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The following story is fiction about summary judicial punishment.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The new weapon is purely a construct of my imagination.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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First Patrol as a Member


Trey was very proud of himself this day for he was now a fully certified member of the Youth Patrol and on his very first patrol not as a trainee.  He was paired with Jerel, of course, who was an experienced member and technically in charge.

The city council in its great wisdom had created the youth patrol whose members were fifteen to seventeen-years-old.  Their mission was to patrol the parks, especially the playgrounds, where youngsters hung out.  The council figured that kids would be less resentful of the youth patrol members telling them to behave rather than the older, more parent like police officers

The pair had been patrolling for a couple of hours and Trey was getting discouraged for they had not spotted any criminals.  Jerel had to remind him several times that their main purpose was to prevent wrong doing rather than to take action after transgressions had occurred.  Trey understood that intellectually but emotionally he wanted to take action especially on this first day as a real member, rather than just as a trainee, of the patrol.

Suddenly, Trey spotted something that did not feel right – a kid running from the swings and toward the bushes.  "We must check that out, Jerel." he said excitedly and started running.  Jerel didn't have any choice but to follow along.  They quickly reached the boy and caught him in flagrante delicto.

The lad finished his business and when he turned they saw that he was Ricky whom they had caught committing the same offence just two weeks ago.  "Ricky Wickline you broke your promise that you would not pee in the bushes but go to the proper place to relieve yourself."© YLeeCoyote

The lad knew that he was in big trouble.  He tried to claim he had to go 'really, really bad' but the two had heard that from him before and weren't buying it this time.  "What did we promise you if you were caught doing this again, Ricky?"

The lad blushed and hesitatingly said "A spanking." very softly.  They made him repeat it at proper volume.

Trey took hold of the boy and walked over to a rock which was the perfect size to be a seat.  He quickly opened the boy's shorts and pulled them down.  He did the same with the boy's briefs and then pulled him over his lap.  After getting a tight grip on the boy's waist, he began the spanking.

Even though Trey was not fully grown himself, the ten-year-old was significantly smaller that his hand was sufficient for this spanking.  Over and over he raised his hand and brought it down on the little target.  Initially, as he had been taught, he started relatively gently and gradually increased the force of his spanks.  In just five minutes – although it seemed far longer to the boy being spanked – he had turned the two little cheeks bright red and caused tears at the other end.

He stopped and stood the crying boy up and pulled up his briefs and shorts.  "Now no more peeing in the bushes, Ricky.  From now on you will go in the proper place – the toilets."

"Yes, Sir." the sobbing boy responding fully meaning it.  He dashed off.  The two resumed their patrol.

It was quiet for a couple of hours and the high from spanking the naughty boy was wearing off.  Jerel continued to think it was a good day but Trey wanted more action.  The two had stopped for a short break and were drinking cold sodas while watching a gaggle of twelve-year-olds play basketball.  Then a couple of eighteen-year-olds showed up and wanted the court for themselves and were not willing to wait their turn according to the posted rules.  Lars and Van began to harass the younger players by grabbing their ball and being on the court.  Trey and Jerel quickly decided that they had best intervene.

They ordered the two older youths to stop interfering with the younger boys' game.  They were not obeyed.  Worse the two bullies did not care about the authority of the Patrol and even started to harass them in a particularly aggressive manner.

Trey, especially, and Jerel were not intimidated for they were equipped with a modern, non-lethal weapon.  When the hoodlums rushed them they drew and fired.  There was not any report as from an explosion of a gunpowder cartridge but the whoosh of a spring propelled object.  Each of the troublemakers was hit in the chest and then the Octopi went into action.

From the core of each several 'arms' 'grew' and wrapped around the respective bodies.  The more they struggled the more force the Octopi exerted.  "Stop resisting the Octopi!  The harder you resister the harder they grip." declared Jerel.

Actually the two miscreants had to stop for they soon felt like they were wrapped up by a large python or an octopus.  As they each gave into the irresistible objects the force was lessened.

Jerel knew exactly what to say when they objected that they were too old for the youth patrol's jurisdiction.  "OK you two can accept summary punishment from us or wait for the police to arrest you and take you downtown to see a judge in a day or two."  It did not take long for them to decide that summary punishment was preferable to being arrested.

"Crawl over to the bench over there." ordered Jerel.  Once they were there, Trey and Jerel helped them up a bit so that their torsos were on the bench and they were kneeling.  Then they pulled out the miscreants' wallets and extracted their ID cards which they scanned.  The justice system gave them the go ahead to proceed with the summary punishment.  It also recorded the transgressions which they did not realize was going to happen.  After returning their wallets it was easy to undo their jeans and pull them down along with their boxers leaving their bare asses sticking up.

Both of the patrol members removed their heavy belts.  The harassed boys all gave a cheer knowing what was about to happen.  The rate of picture taking went up.  Then the two began to strap the two older youths.  Each swing of their heavy leather belts resulted in a stripe across the target butt.  The bullies turned out not to be so tough for they yelled from the pain of each cut.  Their butts turned pink, then red and finally a deep crimson and swelled a bit.  Of course, the bullied boys and others were delighted watching and recording.

The punishment complete, both Trey and Jerel issued command for the octopi to release.  They picked them up and reloaded their weapons.  The miscreants, now being taunted by their own victims pulled up their jeans and beat a hasty retreat.

The high that enveloped Trey lasted well past his bedtime.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 6, 2019

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