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One of the other places I publish my stories is the MMSA (Male-Male Spanking Archive).  It is the tradition there, to make note of authors reaching centuries (100) stories.  I took that into account for this story.

The following story is fiction about trying to come up with a four hundredth story for MMSA.  It should not be a surprise that I had an active discussion with my muse doing this and it is suggested that you read the first in the series.  This story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Conversations with My Muse
Four Hundredth Story


This was sort of a special event – rolling over the counter to mark twenty score accepted submissions – so I thought I should try to do something really good and special.  But as usual it was hard to think of something to write especially with broad appeal.  Of course, my muse was with me making sure that I did my best and even giving suggestions.  But this time she was in a playful mood so she was teasing me a lot also.  "Well", she said, "a naughty school boy is a popular theme."  After a brief pause, she added: "You can crank one of those out in a couple hours and not even need a thousand word."

I paused a moment.  Sure she is right (she is always right!).  Then my imagination turned on.

"The snow is just right for a snowball fight.  Perfect for packing into firm snowballs that would shatter when they hit the other guys." thought Liam.  It was still before the first bell and a dozen of the guys came to the same conclusion.  There wasn't any discussion but soon snowballs were filling the sky over the schoolyard like the fireworks over the river on the fourth.  Liam found a bit of wet snow, packed it real tight and let it fly.  It was good and dense and smooth and flew straight and far.  Unfortunately, it had a horrendous encounter with the window of the VP's office.  Just a moment latter the VP came running around the building where the missiles were being launched.  He blew his whistle.  He had to blow it three times before the cease fire took effect.

All the boys in sight were ordered to report to the gym at the end of the day to be paddled.  Even if Liam had owned up to throwing the fateful missile, it would not have changed the outcome for the VP considered each of them equally guilty of misconduct.

After school the twelve were in the gym along with the VP and the coach.  "Strip." ordered the VP.  The twelve boys did so knowing from past experience that any delay would be costly.  They were led to the vaulting horse.  One by one they bent over it and the VP and the coach delivered six hard pops with the paddle to each bare tail.  All the boys had tears in their eyes after the butt busting but were too macho to cry in front of their buddies which would have been tantamount to admitting that they were too sissy to take it.  After dressing they were all dismissed.© YLeeCoyote

"Perhaps that is just too common a theme, Ma'am, (I'm always polite and respectful to her) for there are so many school boy stories in the archive that one needs something different to be special."  Perhaps a naughty boy at home theme she suggested.

Little eight-year-old Kasey was all dressed up for the family dinner.  His mother told him that he must not mess up his nice clean good clothes.  "Remember, Kasey, you are not wearing your play clothes or even your school clothes.  You are to wait here on the porch while mommy changes and not get dirty."  Unfortunately, little boys get bored very quickly especially when they are told to wait sitting and doing nothing but animals are ever so interesting.  As the boy sat, squirrels scampered and birds flew about the lawn.  Then a strange bird landed on the feeder.  It was bright red and Kasey had never seen one like that.  No longer could he sit still so he bounded across the lawn to get a better look at the unique bright red bird.  Alas, the lawn was wet and slippery.  Kasey slipped and fell thus getting his clothes wet and muddy in a low hollow.  Just then his mother stepped out and saw him sprawled in the mud patch.  She was furious.

She quickly fetched the spanking spoon from the kitchen and called her errant son back.  He returned cheerfully talking about the new brilliant red bird that he had seen.  Mommy, he quickly learnt, did not care about the new brilliant red bird at all but about the water and dirt on his good clothes.  She quickly stripped him to his Green Lantern briefs and beyond and pulled him over her lap.  Then she started to whack him with that big hard wooden spoon.  The first hit produced a red oval on his little right butt check and a howl to wake the dead.  By the time she was finished his entire bottom was hot, redder than that wondrous bird and hurting.  Kasey was bawling before his mother had given him five whacks with the big spoon.  He went to the family dinner in his school clothes and with a brilliant red bottom.

That's terribly corny I realized even before my muse could criticize me.  "Cliché." she said simply.  She was, of course, right.  I had to find something better.  Perhaps a work situation?

TK, the mail boy was making his rounds for the third time that day.  He was a horny youth and had to wear a tight jock strap at the office to prevent tenting his slacks as he moved about the office filled with attractive bodies (and it was not just the girls that he found attractive).  But he knew it was hopeless to even think that he might get more than a glance from any of them.  The most attractive ones were in their twenties and did not have any interest in a minimum wage boy such as him.  The older ones were married and would never risk anything for a young kid (no matter how hunky) either.

It was his good fortune on this round to hear unusual noises from Mr. Lorbacher's (one of the assailant managers) private office.  The man's secretary was not at her desk and he dared to get close to the ajar door.  Then he could make out the sound clearly – it was a spanking along with a bit of lecturing.  TK stuck his cell phone through the small gap and snapped a few photos.  A quick perusal told him which way to point the lens and he took a few more shots.  Then he withdrew and quickly saved them to a safe location.

It was after quitting time that he returned to the office and asked Mr. Lorbacher to talk with him.  He was quite blunt and demanded something for not distributing the compromising images.  Mr. Lorbacher was taken aback when he said that he should be spanked.  A few minutes later, Mr. Lorbacher was laying over TK's lap getting a good hard spanking.  The smiling mail boy watched how the man's butt turned red from his hard spanks and knew this would not be the last time.  This job might not be so bad after all.

My muse was frowning and with good cause.  "Far too trite and easy." I confessed.

She nodded in silent agreement.  "You can do far better than that with role reversal, young man."  There was not any doubt that she was right.  "YLee, you need more inspiration."  I nodded for she was right.  She froze like she was doing something else and then we were joined by Demetris.

I barely greeted him when he reached out his arm.  "Come along, YLee."  Please excuse me, dear readers, but Demetris wants to have a discussion with me and since one can not keep a god waiting I won't be able to get back to this for some time.

* * * * * * * * * *

I knew what was going to happen and I suspect that you, dear reader, knew also.  I was transported miraculously to … well I'm not sure where.  It was just a small dell surrounded by a dense forest.  Demetris said that he wanted me to meet his son, Nikodemos, who suddenly joined us.  If he had been human, I would have said he was about fifteen.  He looked, to my human eyes, like a god's version of a kouros.  Handsome does not do him justice.  I was surprised that he was not traditionally dressed in a chiton like his father but in a tight T-shirt and short shorts that showed off his, er, god's body very well.

"Nikodemos will deal with you, YLee." he explained, "Although he is several times older than you, he just learning how to do this."  A comfy chair appeared and Demetris sat leaving me to the tender mercies of his son, Nikodemos.

"You've been lazy and naughty again, YLee.  You do know what happens to lazy and naughty boys?" he asked.  He had just a hint of smile on his handsome face.

"Yes, Sir.  They get spanked."  He frowned at me and I quickly added: "on the bare."  He waved his hand and my clothes disappeared and a tawse appeared in his.

"There are some modern inventions that are good such as this tawse from Lochgelly – it's an original from 1890.  I'm sure that you will appreciate the fine craftsmanship of Mr. Philp who made it."  Nikodermos was smiling now.  He instructed me to assume the position which I did leaning on a tree stump that suddenly appeared.  I then got to truly appreciated the effectiveness of such a simple device.  Nikodemos quickly turned my tail into a hot red swollen mass.  I could not help but to howl and even cry a bit.

After I regained my composure, he told me that I had best be a good and hard working boy and to especially to respect my muse.  Just as swiftly as I was transported to the dell I was returned home although just before I was returned, I heard Demetris tell his son "Good job, son."

* * * * * * * * * *

"Let's see what you can do now, YLee." said my muse.  I got to work immediately (after a few rubs).

Almost fifteen-year-old Vance was thrilled to be staying with his buddy Hugo rather than going with his parents for a boring week at the lake.  Since it was spring break, the pair figured that they could have a lot of fun and even go do stuff in the city.  It was the middle of the week and pouring so that they were hanging about the house and playing on the web.  Young men of that age, when unsupervised find sex education material extremely interesting.  Hugo and his slightly younger friend were not any exceptions for when the parents were out, they quickly found several porn sites to study.  They were so enticed by this educational material, that they both had opened their jeans and lowered their boxers that they could practice some of the exercises shown in the demonstrations.

Unfortunately, not only did they fail to secure the door, but they did not even close it completely.  They were not concerned for they were alone in the house except for Rex, Hugo's almost thirteen-old brother.  They did not consider him a threat to their activities although in the past he had been able to get the better of his big brother partly because he was the top wrestler in his class.  It was only after he had snuck up behind them and silently took a couple of pictures with his phone showing them surfing where these boys should not and sent them off to the security of the cloud that they realized they had been caught quite literally with their pants down.

Rex did not waste any time in applying the screws to his big brother and buddy.  Their invitation to join in was rejected.  "Dad will be delighted to deal with you after you promised not to go to porn sites."  Vance was concerned about being reported for jerking off.  "Of course, not – masturbation is normal and expected.  We're all allowed to do that." he was quickly informed.

They talked for a while but Rex was unyielding and then he offered an out.  "You two have done wrong and must be punished.  I won't tell – which means that Dad won't spank and ground you – IF you will accept punishment from me."  Vance was stunned but Hugo took it more calmly for this had happened before.

"Vance, he has done this to me before and kept his word.  He spanks as hard as Dad does but that is the end of it.  You realize that whatever I get from Dad you will also." explained Hugo.  All the while Rex was grinning with delight in anticipation of spanking not only his brother (again) but also his friend.

Rex fetched the implements he wanted to use while the two older boys stripped obediently for their punishment not willing to risk Rex's wrath.  Hugo knelt by the bed so that his torso was on the bed and his butt stuck out and exposed.  Rex immediately gave him several hand spanks turning his butt nice and pink.  This was the just the warmup before he switched to the hairbrush.  It may have been a mothers' traditional choice but in effect it was a mini-paddle and could thoroughly roast a big brother's tail.  Vance watched in horror as Rex turned his brother's butt bright red.  As much as he tried, Hugo could not help but to yelp a few times.  When he got up, Vance could see that he was on the verge of crying and that his eyes were full of tears.

The whole procedure was repeated with Vance presenting his tail for the tough hand and hairbrush wielded by Rex's strong arm.  He knew that it was awful to have to submit to a younger boy but there was not any escape that was honorable.  After a few hand spanks, Rex switched to a flip-flop that the color quickly deepened and Vance reacted much more strongly than had Hugo.  He too yelped and his eyes filled with tears.  If Rex had continued another minute Vance would have been crying.

"That's much better.  Although the embarrassment would be greater if Rex was Heather." said my muse simply.

"Yes, it would be with a kid sister rather than a kid brother but this is the MMSA and some readers are allergic to the big-red-F icon." I said trying to be diplomatic.  It certainly could be done and there would be other many readers who would prefer a kid sister to take charge.

I hope that you are as pleased as my muse was.  You probably can guess who I'll dream about tonight.  Perhaps he'll show up, without his father about.  I can dream can't I?

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 14, 2012

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