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The following story is fiction about spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this story by the image which I found in several places on the web without attribution and a mis-spelt sign which I changed.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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Whipping Post
Fiery End to Hell Week


Hell week was almost over and it was not as bad as I feared.  Of course, our most kind and helpful Big Brothers of ΚΨΩ had harassed us extra well proving to us how they were wonderful Big Brothers.  Anyway, Hell Week was almost over and then we would really be welcome as real human beings rather than scum to be abused.

Well Jan, my fellow pledge, and I were heading back to the dorm after being lent to our sister sorority to be unpaid slaves at their party as the day was dawning.  We were still in our uniform for the affair.  It was not much actually for it consisted of a cord to hold up a narrow strip of cloth that served as a loin cloth like we wore as little boys playing cowboy and Indian or Tarzan.  Fortunately it was a warm night.  We were less than three minutes from the dorm when the wolf pack jumped us.  They were the guys from our rival frat ΣΜΒ.  We didn't have a chance for they outnumbered us four to one.  In less than a minute we were captives getting bound.  We were, as you would have been, scared shit.

In a couple of minutes I felt like I was in a Hollywood gangster movie for we were separated and forced into the backseats of two cars.  I almost expected to see Edward G. Robinson riding shotgun as we were being taken to our doom.  It was a short drive to where we were taken out.  It was not by the river nor were we being fitted for cement overshoes.  We were by a city park across the street from the high school.  All we could do was watch as we each were being held by big sophs.

Public Punishment

Do your civic duty
and take the strop
to these delinquents

They leaned a ladder against the telephone pole and one of them tied a sign to it as shown.  Next they hung a leather strop from nail they drove into the pole.  The big one reminded us that strops had uses in the woodshed as well as in barber shops.  They had a good laugh at that although I did not see the humor in it at all.  There were two more decorations for the pole – Jan and I.  They untied the cords that held up our loin cloths and tossed them aside where they had already tossed our sandals.  We were pushed up against the pole and they secured our hands to the pole high above our heads.© YLeeCoyote

"Time to turn the lights on." the comedians proclaimed loudly and they all laughed.  The next thing was no laughing matter.  The guy took the strop and gave me a WHACK that caused me to yell.  In just three minutes we each had gotten four vicious licks each leaving our asses glowing a hot painful red as you can see in the photo.

They then drove off leaving us to our fate.  We both thought that it was good that the school was closed today and prayed that the cops would come by and free us.

That, alas, was not what happened.  There was football practice in the morning and a half hour after we were strung up the jocks began to show up.  It was OK at first because they did not see us as they were on the other side of the street.  Then a couple came through the park and spotted us.

They circled around us like we were bait and someone was trying to trap 'em.  They read the sign several times.  After while a few more were surrounding us for they called some of their team mates from across the street.

One of them finally asked if this was really official.  "Of course not!  The sign is not signed.  And summary punishment, especially corporal punishment, is a thing of the Middle Ages.  It was just the bastards from ΣΜΒ who tied us here.  Would you kindly release us?  That would really be a good deed."

They went into hysterics.  One of them grabbed the strop and snarled "My brother is a Sigma and he's not a bastard!" and gave me a hard cut.  I yelled laud enough to wake the dead.  There was more laughter.  One of the kid's mates grabbed the strop and gave Jan a vicious lick.  He screamed just like I had.  These jocks had MUSCLE.

"My turn." yelled another and grabbed the strop.  I got another brutal cut and yelled in pain.  They passed the strop around until they had each used it.  Then, fortunately, before they could start another round, one of them checked the time and they dashed off before they were late and had to bend over for the coach and his paddle.  Jan and I just hung there in fiery pain but thankful that those bastard had left.

A woman came by with a couple of kids and just admonished them using us as examples of what happens to naughty boys.  The two boys were about ten-years-old and they each touched our flaming hot butts.  They pretended that they got burnt and thought it was funny.  Neither of us though so and one then said "I'll give you something funny." and gave me a few spanks.  Normally, I would not have had said anything but I was already in pain so I gave an "OW." which made him happy.  The other kid did the same to Jan and then they left.

It was with great relief that I watched a couple of cops get out of their patrol car.  The two cops walked around us.  "Please take us down, Officer." we pleaded

"It must be Hell Week, Joe.  Just leave 'em to have their fun." said one and they left us.

We had lots of time to reflect on our public predicament.  The cops sure did not do their duty and would learn much being strung up like this.  The two kids will learn as they grow up.  Those jocks were down right vicious and without empathy especially considering that they got the paddle from their coach.  Oh, how I would like to get them strung up and teach them somethings.

It was a while later that another car stopped.  It was our Big Brothers.  They were not in any hurry to free us.  Instead they berated us for getting caught by ΣΜΒ and thus disgracing ΚΨΩ.  Big Brothers know only one thing and that is pledges get their butts whacked.  They did it differently this time using the strop instead of the hard fraternity paddles.  We got three apiece from each of them before they got us down.  As we drove away, I saw a couple of guys from ΣΜΒ retrieving their sign and strop.

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