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The following story is fiction about a young man who is suddenly treated as a boy.  The story contains scenes of a spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is part 3 of the story and it is strongly suggest that you start with Part 1

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Fourteen and Spanked like Ten – Part 3/3


It has been a year since Brittany showed me what a pussy boy wimp my older brother is.  Since then I've changed my relationship with Teddy so that I am the brother-in-charge rather than he.  I feel a lot better now that has happened.

Looking back, I can see how once a couple of things happened, each step led him inexorably into the abyss just as a bug on the side of a pitcher plant soon ends up in the acid pool at the bottom.  Let me make a couple of comments about myself a year ago.  I was only ten and as you would expect had a babysitter.  There were a few of them but the most important one was Brittany and Betty, her kid sister, who was my classmate and friend.

My brother was often busy with his own activities so that Brittany would babysit me and frequently bring Betty along.  We played a lot together and it was still fun.  I had been bathed by Brittany when I was younger so when she did it when I was older (like ten) it was fun and I did not care that I was naked and she was dressed.  One day, Betty surprised me by asking a question.  "I want to learn to babysit and Brittany said I must ask you if I may practice with you.  It means that we play that I'm your babysitter even giving you your baths.  With you I won't have to worry about hurting a little baby since you won't fall or stuff like that."

After I agreed, Brittany asked me also to be sure that I really gave permission and was not being forced in any way.  In one way it was one of the earliest real decision that I made about myself.  The first bath was interesting because Betty wanted know all about my boy bits.  Brittany explained then to her with all the proper and slang names and stuff.  I learnt a lot about me at the same time.  I was one of the first boys she got to see although she soon got to see Arnold Lobaugh (a kid down the block) who was much more developed although only a year older than I.  After that I couldn't worry about her seeing me naked anymore.  Betty played with me and I loved getting my baths from her for her hands were so nice and gentle.  Other times I would just shower rather than let Mom or another babysitters bathe me.

Part of her training was learning how to spank a naughty boy.  That turned out to be some fun also.  The first time Betty undressed me (just like for a bath) and then got me across her lap she learnt that it was best to sit on a bed or couch so that she did not have to support the naughty boy completely.  Then she gave me a few hand spanks.  They did not hurt like Mom's or Brittany's spanks but I did feel them.  Betty loved seeing her little hand print on my bottom.  What she did not like was that her hand hurt.  I joked that her hand probably hurt more than my bottom.© YLeeCoyote

Brittany had the answer.  "That's how a little boy is spanked, Betty, but Scotty is bigger so you must use an implement such as a hairbrush or a strap."  We experimented with a lot of things and I learnt that Betty using a flip-flop could really make me cry just like Mom could.  She never did that when we just played or had a lesson but if I was really naughty I got my well-earned real spankings from Betty if she was around.

I well remember the first time that happened.  I was not expecting that it would happen like it did.  It wasn't anything special that she undressed me, sat on the couch and took me over her lap.  Then she delivered the first spank and I howled.  She was using a hairbrush and hitting hard.  After a few spanks I was promising to be good and all that but she kept at it as instructed to by Brittany.  With every spank, I was experiencing increasing pain and I was crying hard when she stopped for she turned me into a well-spanked little boy.  I did the spanked-boy-dance and rubbed my hot tail when she stopped.  After a while she comforted me which was fun.  Brittany was very proud that her little sister had punished me properly.  I was a little ashamed that she did that to me although it was supposed to happen.  Truth be told, I was also proud of her since I was part of the teaching team.

It was a very nice relationship I had with the two young ladies.  I was more like a little boy with them and they made me feel good.  There was a little bit of a downside since Betty was bossy all the time but never when others would notice.  A few times she even took my pants down and spanked me for real because I was naughty or failed to obey her when we were just playing.

There was only one thing that I though was a little unfair for I wanted to see her girl bits just like she had seen my boy bits but that was not allowed.  Brittany explained since Betty was my babysitter she was like an adult and little boys don't get to examine adult women naked.  I was sorry I never asked at the beginning but I was told when I got older it would happen which it did.

That was how things were when my brother got babysat when he was almost fifteen by a younger girl classmate.  He was positively mortified especially when she spanked him so hard that he was limp and bawling like a little kid.  He also did not like that they saw that he had not sexually developed, even like Betty who was years younger.  I was flying high when she said my penis was almost as big as Teddy's.

When Teddy pissed in the bath it marked a changing point in our relationship.  If Brittany had not stepped into the hall to get another bar of soap, Betty would not have been the one to punish Teddy for his disgusting behavior.  It was a wonderful show.  Betty had caught him in flagrante delicto and took immediate action.  His bad behavior was stopped and he was driven into an even more embarrassing situation.  Everything went against him from then on for he had to stand while Betty maintained her tight grip on his out of control hose.  He hated having to pee with me before bed with them watching and this was far worse.

It was an extra bad location to have messed up since the bath brush was a more effective spanking implement than the hairbrush since it had a longer handle to chastise a naughty boy.  Betty seared his sorry tail while she held his leaky hose to kept him in place.  Since it was my bath water he polluted, I was happy to give him a few WHACKS with the bath brush when invited.  That was delightful fun.  It made me understand the feelings Betty had when she spanked me.  It even made my cock big and very hard something that Betty noticed.

Betty took her time washing me which was always fun but Brittany rushed and got Teddy out of the tub promptly.  Betty had played with my thingy before but this time she was enthralled by how super hard it was and rubbed it a lot.  She brought me to a climax although it was a dry one.  It was wonderful and I practically floated to bed.

The next day I managed to catch Teddy playing when he should have been working.  I scared him into getting a spanking from me rather than Mom.  I would not have ratted him out to Mom as that would have been bad for me also but Teddy was not bright enough to see that.  It really was fun having my brother over my lap and spanking him to tears with that pseudo rubber-paddle.  I immediately knew I wanted more, just like that croc in Peter Pan who wanted more of Captain Hook after having eaten just one hand.

I changed my lobbying from "I don't need a babysitter" to "We can watch out for each other." and got Teddy to concur.  That was easy because he did not think he needed a babysitter and I was sure to have one as long as he did.  Putting it that way sure sounded better and made Mom see that we could agree and not always fight.  Brittany would be the loser but there were other kids for her to sit while Betty and I still could be friends and play.  Of course, I still wanted to see (and touch) her girl bits.

One thing in my favor was that I was maturing and my developing showed.  Not only had I started when I was much younger than Teddy had but my progress was much faster.  He was dismayed at this but I was delighted for it made us more like equals, rather than him being the big and I the little brother.  That old fashioned set of labels certainly clashed with the dual reality that I spanked him and never the reverse and had more man-fur.

I decided that I would watch him closely for he always evaded doing things he should do in order to get stuff on him so that he would present his bare butt to me for my pleasure.  I got him on a couple of little things and he accepted simple spanking so that Mom would not find out.  Then he came home late after a party and did not know that Mom was still out and thus would escaped her wrath this time.  He very quietly snuck into our room and then I pounced.

He was shocked.  "Quiet!  You don't want to wake Mom, and have her know how late you are?"  I've never seen a deer caught in headlights but I think that is how my wimpy brother must have looked.  This was a more serious fuckup and I was going to nail him.  "OK, Theodore, what will it be?  Talk to Mom or get ten from my belt.  You'll be getting off lightly since you're a half hour late."

By then I was standing with my heavy belt in my hand, quite naked so as to remind him of my more advanced development.  "Well?" I pressed.  He made the usual wimpy noises but caved quickly.  I told him to stick a sock in his mouth so he wouldn't make noise and bend over the bed after he stripped.  I pushed hard and in a minute he was naked, eating his sock and in position.  I got started and it took only five cuts to cover his butt once and make it a delightful pink.  The second pass made it nice and red.

"That's it." I said and he just collapsed onto the bed as if I had flogged him with a cat-o-nine tails on his back.  I sat down next to him and wiped the tears from his face and got him to blow his nose.  I have to confess that his ass looked very hot (in several senses) but I was not going to rape my brother.  I took hold of him to comfort him by lying beside him and hugging him.  I found it comforting so I assumed that Teddy did also.  I had not lost the super hardon state that I developed while punishing my older brother and it was poking Teddy.  He investigated with his hands and then he closed one of them around my hard shaft.  He must have found it interesting for he was playing with me.  He may have been a wimp but his grip was much tighter than Betty's grip.  Soon he pulled back a bit and started to investigate more thoroughly by putting his head down close.

I could feel his hot breath on my cock as he investigated.  It was a nice feeling.  Tentatively, he put out his tongue and tasted it sending a shudder through my body.  Should I encourage him I wondered.  It must have been five minutes that we were that way.  I took a chance and said: "Open up, Teddy, you know that you want to."  I knew that is what I wanted to happen and I was sure that Teddy did as well.  It took great willpower for me not to just shove into him, but I managed by keeping my hands on his head mainly to prevent his backing off.  It was terribly exciting and it mattered little what he was doing but just that I was in his mouth.  Teddy licked and sucked a little, I got harder and more excited and I exploded quickly filling his mouth with my sweet man-juice.  Now I kept him from pulling back so that he was forced to swallow my jizz.

We separated and I gave him a great big hug.  "You are a good boy." I told him.  That I really meant "my good little boy" although I didn't say it to him.  "Don't worry, Mom will never know that you were late.  Now go to sleep."  Actually we both did.  I know I didn't and doubt that he heard Mom come in.

Teddy was different after that encounter.  He definitely looked up to me like I was the big brother and I encouraged him.  After that anytime we were alone together, I was fully in charge.  It was definitely a good thing and continued for several years.  I did not neglect Betty either for not only did we date but we even played Babysitter and Boy regularly which was a lot more fun then when we were little.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 5, 2011

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