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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of parental spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Need I suggest that you read Part 1 first?

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Field Commission (4/4)


Ted's new life style was great from his point of view.  He was spanking each of his parents every six to ten days because they needed to be spanked.  Not only did they accept this as the ordinary way of life but even welcomed it.  Ted would just tell either of them that they had been naughty or had neglected any chore or whatever and tell the miscreant that a spanking was due.  There would be a dropped head and some moans but no resistance or even back talk; just docile obedient submission.

One time they both got spanked in the same session.  Ted stripped them – switching between his mother and father until they were both naked.  He then lectured them together and realized that he was becoming more proficient at that.  This time his father had earned six cuts of the strap which he got while bent over a chair.  Ted always enjoyed seeing the red stripes form throughout the process.  His mother got an OTK spanking with the hairbrush.  It was actually much more effort to do this rather than with the belt because the brush covered a smaller area and the area that needed to be spanked was larger than his father's bottom.

Ever since that very first spanking Ted had been keeping his father's crotch hairless.  He had used the clippers the first time but they were no longer required since the hair never grow very much between the all too frequent spankings.  This time he used a razor because there was too much hair for the depilatory.  This took place in the tub so as to avoid any mess.  After wetting him down using the shower hose, he applied shaving gel and used a new safety razor to do the job.  There was no need for any discussion for the issue had been previously raised and answered: "You act like a kid; you get spanked like a kid; you look like a kid!"  Ted felt that it was a good reminder of his lowly position.

Ted turned and for the first time saw his mother as a sexual object which was distressing.  He made her get into the tub and then used the clippers to remove her pubes so that they were just stubble.  It seemed fair and reasonable to shave her also, so he did.  He was very pleased with the results for he no longer saw her as a sexual object.

Ted thought that they were more compliant – childlike – after that.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Ted had taken his Uncle Hank up on his offer of guidance and talked with him several times on the phone for advice.  Ted was very happy that he had someone he could talk to freely about his unusual family relationship.  Once he even admitted to having neglected his own responsibilities and his uncle helped him work out an appropriate penalty – missing a movie – for himself.  But even the most perfect young gentleman is not absolutely perfect and Ted decided that he needed to see his uncle for a long talk.

When he went, Ted was of the mind that he had earned a proper spanking; the sort that he formally had gotten from his mother.  He fully expected that he would get it from his uncle.  Hank certainly was big and strong enough to haul him over his lap like he was still a little kid or use a strap when he was bent over.  In either case he knew that he would have trouble sitting for a while even though he had already written a proper apology to the teacher to whom he had been impertinent.

The discussion with Uncle Hank was pretty much as expected and he agreed that an ass warming was definitely in order.  Ted was puzzled when his uncle called Bart in.  Hank's son, Bart, was Ted's almost thirteen-year-old cousin.  Explaining took a few minutes.  The most important thought was that a man must punish himself – rather than depend on others.  If it was to be a spanking then there was the obvious complication that one could not truly spank oneself.

Upon hearing that, Ted stated that he expected that Hank would do that.  "No, Ted, that is too easy for you since once I start you would not be able to stop me.  Bart will administer the punishment."  Since Bart was smaller and weaker than Ted, submission would have to be total for he could not be held by Bart.  Bart would do it as long as he thought he should – unless Ted stopped him.

Ted was surprised but soon learnt that Bart routinely discussed disciplinary things with his father and made the final determinations for his own punishments.  At times he was even harsher that his father would have been.  After getting Ted's agreement Uncle Hank then excused himself, leaving the two teens alone.  This was not what Ted expected less than an hour before.

Bart was quite enthusiastic and immediately asked Ted to spell out his misdeed(s).  After he confessed, Bart asked a few probing questions.  These were the sort of questions that he must have heard when he discussed his own transgression with his dad.  Ted was squiring in his seat and knew he could just run away – but that would mean he was betraying himself.  He had agreed to his process and would not wuss out.

Bart decided that a switch would be the proper implement to start with and told Ted to go get a couple from the far back yard.  Lacking experience, Bart went with Ted and explained some of the selection points and they cut two that would be the most effective instruments.  Ted thought that he would have selected less effective ones had he been alone but he did not want to seem to be evasive before his young cousin.

Back in the house, Bart explained that he was going to spank Ted so that he would know that he had been punished but he could stop it anytime if he thought he had enough.  Ted understood him perfectly – he could prove that he was a man and take it or he could quit – showing he was a wimp, a wuss, a baby.  Back in the house, Bart stripped Ted.  Ted tried to think of Bart as his own agent doing his bidding but it helped only a little.

"Please bend over and grip your ankles so that you can feel the switch, Teddy."  He said it very nicely without even a touch of sarcasm or scorn or derision but it made Ted feel bad that he had been bad.  They had not actually discussed it, but Ted stripped completely for he knew that he should be naked for punishment.  Bart was patient watching Ted carefully.  Then came the first cut – right across the center of his butt.  It hurt in a new way (for Ted) as the thin and supple switch cut in.  He was surprised at the pain but he suppressed his yell.  He was sure that he could take it better than those American schoolboys or the English schoolboys did with a cane.  Well, as least as well.  The switch lashed into his butt a second time with similar results.  The next few cuts came and Ted considered standing and fleeing but he knew he would hate himself afterwards.  He no longer was sure how many cuts he had gotten.  Then there was one across his thighs – virgin territory quickly followed by three more.

"You may stand, Ted.  We will wait three minutes before the tawse."

"What the hell is a tawse?" asked Ted forgetting his manners.

"Just the thing for disciplining a naughty boy like you." explained Bart showing him the one he was about to use.  Ted's face showed how he felt about that.  "I survived it and so can you." Bart responded cheerfully.  "Back into position, please."

There was a loud SMACK as the two tail beast connected with his already well marked ass.  It hurt like the blazes.  The second cut was above the first and the third below.  Bart was using the tawse like a paint bush progressively over his tail.  As the pain sank in, the fourth cut was high and the fifth low.  Ted expected that his legs would be next.  He was only half wrong for the tawse got him just below the curve of his butt in the sensitive crease.  He yelped in pain but managed not to jump up.

"You may stand, Ted.  We will wait another three minutes."

Ted spent the three minutes trying to rub the pain out.  It was not successful but it kept him busy.  Bart sat down and pulled him over. «Was the next step an OTK spanking?» thought Ted.  As soon as Bart turned on the clipper, Ted knew that it was not.  He desperately wanted to run.  He did not want to lose his pubes.  They would laugh at him in the showers at school.  Yet, he was determined not to wuss out.  He would not embarrass himself in front of his kin and himself no matter what.

"Be still, please." said Bart as he moved the clipper in for the kill.  Ted watched through teary eyes.  The clipper made several passes but he still had hair left.  "Since you apologized you don't get shaved, cuz."

"Thank you." he sighed in relief.

Bart gave him a short lecture and told him he might dress.  Even though his butt was hot, he quickly pulled on his underpants and jeans.  He wished that his jeans were a size larger.  He had a drink (soda, of course) with his cousin and uncle along with some talk.  Bart told his father that "Ted took it very well – almost as good as you do, Pop."

Ted jaw dropped.  He had not guessed that was the case but soon learnt it been happening since Bart turned twelve.  Bart had learnt of the family tradition and started with it early.  It was as one sided as Ted had with his parents but it was heading for it.  Hank said he was looking forward to the day when he could 'retire' and let Bart take over completely.

Bart was anxious that it would be sooner rather than later and added that he would be sure to keep an eye on Ted as well.

Ted had a lot to ponder about after that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 6, 2006

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