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The following story is fiction about a man turning twenty-one testing his status.  The story contains scenes of strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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First Adventure as a Man


He knew that he had to do this.  He had just celebrated his twenty-first birthday the previous weekend having two parties – one with family and one with friends.  But this was different.  He'd been thinking about this for years.  It was something that he could not do before.  But now that he was twenty-one and legally a man and he could.  He decided that he would do it alone.  A man does what he wants and does not need approval or backup for a simple event like this.

He got dressed up to best show himself off to others.  A tight black T-shirt, his tight black 501's and his engineer boots.  That was all except for the black heavy garrison belt with the shiny nickel-finish buckle.  He went commando and even without socks.  He was tall, slim and muscular.  Many would even say that his rugged features made him handsome.  To those that like this image he indeed was very sexy.

He entered the bar before it was busy.  He stepped to the bar and ordered a beer.  He was carded immediately and when he hesitated the bartender just pointed to the sign.  He showed his driver's licence and was served.  He drank it slowly savoring it as his first drink in a bar.  He admired the other men in the bar.  His research on the web did not really prepare him for the mixture of outfits that were worn but he appreciated how sexy many were.

He was on his second beer before anyone spoke to him.  The man was older – at least thirty-five – who started some small talk.  Later he would realized that he told the man everything about his short life and that it was his first time.  He did not realize how the man was controlling the situation.  He found the situation most exciting.  He was certainly tipsy when he accepted invitation for some fun at the man's place.  The car was posh and the real leather was good to sit on and to caress.

Soon they were having a drink in the man's house.  He had another beer while the man had a whisky.  He was definitely high now.  They adjourned to another room.  It was not a bedroom but a playroom of a sort he had not known existed.  He was bare foot for when he had entered the house he had removed his boots as directed.© YLeeCoyote

"You have been a naughty boy, Lucas Martin Nickle; a very naughty boy." said the man most sternly.

"Yes, Daddy.  I'm sorry.  I'll be a good boy.  I promise." he slurred.  Those were the words he said to his father many, many times.

"You have earned a spanking, boy."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Give me your belt, boy." the man said putting out his hand.

"Yes, Daddy."  The boy complied.  In quick succession he handed over his T-shirt and his jeans.  He stood there naked.

"Lie on that with your legs over the end, boy." said the man pointing to a table.  He was strapped into position with his cock as hard as it could be even with all the alcohol in his system.  "Boys do not have pubes." declared the man coldly and proceed to use a clipper to prepare the boy for a shave.  Once clipped the boy was covered with shaving cream and shaved smooth.  He got the same treatment in his armpits.  He did not have any chest hair nor a treasure trail to be removed.

"Time for your spanking, boy." said the man undoing the straps.  He was led to a spanking bench and strapped to it.  "Naughty boys like you get strapped, boy."

"Yes, Daddy."

The man raised the strap and swung hard.  The first cut left a wide red stripe on the boy's ass and the room echoed with his howl.  Over and over the heavy belt was raised and brought down on the ever reddening target.  Soon the boy was crying between his howls of pain.

The man stopped the strapping.  It was time for something else.  He stripped and his man shaft was standing proud and tall.  He rolled a condom on it.  He lubed the boy's hole and even worked a couple of fingers in.  Then he fucked the boy hard.  And he did it again in that wonderfully tight hole in the center of the red hot ass.

The boy loved it and exploded in a cataclysmic orgasm.

The man unstrapped the boy and carried him upstairs to the bedroom.  He put him into the bed and then got in himself.  Man and boy slept.

The sun rose and a few hours later so did the man and boy.  "Suck, boy." he commanded.

"Yes, Daddy." he replied as he went down on his new Daddy.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 16, 2012

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