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Farm Boy Wesley Crusher – Part 3/5


Just like after his previous experience with the new Holodeck program as farm boy Wesley Crusher, Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher jerked off before slipping into a deep sleep.  As he slept his subconscious tried to make sense of his experiences from the Holodeck.

The next day he still thought about it and, of course worked on his real assignments.  He now felt differently about doing a shuttle craft navigation problem after messing up a simple farm boy's perimeter problem.  The thought still gnawed at him – this new program was different!  Of course, it was more real in the sense that he remembered many more details and not only mentally but physically.  The whippings that he had experienced still stung.  Unconsciously, he rubbed his butt.

He requested and got another session.  A couple of days later Wesley approached the Holodeck and entered.

* * * * * * * * * *

Just as the previous two times, Wesley stripped and got into the bed.  In the moments before falling asleep he wondered what adventure he was going to have.  He was fairly sure that it would not be an exotic one to the real people of 1888 but, nevertheless, very special to him.© YLeeCoyote


went the alarm clock and he jumped out of bed.

"Wesley, it's harvest time and lots to do.  Milk the cows and take them out to the back pasture, muck out the barn and call me for breakfast.  I'll be gatherin' corn."

As Wesley started on his assigned chores, pa went out to start picking.  After breakfast the three of them labored in the fields.  Wesley took the milk to the depot after lunch and hoped that Jake would come today.

He was waiting at the station and the cousins greeted each other warmly after putting Jake's bag and Aunt Martha's pies in the wagon.  As they rode back to the farm, they kidded each other and played grab crotch.  They both knew that they would have some fun tonight; fun of the sort they had when Wesley was at Jake's house.  Back at the farm they got right to work with the corn.  It had to be put away in the silo to protect it from the weather.  Then the two fetched the cows and milked them.  They worked in the field until dark and then had dinner.

After dinner, they fetched the spare bed from the hayloft.  As teen boys are wont to do, they quickly got into rough housing.  Surprisingly, the city boy trounced the farm boy and Wesley soon yielded to Jake.  Jake stood in front of Wesley and opened his pants.  His hard cock jumped out into Wesley face.  Wesley happily paid the forfeit by engulfing his cousin's shaft.  Jack was quite pleased and enjoyed the sucking passively until he was close.  Then he grabbed Wesley's head and drove his shaft deep as he explosively shot a large load down his cousin's throat.  Then they returned with the bed and set it up next to Wesley's in the house.

The boys talked a lot, and when ma and pa had fallen asleep, Jake jumped his cousin.  Taken unawares, and almost asleep, Jake easily converted a wrestling hold into a sexual mounting that Wesley had to yield to.  They both slept well afterwards although Wesley had trouble avoiding the wet spot he had made.

Jake was up even before his aunt and uncle.  He was about to thread the rope that he used as a belt with his farm clothes into his trousers when his uncle told him to wake his lazy, sleepyhead cousin.  He flipped back the sheet covering Wesley exposing his rump.  He was about to shake him when he remembered what Wesley had told him about how his father woke him.  He just doubled the rope over, and gave Wesley four blows before he moved.  His aunt and uncle laughed.  "Give him another six, Jake," ordered his uncle, "and you better make them harder."

"Yes, sir." he answered and whipped his cousin.  Jake was glad that he had loose trousers on as it hid his hard-on from his aunt.

"Milk the cows and take them to the back pasture." ordered his uncle.  The two boys, Wesley still naked, went to do their first chores of the day.

After they had milked the cows, Jake told Wesley that there was one 'teat' that still needs 'milking'.  Lowering his trousers Jake moved close to Wesley, still sitting on the milking stool, to take care of the last teat and have an extra bit of 'cream' for breakfast.  They then got back to their regular chores.  The rest of the day was hard work getting the crops in as best they could.

The one break came with the Sabbath.  The cows still had to be milked and taken out to pasture, then the barn mucked out and baths taken before dressing for church.  It was there that Wesley got into trouble.  He thought that Mary-Ann was interested in him but her brother disagreed.  He was arguing with her brother when their father appeared just when his language got improper for young ladies particularly at church.  Mary-Ann's father grabbed Wesley by the ear and took him to his own father.  "We'll discuss this in the woodshed later, boy.  Wait in the wagon."  Being the center of attention did not make Wesley happy for everyone knew what sort of discussion took place in there.

Sunday dinner was not the happy time that it usually was because of the need for some major discipline.  A little after dinner, his pa said:  "Wesley, I'm disappointed in you.  You shamed us all and on the Lord's day.  And I was hoping to rest before and after a very hard week.  Go get ready, boy and wait for me in the woodshed."

"I'm sorry, pa." said Wesley as he reentered the house, stripped and went to wait.

Meanwhile, out on the porch Jake was making a suggestion to his uncle.  "Uncle, perhaps I can help.  When Wesley was helping us out, dad could not standup to strap him properly so he had me do it.  I could do it today while you rest."

Wesley's pa looked at his ma who was nodding her approval.  "You're very tired pa.  Let Jake do it while we just rest this Sabbath for the hard week a coming."  Then she turned to Jake.  "You change out of your Sunday suit first, Jake."

"Yes, ma'am."  Jake glanced at his uncle who nodded his approval.  Five minutes later Jake surprised the waiting Wesley in the woodshed.  "My pa sent me to help your pa and he sent me to give you your whippin', cousin."  Wesley looked shocked.  He was speechless.  But he knew that his cousin could not be lying for he would be whipped for such a fraud.  "Over the horse, boy." grinned Jake.

As Jake got the strap from the wall, Wesley placed himself over the horse.  This was going to hurt and it was so embarrassing to get it from his younger cousin.  Jake raised the strap and brought it down on Wesley's ass hard.  A wide red stripe appeared on his butt and he yelled.  Jake hit harder than his pa did.  The strap rose and fell another dozen times.  The pain was unbearable.  Wesley was crying.  He wanted to say: "Computer Stop Program".  But he could not speak.  The strapping stopped but he felt Jake's hands on his hips and his hard shaft probing between his flaming cheeks for his fuck hole.  Even if he had wanted to stop this he did not have the strength to do so.  Jake just took him as he lay bent over the strapping horse to satisfy his own needs.  Yet Wesley was himself aroused from the overloading sensation of the strapping.  As Jake fucked him hard, hitting his prostate with each thrust, Wesley could not prevent having an overwhelming orgasm.  The excitement of the raw power of disciplining his cousin led Jake to a similar state as he exploded into his older cousin.  They both took some time to recover.

Jake went back to the house and obtained permission to go swimming with Wesley.  At the creek Wesley just stood with his butt in the cool water with very mixed feelings about everything.  Jake was still horny riding on his power trip and fucked his cousin at each end before they had to return to milk the cows.  Wesley ate his evening meal standing.

After supper he managed to be alone for a few minutes.  "Computer stop program."

"Program is non-stoppable until the end of the cycle."

"Computer engage personal safety protocols."

"Safety protocols are already at maximum protection level."

"Computer when is end of the cycle?"

"You are not authorized to access that datum."

Wesley sighed and went to bed.  He slept on his stomach that night.

Things were quiet the next couple of days.  The boys did their chores and helped with the harvest.  At every opportunity, Jake had sex with Wesley.

At dinner on Tuesday, pa said that the crop was in and that Jake could go back home.  However, his pa had given permission for the Jake to stay a couple of extra days for a vacation with Wesley.  Jake and Wesley decided to go camping in the nearby hills.  Right after they finished their chores the next morning they left.  They went about ten miles and made camp by a small brook.  They did a little hunting and Wesley managed to bag a couple of rabbits for dinner.  Jake missed so many more that Wesley thought that he could not hit the side of a barn.

"That was pretty bad shooting, cuz.  That was so bad that it rates a spanking for wasting bullets, cuz.  Get your ass over here, Jake." ordered Wesley sitting on a stump.  Jake obeyed and he presented himself like he did to his father.

Wesley opened his cousin's trousers, let them fall and pulled him across his lap.  Jake was his size but he did not struggle.  Wesley patted his butt before beginning to spank.  He hit as hard as he could enjoying his hand prints merging into a red glow over Jake's bottom in the light of the setting sun.  He had Jake get up and lie across a fallen tree and then he pulled out his belt.  He thought back to the times Jake had strapped him and swung the belt hard on target.  After a few hard strokes the already red butt turned darker and Jake was begging him to stop.  Wesley gave him a couple of more strokes (not so hard).  Then he dropped both the belt and his own trousers.  His shaft was as steel hard as Jake's had been in the woodshed.  He used his as Jake had his.  He covered his cousin and drove his shaft into him with a mighty trust.  Then he proceed to fuck him hard.  It took only a few minutes before they both came.

In their bedrolls under the starry sky, which they each appreciated in very different ways, they fucked some more in the ways well known to horny adolescents for millennia.  When they were about to sleep, Wesley asked Jake if was unhappy that he had taken him like that.  Jake indicated that there was one thing that bothered him.  Wesley pressed him.  "Well," drawled out Jake, "why did it take you so fuckin' long to get around to it."

Still admiring the stars, Wesley realized that he did not want the program to terminate in the morning.  "I have to pee." he said and walked into woods.

"Computer can program run past a cycle end?"

"Program is non-stoppable until the end of the cycle."

Wesley returned to his bedroll to sleep.

The next day the two enjoyed the fun of boyhood games – swimming, hunting and fucking before returning home with a brace of pheasants and a few rabbits.

In the morning after the chores were done, Wesley took his cousin to the train to return home (with a couple of coneys and, naturally, a few of his ma's fresh pies wrapped in a checkered table cloth).

The day seemed empty without his cousin.  It was depressing to return the extra bed to storage.  Wesley wondered what was yet to happen as he went to sleep.

He was woken up again with slaps to his butt.  He jumped out of bed before he was hit again.

* * * * * * * * * *

The lights level rose.  The farm house faded.  The computer announced: "Cycle complete.  Program terminated."

He dressed and returned to his quarters, where he showered and sacked out totally exhausted.

The computer had trouble waking him up so that he could report to his post on time.

He was still troubled by this Holodeck program as well as the experiences it had left him with.  He was not unhappy that he could not get more Holodeck time; there was much to figure out.

End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

© Copyright A.I.L., March 22, 2001

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