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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of parental spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I suggest that you read Part 1 first?

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Field Commission (3/4)


It was now several weeks after he first disciplined his father and Ted noticed that life was different both in and out of the house.  His own behavior had changed since his mother had last strapped him and he was glad of that.  He realized that he was growing up and that school was the key to success in these times.  Since he was now very well self-disciplined, many irritations were gone; without being nagged about school work, it was easier to deal with it and he was even more relaxed with his teachers.  His father had also changed after that spanking of a lifetime.  He now knew that he must keep to the straight and narrow unless he wanted a burning hot butt.  Ted was not sure how much his father's deferential behavior was due to fear and how much to respect but he was certainly pleased with it.  Not only was it was extremely nice not to always be the little kid being told what, when and how to live all the details of his life but he also was enjoying doing some telling.

His mother had also changed.  Most importantly was that once he was on his father's case she stopped being on his.  That was terrific.  But there were several other changes.  She had become less disciplined about her own responsibilities.  The house was not as neat and clean was in the past and she was even late with dinner far too often.  Ted quietly mentioned these things to her and she apologized and promised to return to her previous standards.  This lasted about a week.

The proverbial straw was not washing and drying Ted's gym outfit.  One morning, Ted collected his school stuff and discovered the gym kit was still on top of the washer rather than in the dryer.  He was upset because not having it was heavily penalized and being dirty and stinky was almost as bad.  He complained to his mother; she was apologetic but sorry does solve problems.  It was particularly irritating because when his mother was late with dinner the evening before, it was discussed and promises made.

At first Ted thought that he would just take the dirty outfit but then the old proverb came to mind: «What's sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.»  What was good for his father would certainly be good for his mother also.  It seemed most appropriate to deal with the issue immediately in the kitchen.  He pulled a chair out and grabbed her wrist as he sat down.  "You have been neglecting your responsibilities far too much for weeks now.  Your promises are most regrettably without merit.  It seems just as I have had to spank Father like he was only a little boy, I'll have to spank you like a little girl."  He yanked open the bow that held her robe closed as she shirked her objections at what was coming.  He acted far to fast for her and pulled her forward over his lap as he tugged her robe down by grabbing the back.  When he released her wrist, he was able to pull the robe off completely.  Once he put his arm about her waist she was trapped.  She was trapped like a little girl over her father's lap and just as naked.  Ted did not know that this was a position very familiar to her and it brought back memories and emotions.

What Ted did know was that he was going to spank her for her neglect and failures.  He gave the wide target a gentle caress and then started.  He raised his hand and brought it down on the target.  The SPANK resounded within the room and his mother yelped.  He saw how his hand print was forming even as he lifted his hand up for the second spank which was just as effective.  The target was larger proportionally than that formed by his father's butt because of her wide hips.  Ted did not let this deter him at all but spanked it all.  He enjoyed seeing it change from plain flesh color to pink, to red and even deep red.  Of course, as this was happening his mother was not happy.  At first she was yelling that he should stop (between her howls) and then she was making promises of all sorts and begging Ted to stop.© YLeeCoyote

Ted knew that for the spanking to be effective that he would have do a through job so he closed his ears to the pleas and spanked her most thoroughly.  Considering the amount of kicking she did, he figured that she would have lost her panties had they been about her ankles or even her knees.  He noted how much of her sex he was able to see because she was kicking and thought that her pubic bush looked terrible.  He was glad that he was not sexually aroused any more than when he spanked his father.

By this time her words had all stopped and she was crying like a little baby.  Ted continued for a while and then decided it was sufficient.  He held his mother for a while as she cried.  He was glad that she stopped crying before he had to leave for school.  "Now you will wash and dry my gym outfit and then bring it to school.  You had better get it there by 12:30 so I can get it at lunch time.  If not you will get the strap this evening, young lady." he ordered.

She had planed to do other things but she was afraid to even mention that.  "Yes, Ted.  I will be there early." she answered obediently.  And, promptly at 12:30, Ted collected his fresh gym outfit at the door in time for gym class.  When he got home, it was clear that his mother had worked diligently at her chores and the house was at its best.  She had even left a note that she was doing the weekly shopping and would return in time to prepare dinner.

* * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the week was uneventful and then his mother told him that Uncle Hank, her younger brother, would be there for dinner on Friday and asked that he be there.  The subject that Ted was concerned about – his spanking his parents – was never even hinted at during dinner.  Therefore, Ted was surprised dinner was over, that Uncle Hank told him he wanted to talk privately and asked him to go to the other room while Ricky and Sally cleaned up.  This was a change from the usual arrangement when the grownups got to talk and he was stuck with the cleaning up chores.

Ted was surprised when his Uncle started with: "I hear that you have spanked both your parents."  Ted was so startled, that he could only nod that was correct.  "It's time that you learnt some family history, Ted.  Before he was sixteen your Uncle John took charge of not only our parents, your grandparents, but also your mother and I just like you did with your parents.  Then when I was fourteen and John went off to collage I took on the responsibility."

"So you spanked Mom?" asked Ted in amazement.

"Many times, lad; many times.  It helped your mother a great deal.  I'm sure that you noticed how much better behaved she is now since you are doing it.  It is probably that experience that made her so susceptible to your taking charge.  She did like my being in charge.  It is probably why she couldn't discipline your father properly but approved of your doing it."

This was a lot for Ted to take in at one time so his uncle continued to tell more family history which help put him at ease.  "Gosh, all this is a family tradition." he concluded.

"Yes it is although we don't talk about it with outsiders.  But there is something I want to add.  There are two issues about your being in charge that I want to offer my help with.  First, you can discuss any questions you have about this with me.  The world is not black and white and help is difficult to find.  Second, you are not perfect and will learn that you need to discipline yourself.  Sometimes you can do this yourself but if you need help, especially if you need CP, then call on me."

End of Part 3.  Go to Part 4

© Copyright A.I.L., April 6, 2006

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