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The following story is fiction about unexpected family CP.  The story contains a scene of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

“Is what happens in this story possible or even plausible?” is a question that may be fairly asked.  I think it is but not for everyone.  It could happen if the bottoms are subs and especially if previously conditioned to submit.  In any case, this is fantasy fiction so just enjoy even if it is not to your liking.

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Farm Girl in Charge


“Today is the operation.” Ma reminded everyone at the breakfast table.  “The special doctor will deal with Pa and I’ll give him support.  Clover (the older girl) will come with us to take care of the shopping and we hope to get back before dark.  It’s at least a two-half hour drive to the City and the same back.  We expect that you three will do everything like you should or else.”  Ma did not have to elaborate for Zeke and Silas, the two boys who were twenty and twenty-one, and Daisy, their fifteen-year-old younger sister, had heard it all before.  There was plenty of work on a farm all year around and Ma could swing that strap as hard as Pa could.  The cows were the main thing but there was also filling the woodshed and the never-ending repairs for the boys.  Daisy had to take care of the chickens and all the kitchen work.

It was an hour after Daisy had taken the afternoon snack out for the boys (she called them that just like their Ma did even though they were older than she) that she went to the barn to retrieve the dishes after feeding the chickens again.  The boys were not there but behind it lollygagging and smoking rather than doing the loft floor repair as they were supposed to be.  “Boys we need to have discussion about your being naughty unless you rather wait until Ma returns.  I’ll be inside.” she yelled at them.

Less than five minutes later Zeke and Silas were standing in the house.  They were barefoot having left their mucky boots outside and just wearing their bib overalls and T-shirts appropriate for work.

It was not what the boys expected.  Their little sister looked different.  She seemed transformed.  She was sitting in the spanking chair.  That was the chair that Ma always sat on when she was ready to spank them since they were just little boys.  She was not smiling but had a very stern expression and looked very confident.  “We can’t have you lazy boys lollygagging with Pa not being able to work for a while after his operation.  Now drop your overalls.”

They hesitated.  “I’ve seen both of you naked many times.” then she added “And you’re not hung like horses so get a move on.”© YLeeCoyote

They needed some more encouragement.  “DO IT NOW!” she said in an authoritative voice that they had never heard before but that was more than riveting.  They were falling under her spell and each reached for their overalls buckles and opened them.  Their overalls then fell to the floor leaving them naked except for their T-shirts.  They clasped their hands in front of their crotches to hide their privates.

Daisy stared directly at Zeke as she pointed to her lap.  She pointed exactly as their Ma did years ago when they were little boys.  If they were telepathic, they would have ‘heard’ her screaming the order “Over my lap you naughty boy!”

Zeke reacted exactly as if they had been telepathic and started to approach her.  It took three steps to lose the overalls and then he was at her side.  She pulled an arm and glided him over her lap.  It did not matter that he was some ​eight inches​ (​twenty cm​) taller than she and much heavier.  He was under her spell and just a naughty little boy accepting the spanking he had earned from his kid sister who was acting as his mother surrogate.

Daisy was amazed while very delighted at how things were going.  Just as her big sister Clover had told her, their brothers were still just little boys in their heads and will respond that way if treated as such rather than as the men that their physical bodies were.  So far she was correct.  Daisy hoped it would continue as she spanked.

Her arm went up and then came down hard with her slipper making hard contact with the boy’s bottom check leaving a pink oval as evidence.  There was little reaction but Daisy was persistent and continued spanking away.  Over and over she raised the slipper and brought it down hard on target.  The initial pink oval gradually grew like kudzu to cover both cheeks and darkening to a deep red.  Daisy was encouraged for Zeke remained in place over her lap.

Daisy continued spanking as hard as she could.  There was little further change and she remembered how her brothers had always resisted admitting any hurt and pain.  She realized that she would have to settle for a red bottom as the result of her spanking and without crying.  She told Zeke to get up.

Daisy then turned her attention to Silas.  He obviously had been watching closely.  She beckoned to him and he walked over almost like a zombie.  He had even forgotten to hide his junk and it flopped as he approached her.  He, just like his brother had, quietly laid across Daisy’s lap ready to dutifully accept the spanking due for his misconduct.

Silas was not kept waiting by Daisy for she immediately raised her slipper and brought it crashing down hard on his bottom where it made a pink oval just as it had on Zeke’s bottom.  Daisy had a task to accomplish and she went at it with a will – making Silas’s tail match Zeke’s.  Repeatedly she whacked his butt as hard and fast as she could.  It was demanding work but necessary and rewarding.  Soon the task was finished and she stopped.

“Now get back to work, boys.” she commanded.  They grabbed their overalls and pulled them on and rushed back to their work.

Many hours later, when all were in bed she told her big sister all that had happened.  “I’m not surprised they are just little boys inside.  Ma will be pleased that you can deal with them.” responded Clover.

And in the morning as she did her inside chores, she told Ma who was, indeed, most pleased.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 10, 2021

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