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Desmona ran the 2004 Fishnet Flash Contest.  Each story was required to be about stocking – white stockings, black stockings, fishnets, or silks and was limited to 300 words.  Here are my two entries.  They are just two of the 270 entries that did not get even an honorable mention (ten did).  They are fiction and have sexual content.  If this is offensive to you, please leave now.  Contest info is at:

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

  1. Black Stockings Are So Sexy  (t/t, sex)
  2. An All Too Short a Life  (MF, sex)

Desmona's 2004 Fishnet Flash Contest Entries


1:  Timmy was playing as boys do when suddenly he was not alone anymore.

Black Stockings Are So Sexy

Timmy did not know why but the fishnet stockings were the most exciting.  This was not the first time that he had taken them from his sister's dresser and put them on.  This time he went further than ever before – stripping completely and even putting on a garter belt to hold them up.  His cock jutted proudly from his crotch as he admired himself in the big living room mirror.  They were so sensuous.  He felt so sexy.  He stared at his own reflection as he struck pose after erotic pose.

Until…until he heard the wolf whistle; loud.  There, also in the mirror, was bare-chested Rock, his sister's boyfriend, behind him with a huge wicked grin and he was stroking his bulging crotch.

Caught.  Timmy was frozen.© YLeeCoyote

"You're much sexier than your sister in those stockings." Rock hissed.

Trapped.  He was petrified.

"You ain't got boobs or a cunt, but your buns are so BEAUTIFUL, kiddo." said the bigger, older stronger male as he dropped his shorts so that his own man-meat soared free.  He stepped forward and grabbed Timmy tightly from behind.  His cock pressed Timmy's butt and his left hand grabbed Timmy's cock.  He nuzzled Timmy's neck.

He moved back and his dripping cock head slid up Timmy's crack until it found the portal.  He was too hot to get any other lube so he just squeezed his cock and spread his pre-come about.  Rock pressed forward and Timmy yielded.  Rock was gentle knowing that Timmy was now his and he went slowly until in was fully in.  Then he began to fuck hard.

Timmy responded as his love-nut was pounded repeatedly and quickly shot.  Rock blasted just seconds later.

"Better get dressed before your sister returns, Timmy."

"Yes, sir."

"And the black silk stockings next time, kid."

The End

2:  Sometimes even chocolate can be enhanced.

An All Too Short a Life

It was Valentine Day when he got me home after a wonderful night.  He waited until after we had stripped to give me the heart-shaped box.  I was sure it was just chocolates.  It was more.  There was also a pair of super shear black silk stockings.  I popped a luscious dark morsel into his mouth and he one into mine.  Both our crotches were swollen with desire as we caressed each other with the sensuous black silk stockings.

He knelt to slide them over my feet and up my legs.  Even my goose bumps had goose bumps.  When he got them both on, he went down on me.  I held his head close with my luscious black silk stocking covered legs until I swooned.

He caressed my legs until I recovered.  I was still helpless as he lifted my silk covered legs to his shoulders.  Cupid's own arrows were not harder than his love shaft which he slid into my hot welcoming love canal.  He fucked me long and hard while kissing my legs through the block silk stockings until he fell exhausted.

By the time the sun rose the super shear black silk stockings were in tatters.  We put then back into the chocolate box and buried then in the back yard.  They had a very short but very exciting life.  We will never forget that wonderful pair of super shear black silk stockings.© YLeeCoyote

The End

End of the Collection

© Copyright A.I.L., February 17, 2004

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