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The following story is fiction about a young man who is suddenly treated as a boy.  The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is part 2 of the story and it is strongly suggested that you start with Part 1

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Fourteen and Spanked like Ten – Part 2/3


My concerns about Brittany telling everyone that I was still a little boy and that she had bathed and spanked me turned out to be unfounded.  By the end of the week, I did not hear any comments, nor taunts nor notice any strange looks.  I wanted to thank her and I tried a couple of times to speak with her but she was always in the company of others.

I was surprised on Friday that she got off the school bus at my stop giving me the opportunity.  I did express my thanks to her for not telling about her sitting and spanking me.  "That was very considerate." I said.  She responded that it was professional not to blab about her clients any more than a doctor or lawyer should talk about the private matters of patients.

She went on to explain that it was payday.  She had not gotten paid when she sat Scotty and me and Mom asked her to come for her money as she gets paid on Friday.  That made sense since I get my allowance on Fridays.  Mom was prepared for both of us even having finished getting the groceries which covered the kitchen table.  She opened her purse and extracted two sets of bills neatly labeled.  I counted it automatically and saw that it was less than my usual allowance.  I was smart enough not to complain while we had a guest assuming that she had miscounted.  Brittany thanked Mom for the payment.

"Perhaps you should also thank Teddy since he paid the 'second child' part of your fee, Brittany." said Mom.  Brittany did thank me and said that it was the first time a client, rather than a parent, had paid her.  After she left, Mother explained that if I am naughty and/or immature enough to require a babysitter, then I will pay for the service.  I was stunned.  It added insult to injury.  Mother said she thought it would be an added incentive for me to be good.

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It was a month later that I brought home a nastygram from school.  Mom was not pleased in the least.  I was grounded for several weeks.  When she went out on Friday evening, I expected that since I had to stay in that would have to watch Scotty.  Watching my brother was fun if I did not have to do it too often.  I was not prepared for Brittany with Betty in tow to show up just before dinner time.

Mother gave instructions as she always did.  I was confined to the house unless it was on fire, I had to spend at least two hours on homework and obey Brittany who had the authority to spank me if I gave her any trouble or she felt that I needed to be spanked.  She asked if I was scheduled for a spanking already and Mother cheerfully said: "Oh, no, Brittany, I spanked him most thoroughly yesterday when he brought home the note from school.  His butt is probably still red."  Then she said to me to drop my jeans and underwear and so she could examine me.

My objections were quickly put down as I was reminded that everyone present had seen ALL of me recently and if I did not drop the false modesty nonsense immediately, I would get spanked.  That made things came down (1) to stripping and getting spanked or (2) just stripping.  I opened my jeans and lowered them with my underwear and mooned them both.  Scotty and Betty both laughed.  Unfortunately, Mother did not and she ordered me to strip completely.  "Perhaps that will help change your bad attitude, young man."  My hope for a cheery evening vanished.  No longer was it to be a pleasant evening with my brother nor with a lovely young lady but now I was naked little boy with a spanking babysitter and her young assistant.

I manage to do OK for the next few hours.  Sitting at the table either to study or to eat hid my body from Betty's staring eyes.  Brittany never seemed to stare like her little sister did.  Unfortunately the only reason I could think of was that she was not interested in a little boy like me.  She did however tell me not to keep my hand over my crotch when I was sitting on the couch watching TV with everyone.  She asked Scotty if he would care if he was naked and he laughed.  "NO.  It's fun being naked especially with Betty because she makes my baths extra fun."  Hearing that, Betty undressed Scotty and he was smiling as she did.  "I don't have anything to hide and Betty likes me naked."  She also liked to tickle him for she was doing that and he was having fun trying to stop her.  I just did not know what to make of this.

Then came the time I was dreading – bath time.  Brittany made the announcement and we all headed to the bathroom.  Scotty and Betty rushed ahead for they were anxious for the fun.  I must confess that it was not the interaction I wished I could have had with Brittany.  As we were bathed, I could see how Scotty was happy being treated like he was half his age and Betty was equally delighted that she was in charge of him.  Brittany was being very professional in washing me and I wished she would play (in a somewhat more grown up way than our siblings) with me.  We were mostly done but the soap ran out and Brittany got up to get a new bar when disaster struck.

Betty had grabbed my dick and was squeezing it hard as she yelled: "DON'T PEE IN THE BATH!  You are a very naughty boy!"  This got Brittany back in a hurry.  "Teddy was urinating in the bath water." she explained to her sister.

I didn't know how I could lose control like that but first I complained about the pain and beg her to let me go.

"Stand up Theodor Robert Linwood." she commanded.  I stood up but Betty still had a tight and painful grip on my penis assuring that I did not pass any more water further polluting the bath.  "Pee into this cup, boy." commanded Brittany.  She held the cup in position while Betty aimed my penis and relaxed her grip.  I was so embarrassed that I took a long time to drain my bladder.  When I finished Betty told me to get down on all-fours in the tub.  I obeyed and then she grabbed my junk to hold me in place and gave me a mess of hard spanks using the long-handled bath brush that was, unfortunately for me, literally at hand.  I howled for those spanks were harder than those from the short handled hairbrush wielded by Brittany a few weeks ago.

Betty then gave the brush to Scotty and told him to give me a few spanks for peeing in his bath water.  My little brother betrayed me and gave me a few hard whacks leaving me crying.  They let the water out and replaced it with fresh so we could finish our baths.  Well, I was spared the humiliation of being told to tinkle standing next to my little brother by the toilet with the girls doing the aiming.  I was put to bed naked and Mom saw my still red tail in the morning.  I hemmed and hawed and wasn't able to tell why I had been spanked by the babysitter but then Scotty said it in just six words: "He peed in the bath water."  Mom was very angry and disgusted with me.

"Teddy, you are such a little boy.  You started high school but you're so childish.  Why even Scotty acts more grown up than you do."  I did not know what to say for Mother was ashamed of me so I asked to be excused and went to my room.  I dressed and broke out the books.

It was a little latter that she came to my room.  "Ted, I have some errands to run and Scotty has some homework to do.  Continue doing your homework and keep on eye on your brother."

"Yes, Mother." I responded immediately, glad she still had some trust in me.  Soon it was just the two of us each doing own homework quietly at our desks.

It was at least an hour later that Scotty surprised me.  "NO!  Dummy, that has to be a four in the top right corner."

I was taking a break and doing a KenKen® puzzle.  I clicked the "check" button and my six turned red and I replaced it with a four and, to my chagrin, that was correct.  The rest of the puzzle followed immediately.

"You are being naughty again, Teddy.  You're supposed to be doing your homework and NOT playing games."

"I was just taking a break, Scot." I said.  I'm sure it sounded lame to him just like it did to Mom.

"I'll bet that Mom will spank you again when I tell her, you naughty little boy."  There was a long awkward silence.  "Or maybe she get Brittany or even Betty to spank you again."

"Oh, shut up." I snapped annoyed with myself more than with Scotty.

Scotty took his time before he made his proposal.  "If I spank you, then there won't be anything to tell Mom since the slate will be whipped clean."


"Sure, I spanked you last night in the tub."

"And you won't tell then?" I asked without realizing that put me in his power even more by indicating I was considering it.

"Yes."  He sat on his bed with a flip-flop in his hand.  "Get your pants down and over my lap, naughty boy."  I felt trapped and helpless as I did as my little brother ordered.

WHACK!  Went the flip-flop and I yelped more in surprise than pain although it hurt.  Scot kept at it until I was sobbing from the fire he lit in my butt.

He told me to get up, wash and get back to my homework.  When Mom got back he said all the right stuff about how we both did our homework.

Scot was very nice after that although our relationship was forever changed.  I had never spanked him and now he had spanked me.  It took a while for both of us to adjust.  What I did not foresee, although it was inevitable, was that he would take charge of me when we were left alone.

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L. January 31, 2011

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