinking about it."

"Me too." responded Wesley.

Jake got out of his bed and went over to Wesley and pulled back the sheet and took hold of his cousin's hard shaft.  "George showed me some nice ways to play that they have not prohibited.  Want to?"

Wesley took hold of Jake's rod and started to reciprocate.  It did not take long before Jake was teaching his older, but naive, cousin the joys of oral sex.  Wesley was a fast student and soon filled his cousin's mouth with his hot, sweet cum.  Wesley then reciprocated draining Jake's balls in the same fashion.

Wesley slept well that night.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both pretty quiet and, by them, he had gotten far better at working in the store.  He also experimented more with his cousin.

Thursday morning Uncle Robert was much better and told Wesley that he should prepare to return home this afternoon for his own father needed him on the farm.  He wrote a note to his brother to convey his thanks and promised that he would send Jake to help at harvest time if he was not sick.  He also reported on Wesley's transgressions.  Aunt Martha made sure to refill the pie plates so that Wesley would again be carrying a table cloth wrapped bundle on the train.

On the train back, Wesley thought about how this world was different that the one he was from.  He was not nearly as depressed about his failures as he had been.  "Computer: terminate program at end of this cycle."  He went back to watching the scenery fly by at the incredible speed of 0.04 µc (micro-light speed).

He waited for his father to deliver the milk and rode home with him.  On the way home they both read the letter from Wesley's uncle.  "If I was there, son, you would have gotten a third whippin'."  Wesley looked at his father puzzled.  "Yes, for being so impertinent.  That church in Greenville is pretty extreme but they are of the mind 'that children should be seen and not heard'."

After dinner, Wesley asked for a piece of paper to write a letter apologizing to his uncle and thanking him for the shirt and trousers, and a stamp to post it with.  After he wrote the letter he told his pa that he was ready for that discussion in the woodshed.

"Do you want to, son?"

"No, pa, but I have earned it."

After striping down in the woodshed, Wesley handed his pa the strap.  Quietly he said: "I love you pa.  Do what you must."


Wesley did not cry this time although the strap hurt as much in the past.

He remained in the woodshed for a while before returning to the house.  He went to bed immediately, exhausted.

He was woken up again with a slap to his butt.  He jumped out of bed before he was hit again.

* * * * * * * * * *

The lights level rose.  The farm house faded.  The computer announced: "Cycle complete.  Program terminated."

He dressed and returned to his quarters, where he showered and sacked out.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

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