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The following story is fiction about an out of control teen who is tamed by his pre-teen neighbor and his sister.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and hair brushing.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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First Spanking at Fourteen


I first saw them when they moved into the house next door.  I know, it sounds corny but this is the way it happened.  There were four of them, again very standard, a man, a woman and two kids.  I soon learnt that Lenny was fourteen and half while Kristy was twelve.  That made him three and her a half year older, respectively.  He looked like a nothing while she was pretty with nice pert little boobs stretching her T-shirt.

I got to know them right away since we all used the same school bus and the stop was on the corner.  She was nice.  I think I would have thought so even a year earlier when I thought girls were yucky.  He was, to put it nicely, a certified asshole.  Hardly a day would go by that I didn't hear one or the other of his parents yelling at him for something.  Either it was messing up at school, not doing chores and stuff or being nasty to Kristy.  What they never did was punish him.  His dad traveled a lot and he was worse then.  His mother's threats "just wait until your father gets back" were less effective as a whipping with a wet noodle would have been.

Some background about me.  A few years ago, I was undersized compared to my classmates.  This attracted some of the bullying types to me.  Although the doctors said I would grow out of the smallness, the immediate solution was to build some muscle and learn some physical skills so that I could defend myself when my intellect failed to deter the cretins.  Then last year, as predicted, I started to grow and caught up.  However, I had gotten to like how working out at the gym changed my body and I kept at it.  The result was that I'm stronger than my peers and know how to throw my weight around.

This particular day, after school I accompanied Kristy to her house so we could work on a school project.  We had just gotten our stuff spread out all over the family room table when Lenny came in and commenced being an obnoxious pest.  We both told him to leave us alone and eventually I said:  "Lenny go do your own homework for a change.  Surprise your teachers."

That got things a bit hotter for he learnt that I knew a lot about his terrible behavior because I heard his folks yelling at him.  That pissed him off.  He accused me of being an eavesdropper and came at me.  It was easy to avoid his awkward unplanned charge and then to gain physical control of him.  I took my time since it was fun and I wanted to really use the skills I had worked so hard to learn.  It was good hearing him whine every time I applied the pressure and eventually getting him into a classical schoolboy pin just for the fun of it.  I made sure that my knees dug hard into his biceps as he was forced to see and smell my tenting crotch.  I saw that Kristy was smiling as I demolished her older but immature weakling of a brother.© YLeeCoyote

"Be still or else…" I snarled.

The fear loomed up in his eyes.  "Yes." he sniveled.

"That's 'Yes, SIR.'" boy.

"Yes, Sir." he echoed.  Kristy giggled.

I reached behind and opened his belt and the top button of his jeans.  It was a nice leather belt – wide and thick – just perfect for spanking his naughty butt.  A few tugs and it came free.  I looped it over my neck.  I stood up and grabbed his arm pulling him up also.  There are disadvantages to sagging pants and Lenny was about to learn one – they fall down.  Just as I hoped as I pulled him toward the couch, his jeans slipped past the crown of his butt and then, dutifully obeying the law of gravity, kept going.  That distracted him sufficiently to allow me to sit and with both hands grab and yank down his boxers below his knees.  Now with his legs between mine and his pants down I pushed his torso down and held him in place with a hammer lock.  He was now yelling and I gave him a hard spank with my hand.

"SHUT UP!" I snapped.

He went silent probably because he was surprised.  I lectured him for a bit basically telling him that his conduct was unacceptable and that he better mend his ways or he'll find himself back in this position.  I kept his attention with frequent hard spanks to his naked butt.  When I got tired of lecturing, I switched to using the belt.  The position was too awkward to give a good swing so I ordered him to stand and lean of the end of the couch.  That let me get into a good position to thrash him properly.  Over and over I raised the belt and swung hard at his ever reddening tail.  I made him cry and he was yelling for me to stop and promising to be good.

"I want to spank him too, Errol." said Kristy.  I told her to get her hairbrush.  I had seen her use the perfect one – with a wide flat – back at school.  Once she got it and was sitting on the couch, I made Lenny get over her lap.  When his first objection earned him a hard cut with the strap, he got the message and complied.  I got him into position over her lap and held him in place.  Kristy started swinging.  I can't say if she hit that hard or he was tender from the strapping but he howled and cried.

I then parked him in the corner to think about his misconduct.  Kristy and I returned to work.  She whispered that she was absolutely delighted that I had spanked her brother and wished that their parents would do so.  Naturally, she loved using the hairbrush on him as well.  She also had taken a lot of pictures which she was planning to use to keep her brother inline.  I particularly liked two – the pin with his face between my thighs and his glowing butt at the end.  She managed to get a frontal shot also which showed he was chubby and not particularly manly.

After we had finished, I left with Lenny still in the corner with his hot tail hanging out to cool.  I had thought about what might happen if their mother returned.  I was in for quite a surprise the next morning.

As usual when I waited for the school bus the next morning I encountered my neighbors.  Kristy told me that their mom had gotten home while Lenny was still doing corner time.  "Mom saw his fiery hot butt hanging out and was delighted but she is definitely conflicted about the whole thing and wants to talk with dad."  Lenny stayed far from me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 25, 2014

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