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The following story is fiction about a young man who is suddenly treated as a boy.  The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Fourteen and Spanked like Ten – Part 1/2


I was going to visit a friend overnight and had just closed up my pack when I started out.  Mom was getting off the phone as I got to the door and she stopped me.  She was MAD!  The old grouch down the block called to complain that I had trampled her flowers.  Hell, I was only getting my ball.  But she was furious and yelled that she did not know what she was going to do with me and to get into the corner ASAP.

Just then the bell rang and Scotty, my ten-year-old kid brother, ran to open it.  It was Brittany and Betty, her kid sister.  Mom was also going out and Brittany, a classmate of mine, was here to babysit Scotty.  Betty and Scotty are friends and they play together when Brittany sits him.  (Their mom picks Betty up a bit before her bedtime when necessary.)

This I definitely did not need since I'm a young man of fourteen, almost fifteen.  I'm sure that Brittany knows I get punished, like all the guys do, but she does not need to see any of it.  Well, at least I'm dressed since Mom did not have time to spank me.  If only I had left ten minutes earlier, I would have been OK.  That's fate, I guess.

I figure that Mom will let me go so that she can go out herself and then deal with me tomorrow so things are not so bad.  Hey, on the way home I can stop and fix up the Grouch's precious daisies and not get spanked then either.  The two kids are already playing and I hear Mom is telling Brittany why I'm in the corner.  I turn red but I don't dare move.  "This is not the first time he has done this, Brittany, and he going to get a spanking and stay home.  I wish that I had time but I'm already late."  I blush all over, even under my clothes and especially my tail.  It's probably as red as if it was spanked.

"Don't worry about it Mrs. Linwood.  I can watch Teddy along with Scotty especially with Betty here, if you wish."© YLeeCoyote

"Brittany, that's a wonderful idea.  Just treat him the same as his little brother – after dinner give him a bath and put him to bed.  I'll spank him in the morning.  No games or TV either."  Things have gotten worse than I could have imagined.

"Prompt punishment is most effective, Ma'am.  I can also spank him if you like.  Last year I spanked my cousin who was almost sixteen and he cried."  I shuddered at that for Brittany is only thirteen – some eight months younger than I am.  So that last year when she was only twelve and spanked a sixteen-year-old guy to tears is scary.  She is bigger than then and I'm smaller than her cousin probably was.

Before I can will myself to fade into the floor, Mom calls me over.  "Theodor Robert Linwood listen to me and listen real good.  You are staying home.  No games or TV!  Brittany will see to your supper, give you your bath and put you to bed just like Scotty.  She will also spank you.  You will do as she tells you.  Understand me boy?"

"Yes, Mother." I said, absolutely horrified and scared at what she would do if I don't obey Brittany.  I knew that she was deadly serious since she used my full name.

"If I don't get a good report from Brittany, you won't be able to sit for a month."

I'm totally screwed!  No matter what I do it is terrible.  A few words from Brittany and Mom will spank me every night for a month and who knows what else.  Mom grabbed her bag and rushed off leaving me in the talons of my classmate.

"Good evening, Brit." I say not knowing what she thinking although she is smiling.  She has a beautiful face and a nice curvy body with nice boobs and ass.  Even little Betty has the beginning of boobs so she is also pubescent.  I wished that Brit was my date rather than my babysitter and spanker to be.  Then it fully hits – what if she actually bathes me like she does Scotty?  Then she will see that I only have a few hairs so that I'm still a little boy where it counts.

"Good evening, Teddy.  I hope that you will behave properly this evening so I can give your mother a good report.  Then it will all be over in the morning.  If not, your mom is going to rip up your ass for ages.  She said that I'm to treat you just like Scotty except that I have to also spank you.  It is up to you if we do it the hard way or the easy way."

Then I realized what she meant.  She was five inches taller than I and at least thirty to forty pounds heavier.  She was in good condition being on a couple of sport teams.  I swallowed my pride and opted for the 'easy way' of not fighting back.  I would lose the fight and make her mad.  Also, she would have even more to hold over me.  I'm royally screwed as it is.

On the way to the family room downstairs, she asked if I had to cancel any plans so I called my friend and told him I could not make it.  Once downstairs she told the kids that I had been a naughty boy and I was to be treated like Scotty was and I was to be spanked.  Instantaneously a huge grin of glee appeared on Betty's face in anticipation and Scott sort of grinned.  He liked seeing me get spanked.

"It will be easier for you if you think of your mother doing this, Teddy rather than me." she said as she reached for my shirt and started to unbutton it.  Then she pulled it off me.  She had Betty remove my sneakers and socks.  She opened my belt and my jeans fell to the floor.  She had me step out of them.  Betty, please get his mother's hairbrush.  Betty dashed off and returned quickly returned with the dreaded the hairbrush.  Scotty was watching intently although he did not say anything.  Both Mom and I had given him shit for any sort of teasing or taunting and he knew to be quiet and enjoy the show with wide-open eyes.

Brittany reached for my underpants and I panicked.  "Please … not in front of Betty … please."

Both girls laughed and Betty said: "I've seen a lot of naked boys, Teddy – many even older than you."  To make things worse, without any warning, she yanked down my undies leaving me starkers.  I immediately covered my crotch with my hands.  Betty straightaway yelled at me:  "Hands at your side, naughty boy." and gave me a painful spank with the brush.  "You have nothing to hide, Teddy." she explained,  "Even Arnold Lobaugh (a kid down the block) is bigger with a lot of hair and he's only twelve."  By then I was bright red.  I was wishing the floor would open and I could fall through and escape."

"Betty is right, Teddy, little boys like you don't have anything to hide."

I got across Brittany's lap and she held me in place before starting with the hairbrush.  I saw stars each time she hit my butt with it.  I yelled.  I howled.  I sobbed.  I cried.  I blubbered.  Before I lost control, Brittany gave the brush to Betty who showed that she could also make me howl.  Shamefully, I was completely limp when they finished.  I felt just like a little boy – a well-spanked little boy of ten.  I was parked in the corner while the kids played and Brittany made dinner.

I ate dinner standing up at the counter as I was too sore to sit.  I was even too sore to worry that I was naked in front of the two girls who had spanked me.  I was back in the corner as they watched cartoons with Scotty until it was bath time.

While the tub filled, Betty undressed Scotty and then put him into the tub.  Brittany told me to join him.  "I can shower by myself." I said.

"Theodore" she snapped, "into the tub unless you want another spanking.  Your mother said 'Give you a bath.' and that is what I shall do."  I did as she commanded for I certainly did not need another spanking and she was capable of doing that.

Scotty enjoyed Betty washing him and I endured Brittany washing me although her hands felt very nice as she washed me.  She even poked me in the butt to get my hole and did a very careful job on my junk (which, incidentally, rose up for the occasion).  Scottie was delighted when Betty told him that his pee-pee was almost as big as mine.  I felt even smaller.  We had to brush our teeth and then tinkle under close watchful supervision.

Betty read Scottie a story after putting him in his pj's and into bed.  Brittany read me a story from one of Scotty's old books kept for a younger cousin although I remained naked.

In the morning, Mother inspected my tail and was satisfied that it was still red and tender.  She also saw my front since I was naked under the covers.  I was not allowed to get dressed until after breakfast and then only so I could go to help the Grouch to fix her flower bed.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. January 28, 2011

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