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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of parental spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I suggest that you read Part 1 first?

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Field Commission (2/4)


Ted was really surprised at how changed he had been by his last two spankings – the one he got from his mother and the one he delivered to his father.  He had decided that he was not a little boy anymore and therefore should not act like one.  He channeled his know-it-all teen energy into useful paths rather than pointless rebellion or silly behavior.  Things made now sense that had been confused before.  Those stories, many true or truth based, about lads of ten to fourteen going out and conquering the world (or a small part of it) were now truly believable.  He never had trouble believing the tales of the boys who became cabin boys and were just servants (or more likely, catamites) to their captains but now those of midshipmen of barely thirteen without even peach fuzz on their upper lips commanding ratings of three times their age even in battles rang true.  And, yes, Kim surely (had he been real) would have changed the fortune of entire British Empire.

Ted hadn't any thoughts about changing the empire (long since gone) so he just concentrated on his own little world.  First on the list was, of course, himself and dealing with his school work.  It was his job and he worked hard at it without any nagging from his mother.  He discovered a very nice side effect – it did not take as long and he had more time to play.  Second on the list was making sure that his father did what he was suppose to – work, school, study – and avoid drinking and excessive time out with the boys.

It was barely a week after that first spanking when his father failed again.  He came home late after class and it was obvious that he had been drinking and smoking because he reeked of booze and stank of tobacco.  Stuck in his schoolbook was a paper with a failing grade.  This sort of conduct could not go unpunished.  Ted did his best to imitate the lectures that his mother was ever so good at.  He found it hard work but he did his best.  He hoped that he would not get the practice required to improve but his instincts told him that would not be the case.  After all, his father had not learnt these things in four decades.

All through his long, tiresome lecture his father just stood still with his head hanging while his mother just watched from her favorite chair.  Ted then began to undress his errant parent.  There was the slightest attempt by Ricky to undress himself but Ted just slapped his hands away.  "Little boys who misbehave – like you do – aren't big enough to undress themselves."  Ted could see how his father was hurt by the truth but he remembered that his mother had told him it was necessary to be strict even though it was very hard and painful.  Garment after garment was removed – shirt, undershirt, wrist watch, belt, shoes, socks, trousers and finally underpants.  The latter caused still another lecture for they were streaked  "Just another sign that you are merely a baby!" sneered the youth.  Rather than dropping them on the pile of clothes, he pulled them over Ricky's head.

Ted paused to decide how to deliver the punishment.  There were so many transgressions; many of them quite childish.  He thought that he would give him a child's punishment – an OTK spanking.  He immediately realized that he would need an implement for his father's bottom would not respond to his hand like a real child's bottom would.  But something needed to be done immediately.  "Put your nose in that corner and your hands on your head, boy." he ordered.  He was relieved that his father obeyed immediately.  His mother apparently approved as she was smiling although in a strange way.© YLeeCoyote

He went and fetched a few things from around the house and returned to the family room where he had parked his most naughty father in the corner.  He made him bend over the end of the couch.  It was padded but not very much so that it provided a firm but safe support.  Ted wanted to impress on his father how very naughty he had been so he started with the heavy belt.  He swung it as hard as he could and after twenty cuts his father started to beg.  But Ted was not willing to let up yet and continued until he turned his father's bottom bright red and made it seem like it was on fire.  All through this his mother was beaming at how assertive he was.  She had never been able to bring herself to strap Ricky much less this severely.  He stopped at forty hard cuts.

Ted parked him in the corner while he took a breather.  He had discovered that wielding the strap hard is taxing work.  He then sat down on the chair and called his father over.  It was clear that the strapping had made a change for the man was very subdued especially as he did not know what to expect.  "Since you have acted like a little boy, you shall be spanked like a little boy." Ted stated coldly.  He pulled his father over his lap and held him tightly about the waist so he wouldn't move.  He started with his grandmother's hairbrush that was now his mother's.  It had a wide head and was made from heavy oak.  It was also well experienced in the art of spanking naughty boys' bottoms having seen such action with his uncles and who knows where else.

The first SMACK brought forth a loud howl from the naughty one.  It was partly from surprise and partly from the pain.  Ricky's bottom had been well tenderized and was now quite sensitive.  Ted intended to be sure that this would be the spanking he would never forget.  He went at it will a will as he raised and slammed down the hairbrush over and over.  He was delighted that he broke his father's spirit and the man, cum a naughty boy, started to cry.  Soon he was bawling like a baby and Ted switched to using his hand.  Now even just his hand got results as if the spankee was just a little boy.

Ted stopped the spanking and stood his father up.  He continued to bawl even as his hands were placed on his own head keeping the soiled underpants in place.  Ted resumed lecturing him.  "You're a disgrace.  You failed.  You don't keep your promises.  You were late.  You cry like a little boy."  All of which made him cry harder.  "You act like a little boy so you should look like a little boy too."  With that Ted picked up the clipper and turned it on.  Before Ricky could realize what was happening, Ted made several passes through his pubes causing them to float like leaves in an autumn wind storm.  Then he smeared a depilatory over the entire region and reparked his father in the corner for another twenty minutes.

Ted then turned to his mother and asked what she thought of all that had happened.  Of course, having seen her smile throughout and obvious acceptance he knew she had to have approved.

"He has been needing that sort of treatment for a long time.  I never have been able to punish him like I wished that I could.  I'm sure that he will remember this for a long time and keep to the straight and narrow.  Thank you for doing this.  It's wonderful that you are growing up so strong that you can take control like this."  Later Ted decided that she did not mean just physical strength but emotional might as well.

When the twenty minutes were up, he told his mother to shower the boy and put him to bed.  Ted  was quite exhausted and also went to bed.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L., March 31, 2006

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