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The following story is fiction about paddling.  The story contains scenes of paddlings and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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For Old Times Sake


I was not sure why I was going to my high school tenth reunion.  After high school I went on to college and then to work far from my old home.  By now I had totally lost track of everyone from my hometown and even my folks had also moved away.

Thinking about my teenaged life back then, it seemed pretty awful.  I did not have any real friends and frequently got into trouble, especially at school.  I usually had a choice of how to suffer after that.  I could sit in detention and write line after line of crap until my hand fell off or I could see VP Copenbarger and his Mr. Whacker Man hardwood paddle.  I quickly discovered that a hot red tail rather than a missing hand was preferable.

But the invitation had a strange effect on me.  Instead of just tossing it, I let it remain on my desk for weeks.  Like a pit bull it gnawed on me refusing to let go until eventually I decided to go to the damn reunion.  I scheduled the trip even booking a motel room.

The school building was the same at I remembered except shabbier.  The bight eyed, bushy tailed kids helping out were totally uninteresting.  Fortunately all my classmates had name tags for I don't think I recognized even one.  The teachers were older with a couple of new ones and they did not stand out either.  The one and only person that caught and held my attention was VP Copenbarger.  I kept looking, well actually staring, at him.  My head was filled with many, many remembrances of Mr. Whacker Man thanks to him.

Interestingly, VP Copenbarger noticed me and engaged me in conversation.  He remembered me apparently fondly.  Well, actually, he most remembered my butt and how it made a wonderful target.  We talked a lot.  I learnt that he was quite perceptive for he said that I had showed some interesting responses to be being paddled years ago.© YLeeCoyote

That left me speechless and he continued.  As much as you hated getting all those pops, you could not help being aroused a lot.  Many, maybe most, guys enter the office with at least semi-hard ons but you always had a full erection pressing hard on your jeans.  You sure had a love/hate relations with that paddle.

He paused as I took that in.  He was right.  He had noticed and he remembered after all this time.

"Even more important was that you always left with it that way – fully up.  A few of the times with even a wet spot!"

Yipe!  He had noticed that.  I think I would have died if he had mentioned it back then.

"You liked getting paddled, didn't you?" he said as if he didn't know.

I was speechless again.

He went on.  "Bet you played SM games in college."  That wasn't a question but a declaration.  "And probably still do."

He had me nailed!  All I could do now was flee or confess it.  I did the latter.

"Would you like to see Mr. Whacker Man again?" he asked with a smile.  "I still have him in my office, Pebworth."

How could I do anything but agree?  That paddle had made a great impression on me.  It pushed me down one of the side paths of life.

"Report to my office at 5:30, boy." he said with an evil grin.

The reunion things were over in an hour and I then found myself walking down the hall to the administration offices.  As I passed Room 100, the main office, my head was whirling with memories of my school days doing this.  How I was scared.  How I was excited.  How I was hard (and wanted to hide it).  The light was on in Room 101.  His name "Vice Principal Copenbarger" was on the frosted glass just as I remembered in stark bold black letters.  I knocked – gently, of course, as that was the rule.  I felt just like I had when I was a student and a teenager.  I wasn't felling like I was almost thirty now.

"Enter." came the word from inside.  I did.  I was committed.  My heart was racing.  I did not have to turn the door knob but I heard the latch lock as the door closed.

The office was exactly as I remembered it.  VP Copenbarger was sitting at his desk.  Mr. Whacker Man was on the desk.  It gave me the shivers.

"You may pick it up and examine it, Pebworth." he said.  I did.  It kept me excited.  It had more signatures and was smother from a decade more of paddling boys.  After I put it back down on the desk my pants were still tented.

VP Copenbarger switched back to the standard protocol.  He picked up a detention slip and looked at it.  "Well, Pebworth back here again.  You must like getting pops." he said smiling.  "Well, I'm happy to oblige you anytime.  You know the drill.  Get into position, boy.  You got a dozen coming."  My heart skipped a beat – six was the maximum when I was here before.

I stepped to the spot still marked on the floor and bent over leaning on the desk.

"No, Pebworth.  That's the old protocol.  The new one is that you remove your pants and undies.  Quick now or there'll be extras." he snapped.

I obeyed, of course.  Now that I was an adult he could paddle my bare ass.  My erection was harder than ever (if that was possible).

"Don't get up until I say you may, Pebworth." he said firmly.

"Yes, Sir." I replied slipping still deeper into my submissive role.  Then he started.


That was the first pop and it was hard.  I almost yelled.  Then they came one after another neatly paced turning my tail into a hot pain center.  It was hot as hell!  Shamelessly, I was dripping.  I gripped the desk tightly.  My knuckles were white.  My ass was surely turning red.

Suddenly he was caressing the fire with some cream.  His fingers even slipped between my cheeks and probed my butt hole.  He reminded me not to move.  I was surprised when I felt him leaning over me and realized that it was now his cock, rather than his fingers, that was now pressing on my butt hole.  Without a word further, he drove forward hard and invaded me.  It was his right as the top.  He fucked me hard and wonderfully.  I made a mess on his desk and floor.

When he was finished, he said: "How I wished I could have done that when you were a student, boy."

"Yes, Sir.  I think I would have liked it too."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 23, 2017

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