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Farm Boy Wesley Crusher – Part 4/5


Captain Jean-Luc Picard,  Commander William Thomas Riker and Ship Counselor Deanna Troi were in the ready room to discuss the report concerning the new training program using the Holodeck and subject Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher.

"So", said the Captain, "is it fair to summarize the formal report and your observations to just the following:

In a word, Captain, "yes" said Deanna.  "There are just a couple things that need to be settled.  First, should we proceed with the plan as recommended by training HQ?"

"Yes." said the Captain, "What else?"

"Who should be the authority/father figure.  There are two obvious candidates – you and Will.  I suggest Will because of the lad's feelings for him from his past training and you are very busy.  Also, because of the age differences he sees you more as a grandfather, than a father.  Remember that a boy his age thinks that a man of forty is ancient.  Also, it allows him the idea that there is a person to appeal to.  The Commander has also done the CP program on the Holodeck recommended by Training HQ."© YLeeCoyote

"You're in agreement, Will."

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, make it so."

The Captain paused, before continuing.  "I remember the time he first came up in the elevator and was a little smart-alecky pettifogger talking about not really being on the bridge as I had prohibited.  If CP had been allowed then, I wonder what would have happen if I had spanked him that time.

"I think he would have thanked you for allowing him on the bridge totally ignoring the price of even a public spanking at that time." said Deanna.

Will laughed.

"Get out of here; I've got work to do." snapped the Captain in mock anger.

Jean Luc allowed himself the luxury of a daydream.

The lift door opens but no one exits and then I see the lad and yell at him for coming to the bridge.  He makes some evasive comment.

"Come here, boy."  I order and watch as the lad comes close, obviously very nervous.  "You know that you should not have come up here and that you're playing with the words of my orders."  The boy looks down at the deck, crestfallen.

"Yes, Captain".  I've been very naughty, sir.  I'm sorry, sir." he confesses (now that he has been caught).

"Not as sorry as you will be, boy."  I slide forward in my chair and reach for the petrified lad and pull him close.  I lower the zipper on his pants and pull them down.  His briefs follow and he blushes allover.  I pull him over my lap and say: "Sorry just is not enough, boy.  You are going to be spanked."

His quiet "Yes, sir." is drowned out as my hand starts spanking his little bottom.  It quickly turns red and I can hear him sobbing between spanks.  At first he accept his fate and my authority without any resistance but soon he can not help but to squirm.

I lift him up and pull up his pants.  "Now get off my bridge, boy."

"Yes, Captain; yes, sir" he says as he heads for the lift slowly looking at everything.  He turns and looks at me: "Thank you, sir."

* * * * * * * * * *

Riker and Troi were in the conference room when Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher reported.

"Sit down, Mr. Crusher".

Commander Riker began to explain what the meeting was about and that he had been a subject in a Star Fleet Training Experiment.

"I knew it.  I knew it" he blurted out with gee.  "I just knew that the program was not normal."

"Control yourself, Mr. Crusher." ordered the Commander, sharply.

"Aye, aye, sir.  I'm terribly sorry but this has been with me for a month, sir."

"We know that, Wesley." said the Counselor.  "Your feelings were very strong."  She paused before continuing.  "Just like now; when you are concerned that your Holodeck experiences are not private.  Let me assure you that no one, not even the Captain of this ship, knows what happened in there except you. The log file was examined back at Training HQ following full anonymity protocols."

Wesley seemed to relax.

"Of course, we know that you were subjected to some CP." interjected the Commander.

She continued, "I have some other duties to attend to, so I will leave you two gentlemen."

"The entire Holodeck program was designed to test your reactions and feelings to determine how you could achieve your maximum potential not only for Service but for yourself.  As Counselor Troi indicated you are the only one that knows what happened during your adventure.  You may discuss that if you choose to with the Captain, the Counselor or myself but no one else in any way that discloses the special nature of this program.  That is, of course, an order."

"Yes, sir.  I understand.  At the moment I think I would like to analyze what happened by myself.  Am I permitted to continue with the program?"

"The program is no longer available on the Enterprise.  If you wish, in the future, we might request a continuation from Training HQ, although I don't know if it would be available either as a normal program or a training program."

The Commander's communicator beeped which interrupted the discussion. "Commander Riker: Please report to the captain's ready room, immediately."

He touched his communicator to respond: "Acknowledged."  "Mr. Crusher you are to wait for me in your quarters unless there is an alert declared or you are otherwise called for duty."

"Aye, aye, sir." answered Acting Ensign Crusher saluting and stepping to the side of the door to allow the Commander to respond as ordered before returning to his quarters to wait.

What Wesley did not know was that the call was preplanned as he wanted Wesley to think about this all before further discussions.

* * * * * * * * * *

Wesley wondered what was going to happen.  He was pleased that he figured out that the Holodeck program was something very special.  He was equally ashamed of himself for his outburst when he had learned that he was correct.  He had apologized immediately but the Commander had been faster to reprimand him.  As he made his way to his quarters, he had the same sort of feelings that he had on the Holodeck when he had been sent to the woodshed.

Once in his quarters, he set to analyze the new data he had just received about the Holodeck program being a training/analysis tool.  He checked the computer to see if that program had been catalogued.  None of the programs, including this one, that had been in the shipment he logged-in some thirty days ago were there.  It was then that he realized that he had never spoken of his experiences as a farm boy.  This was just another puzzling datum.

The visitor signal went off.  Wesley said 'enter' and stood by his bed at attention as the Commander entered.  "You may sit, Wesley." said Riker as he placed a small package on the desk and pulled the chair into the middle of the small cabin/room.  Wesley sat on the bed and waited for the Commander to speak.

"Wesley, as we started to explain to you earlier, the new training program showed that you would benefit by some adjustments in your current training program.  Although you usually rate near the top, Star Fleet expects even better from you.  Whether or not this sort of change is good or bad has been discussed and studied for many generations.  There is evidence supporting both sides of the argument.  It is now believed that it, like many other things, depends on the individual.  The testing has indicated that it is good for you."

When Riker paused, Wesley request permission to speak.  "Sir, I'm terribly sorry about my outburst earlier.  It was childish and immature.  Also, I not sure what you are telling me, sir."

"Yes, it was inappropriate and, as you say, childish.  In a sentence, you are now in a corporal punishment program.  That means that you get spanked, paddled or something like that when you don't achieve the objectives that you should."  Wesley was speechless.  "The training report indicates that you know exactly what that entails from your Holodeck adventure."  Wesley nodded in shock.  "Now as to the matter of today's outburst.  Since it was a childish act, you shall be spanked as a child would be.  Please come here."

Wesley walked over to the Commander.  Dazed by this turn of events, he stood still as the Commander lowered first the zipper and then his pants and underwear.  He was pulled over the waiting lap and remembered the feeling of being so helpless when he was over Deacon Smith's lap as Riker's hand grasped his waist tightly.  Even before the Commander raised his hand to deliver the first spank, Wesley no longer felt like an Acting Ensign on a great starship but like a little farm boy.  A naughty little boy about to get his just rewards for his misdeeds.


Riker's hand pounded down fast and hard.  Wesley's butt was on fire.  He recalled how he had responded the last time he was over a man's lap.  He started to sob like a little boy.


Wesley was crying.  Between sobs he was begging for this to stop.  He was promising to be good.  He was too preoccupied to react to Riker's hard shaft pressing up into his abdomen.  He was not even thinking about his own rod being hard and being held between Riker's thighs.  The roaring fire being pounded into his butt was all that he could think of.


Wesley was now bawling.  He could no longer speak.  The spanking stopped.  The Commander was holding him as he brought his crying under control.  When he could speak he repeated his promises.  He was lead to the corner.  "Stay here until the computer signals your fifteen minutes is up then go to bed, Wesley."

Before Riker left he instructed the computer to give a signal in fifteen minutes.  He returned to his own quarters where he pondered about the woodie in his own pants.

When the signal came, Wesley dutifully went to bed.  Before he got to sleep, he relieved the tension in his crotch.  He was thinking how nice it would be if Jake was here to help him by fucking him but, alas, he was just a Holodeck person.  It was now that Wesley realized that he had been feeling Commander Riker's erection as he was being spanked.  He conjured up a whole new set of images that were strictly against SF Regulations.  He slept prone hoping his ass would cool before morning.

Checking his mail in the morning he found a message from the Commander instructing him to open the package.  It was an unfamiliar device but the instructions for its care indicated that it was a tawse.  He checked the dictionary and learnt what it was for.  He compared it with the strap has caused him so much pain in the woodshed.  Although a lot shorter, the handle made this easier to hold and use and the leather was thicker.  The slit in the strap surely was for the purpose of increasing its effectiveness.  This did not bode well at all.

It was six days later that the Commander ordered Wesley to report to this office for a performance review.  As the instructions that had accompanied the tawse indicated, he brought that along to the meeting.  They reviewed his performance in detail, carefully noting both his accomplishments and failures.  At the end, the Commander asked Wesley to evaluate himself and explain the rational.  The Commander then appraised the self-evaluation based on his own assessment.

"Let see what the Training HQ evaluation program suggests." and he punched the data in.  It ordered eight with the tawse, well laid on.  "Drop your trousers, Crusher, and bend over hold your ankles.  "Ready, Sir." said Wesley, stating the obvious when he was in position.

Commander Riker picked up the tawse and stepped to Wesley's side.  He delivered two forehand blows to Wesley's left cheek noting how quickly it turned red and that the tails slipped into the crack.  He then stepped to the other side of Wesley, and gave him two backhand blows to his right cheek.

These stung as much as the first two.  Wesley was having a lot of trouble not yelling.  This tawse hurt like the strap had in his Holodeck strappings.

The Commander then switched his attention back to Wesley's left cheek and delivered two backhand blows.  Now the tails of the tawse got the side of the cheek which was previously untouched.  He finished up with two forehand strokes to the right cheek and side.  "That is all Mr. Crusher.  Return to your quarters."

"Aye, aye, sir." said Wesley as he carefully raised up his pants and did as ordered.  As he did this, he thought that Will's trousers were a little tighter than usual in the crotch.  Back in his quarters he set the 'do not disturb' indicator and stripped.  He lay on his bed humping his pillow hard wishing just as hard that Commander William Thomas Riker was fucking his hot butt like Jake had done in the woodshed.

The Commander was experiencing his own side effects of strapping Wesley.  In his practice sessions in the Holodeck he never had these feelings.  He had spanked and tawsed images of a dozen youths of various sizes.  It turned out that there were techniques to learn (as in many sports); knowing how both increased the effectiveness and decreased the risk of injury to the boy.  It had taken a good deal of practice before he was comfortable doing it; there was no risk of injuring a holographic image.  The emotions that he felt were quite different for the holographic boy was not real and Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher was real.  As good as the Holodeck images were, his mind knew the difference.

He recalled how after spanking Wesley, he had to retire to his own quarters to take care of a great urging in his crotch.  Today the urge was even greater.  He ordered the computer to secure his office.  Only an alert or the Captain could now intrude.  He opened his trousers and let his hard cock spring free.  He could not recall when it was ever as hard as now since he had been a horny teenager.  He jerked off to the image of driving his trititanium hard shaft deep into Wesley's fuck hole in the middle of his hot red tight butt as the youth yelled for more.

After he had explosively relieved himself, he wished that the Reg's did not prohibit sexual contact with those within one's command.

End of Part 4.  Go to Part 5

© Copyright A.I.L., March 26, 2001

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