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The following story is fiction about a sibling spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the faux picture posted by Notamodestboy on June 21, 2009 in the!forum/rolereversals (gone).  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

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The Frat Boy and His Sister


Hal was the classical frat boy.  For him the number one reason to be in college was to party.  There was not any second reason.  Although he was already twenty-three, he was now a junior (for the second year) and back home after exam week.  His sister Kari, already a junior in high school although she was only sixteen, was very different for she was an honor student.  She planned on being the valedictorian when she graduated next year.

When Kari had returned home after an afternoon with her philosophy discussion group, she heard a commotion from the neighbor's yard.  Hearing her brother's name yelled, she went to investigate.  To her disappointment, Hal was the most unwanted center of attention.  He had intruded and was interfering with the kids' game.  As the kids were but tweens, they could not get him to leave.

Kari knew what to do.  As generations of angry women had done, she grabbed the errant boy by the ear.  A locking pliers would not have had a more crushing grip.  "COME!" she snapped and started home.  Hal, the BMOC was just a naughty little boy now.  Whining, he trotted obediently next to her to prevent being detached from his ear.

"Your conduct is a disgrace.  Father will take the strap to you when he gets home." she said, pushing him into the easy chair as they entered the house.

He fell onto the soft cushions and immediately grasped and rubbed his ear to try to sooth the pain.  Even so Hal shivered at the mention of the most dreaded strap.  He had felt it before and was deadly afraid of it.  "Please don't tell, please.  That hideous, evil thing will leave me hurting for a week." he begged.© YLeeCoyote

"You prefer that I spank you?" asked the young lady.  It had been a dream that she spank her big brother for years for all the nasty pranks he had played on her and her friends.

"Yes." he squeaked like a frightened little boy, "if you don't tell dad."

"Very well, Hal.  Lose your shorts and kneel on that chair leaning over the back." That chair was big soft sofa-like chair.  She dashed upstairs and fetched a small paddle.  The very same paddle that their dad had used on Hal when he was a boy and even on her once.  The business end was about ​10 inches​ (​25 cm​) by ​2 inches​ (​5 cm​) and ​a quarter inch​ (​5 mm​) thick.  It had a handle.  It did not have the size, weight nor heft of a fraternity paddle therefore was correspondingly much easier to swing.

When she returned, Hal was in the ordered position.  She stepped right up to him and yanked down his tightie-whities fully exposing his smooth butt.  Kari sat on the arm of the chair and leaned on her brother to hold him in position.  She raised the paddle and brought it down on the target.  Hal yelled, a lot from surprised more than the initial pain.  After several dozen spanks with the paddle, Hal's yells were now due to the ever growing pain.  Kari was pleased although her big brother was ashamed.  Although he could not see it, his butt had already turned light red and Kari was planning to make it crimson although the pain was most real to him.

As Kari continue to vigorously to apply the paddle to her big brother's naughty boy bottom, it continued to turn a darker red.  Hal tried to raise up to stop this humiliation but even though Kari was much lighter, she kept him in position and then the unspeakable happened.  He broke in tears and stopped trying to escape.  Kari gave him a few more before stopping and stood up.  She was surprised to see her parents there and smiling.

"What is going on?"  asked the surprised parents.  Regardless of what, it certainly had been interesting that their young daughter was spanking her much older brother and he was crying.

"Answer Father, Hal.  And it better be the truth."

With his deep red ass still exposed, Hal blurted out the truth.

"Carry on, Kari, you're doing a good job."  Kari dutifully obeyed with another hail of spanking and then dispatched the naked, hot red butt boy to the corner.

Hal was devastated when he was told that his sister was now in charge of him since he was so immature.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. June 22, 2009

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