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Field Commission (1/4)


Ted listened to his parents shouting at each other over the breakfast table.  He was not intentionally eavesdropping but their shouting had woken him up a half hour early.  To be more accurate it was his mother yelling at his father about his many failings.  He was very familiar with what she was saying because he had heard it all before – not two weeks ago when she was yelling at him.  She was even calling him Rickie rather than Rick or Richard  Reflexively his hand shifted from his crotch to his butt.  He could still feel the strap whipping his butt and the resulting pain in his mind.

He was standing in his room and his mother «Why wasn't it his father like with his friends?» was yelling at him about his failing.  The paper she was waving was what had set off the explosion.  Even as she waved it like a battle flag the big red F was very visible.  It was the paper that he had promised, in particular, to work on carefully but had neglected in order to go out with his friends.  He felt very ashamed at his failure for this time she managed to make him realize that he had acted like a little sissy baby boy rather than like a man whose word is his bond.  He was sorry but sorry does not get the job done.  Sorry does not get passing grades.  Sorry does not lead to graduation.  Sorry does not get a job.  Sorry does not buy the groceries.  Sorry sucks!

"Belt." she said simply, putting out her hand.  For the first time he did not object as he pulled his heavy leather belt from his jeans.  Not that he liked doing it.  Not that he wanted to do it.  But because something inside told him that it was the right thing to do.  He knew that he had fucked up and earned a strapping.

"Position."  Again he complied without his usual objections.  He opened his jeans and slid them along with his underpants down.  He had never liked doing this even before puberty.  It just wasn't proper for his mother to see his stuff.  It got worse after puberty when he had hair and man's sized equipment.  Today was different, however.  He knew in a very different sort of way that he deserved this sort of strapping.  He did it as fast as he could and then bent over the bed to present his butt for its well-deserved thrashing.

He did not have to be told to be quiet nor not to move.  He clenched his teeth in anticipation of the pain of the belt.  It hurt; it hurt a lot each and every cut.  He counted but he really did not know why.  She never told him how many in advance.  Sometimes it was only five cuts; sometimes fifteen.  A few years ago he realized that the count never exceed his age in years but she never told him that.  This time was the full fifteen and he was crying.© YLeeCoyote

Something was different when he stopped crying.  He had an epiphany!  He started his homework with a goal and real purpose.

He knew that his mother ruled the roost but she was telling his father pretty much what she told him.  The only thing she regretted was that she could not whip him like she whipped their son.  Before his father left for work, he promised to return home immediately and to study diligently for his night school classes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ted hit the books as soon as he got home.  He really wanted to prove that he could do well like he had promised.  When his dad got home, they could chat a few minutes over a drink (soda for him, a beer for Dad).  But Dad got home an hour late and had been drinking.  By the time Ted had gotten downstairs, his dad was heading for the door with his bowling ball.  Before he knew what he was doing, Ted opened his mouth.

"And just where you think you're going, young man?"  His father froze in his tracks and he continued.  "You're late and you promised Mom that you would study tonight.  Rickie put that ball away immediately."

There was a long silence.  Ted realized what he had said.  It was the sort of stuff he heard his friends' dads yell and that his grandpas had used on his uncles according to their stories.  His impertinence was clear.  He did not know what would happen.  He knew that it wouldn't happen immediately because his father never disciplined him but his mother would be home in a couple of hours.

He stood and waited for a response.  His father retraced his steps and put the bowling ball back into the closet.  As he passed, Ted could smell that he had been drinking.  "You went to the bar again.  Another promise broken.  You're…" he fumbled for the right word "…despicable!"

If any of his friends had said half of what he had to their fathers, they would have had their heads handed to them yet his father had not done a thing except to mumble "Sorry."

It just slipped out.  "SORRY.  I'll show you sorry.  Give me your belt, young man."  That just what his mother had said to him many times.  Ted was shocked for his father just undid his belt, pulled it out of the loops and handed it to him without a word.  It was like he was a little boy.

"Drop your pants and assume the position." he barked.  And that is exactly what his dad did.  He pushed his pants and underwear down and bent over leaning on a chair.

This must be a dream thought Ted, but he did not want it to stop.  He did not pinch himself but continued with the fantasy.

He raised the belt and brought it down hard across his father's butt.  He watched the red stripe develop on his dad's butt.  He gave his father hard cut after hard cut.

The target turned red and his father yelled in pain.  "I'll be good." he cried.

Ted gave him more than thirty hard cuts before dropping the belt.  "Do your homework!" he ordered and returned to his own.  He expected that the fantasy would end when he woke up so he just resumed doing his homework.  It was a couple of hours later that he heard his mother calling him for dinner.

Nothing was said so Ted assumed it must have been a dream.  He decided that he had only imagined that father was fidgeting during dinner like his butt was sore.

* * * * * * * * * *

The surprise came at breakfast the next morning.  For a change his mother praised him for doing "pretty good" in school.  "Your father and I have had a long discussion about what happened yesterday…"  Ted gulped – could that dream have been real?  "…and we have decided…"  That, of course, meant that she had decided.  "…that you shall be in charge of Rickie from now on.  You may punish him as you see fit.  It is most important that he does well at night school."

"Yes, mother." he responded like he always did.  "I'll do my best."

His father looked sad – apparently resigned to the new order.  Ted was on cloud nine all day.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L., March 20, 2006

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