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The following story is fiction about group spanking of four teen boys. The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Four of a Kind


They were four regular fourteen-year-old boys and had been friends for many years.  This rainy day they were in the basement of the Backus's house.  They had been cooped up for several hours and had gotten bored sitting and playing video games.  Full of energy, they got physical with each other.  Unfortunately they were not outside or in a large space such as a gym.  As they roughhoused with each other things got out of control and there was a large crash when the table got knocked over.  The lamp on it shattered beyond repair.

Upstairs Mr. Backus heard the crash and ran to investigate.  He discovered four unhurt boys, one overturned table and one shattered lamp.  "Sit!" he barked at the four shamefaced youths pointing to the couch.  "I'll be right back."

The four did as they were told and started to speculate on what was going to happen when the man returned.  Each hypothesis was worse than the previous one during the ten minutes that they waited.

When Mr. Backus returned, he immediately started to lecture the four.  Pointing out that they had obviously broken the rules by getting physical and causing damage.  "I have called your fathers and they are coming to get you.  Just so you know what is in store for each of you, you will watch while I deal with Josh."

Mr. Backus sat on a sturdy chair and called his son over.  Without further ado, he quickly opened the boy's belt and pants and yanked them down.  They were quickly followed by his undies after which he was pulled over his father's lap.  The mortified Josh's thought «Why couldn't he have done this in private?» was quickly driven from his mind as his father's hard hand connected violently with his naked butt for the first of many spanks with his buddies watching.© YLeeCoyote

He managed to keep control and not yell from the pain as he did not want to further embarrass himself.  With each spank that control became harder and harder.  After a few hard spanks, Josh was reacting with grunts of pain to each spank.  Then, much to his distress, he began to cry.  A few more hard spanks and his father stopped.  He was told to resume his place on the couch.  He quickly pulled up his pants and sat down gently.

While the spanking was in progress both Mr. Garfield and Mr. Kimbel arrived.  When Ralph saw his father's angry expression he knew that he had to worry.  Mr. Garfield was obviously very angry and Ralph knew that he would be the recipient of a hard spanking.  He was especially not happy to see what his father was carrying.  Mr. Garfield hardly greeted Mr. Backus before he started to tongue-lash his son.  Then came the order: "Drop 'em and get over the end of the couch."  Of course, he obeyed instantly and then came the first cut of the fresh switch his father had gotten on the way over.

It hurt terribly and Ralph yelped although he fervently wished he could control himself better.  Over and over his father lashed at his bare, unprotected butt until it was crisscrossed with many angry red lines of pain.  He, too, was then ordered to return to his seat.

Jim knew he was next as his father was there.  He tried to say something but his father would not allow it.  "You did wrong and there are not any excuses, boy." he said.  He sat in the convenient chair and called his son over.  Just like Josh had been, he lost his pants and was quickly pulled over his father lap.  Getting a firm grip on Jim's waist, Mr. Kimbel started to spank.  He did not use his hand but a flip-flop that delivered a far greater impact.  That was evident for Jim gave a howl for the first spank and each and every one after that until he broke down and cried.  He was just sobbing when he returned to sit with his buddies.

Gene was wondering where his father was when Scot, his year younger brother, bounded down the stairs.  "Mr. Backus my mother sends her regrets but father can't get away from work now and she must take my kid brother to the doctor so I am here in their stead."  He then turned to his brother.  "Gene, Mother said that I am to spank you and that you shall cooperate."

"No way, José.  I'm not letting you spank me." responded Gene totally incensed at the idea of being spanked by his kid brother especially with his buddies watching.

"Very well, Gene.  Mother has Plan-B."  And he handed an envelope to Mr. Backus.

After reading the Mrs. Halsall's note, Mr. Backus called Gene over.  "Your mother asked me to spank you, boy."  He then proceeded to open Gene's pants and yank them down along with his underpants.  Of course, almost instantly he was pulled into position and the spanking started just as it had with own son, Josh.  The hard heavy spanks rained down fast and furious.  In only a few minutes, Gene's butt was deep pink and turning red.  He was sobbing at the other end.

"Gene this spanking is for disobeying your mother's directions.  Are you ready to cooperate with your brother to get the spanking you earned for your earlier misbehavior or shall I continue?" explained Mr. Backus.

The options were terrible.  Mr. Backus could continue to spank but Scot was still going to be there.  He made the only rational decision.  "I'll cooperate." he yelled not happy about it at all.  He took some little comfort in that his brother was weaker and could not spank as hard.

Mr. Backus stood him up and got up himself.  Scot quickly sat on the chair and glided his big brother over his lap.  He did not waste any time getting to business immediately.  A dozen hand spanks gave his brother pause for they hardly hurt at all.  Perhaps they would not have hurt at all if Mr. Backus hadn't done a number on him just before.

"Mother said to use Grandma's hairbrush as she would have." and Scot picked it up and resumed spanking.  It made a huge difference in the effectiveness of his spanks.  With the bonus of his hand protected, Scot whacked away at the target and soon had his brother bawling much to his satisfaction and his brother's shame.

Three well-spanked boys returned home and the fourth was sent to his room all in disgrace.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 20, 2019

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