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The following story is fiction about teen boys being spanked by their father and others.  The story contains scenes of spanking with a belt.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Fried Fannies for Failed Framing


Fifteen-year-old Jay Hammond did not like his kid brother Rusty.  They were very different sorts.  Jay did not like school except for PT whereas Rusty was an excellent student.  Their parents often reminded Jay of the superiority of his brother in both deportment and scholarship which, truth be told, really was counterproductive.

The new school year began and within a fortnight Jay brought home a nastygram from school.  Mr. Hammond had taken to roasting his older son's bottom with his belt for misconduct.  Since the boys shared a bedroom, Rusty had the pleasure of watching his brother being punished.  Oh, how he wished that he could have done that to his nasty big brother who frequently tormented him.  How he would have liked to have had Jay standing in front of him, slowly stripping him, making him bend over and swinging the doubled belt at the ever increasingly red butt.  And enjoying suffering as evidenced by the pitiful yells and crying.  But, alas, such an event would never happen but a boy could dream.

Of course, not only did Jay not like getting strapped by his dad but he resented that Rusty was able to watch.  This time, like every other time, Jay was certain that Rusty was not only smirking but enjoying it.  Jay used these thoughts, in his mind, to blame Rusty for his own punishments. This was an even more potent idea when Jay considered that Rusty's last one was a babyish hand spanking OTK some three years before.

Jay vowed revenge.

He plotted with his best buddy Eric.  They soon came up with an evil plan to get Rusty in deep trouble and spanked at the very least.© YLeeCoyote

"Are you sure we should do this?" asked Eric having a doubt or two now that the plan was clear.  "Could we get into trouble?"

"No way!" Eric, "The 'rents will just think it's a note from school.  Dad will just strap him like he does me."

This was a plot that could not have been executed a few years earlier.  Not surprisingly Eric, like Jay, had gotten a couple of similar nastygrams from school.  The two carefully scanned one of Eric's delinquent reports into the computer.  A few text changes and using a good grade of printer paper, such as the school used, and a fake nastygram was created that looked just like a real one.  From his collection of previous such notes, Jay had a genuine envelope addressed to his parents with the school's return address.

Making sure his innocent brother had already left for school, Jay planted the fake note where their mother would find it when she shoveled out their room later.

It was after dinner when the fireworks started.  The letter was produced and Rusty could not explain why he had not given it to his parents as required.  His denial of knowledge of the letter was not believed.

That evening Jay had the pleasure of watching his goody-goody little brother get his tail roasted.  Eric was now stripped, just like Jay had been when he was in the hot seat.  At thirteen and in high school, he was too old for a simple boyish OTK spanking but now qualified for a strapping just like his older brother.  This time Jay hadn't any fear as the belt was pulled from their father's pants to be folded double and swung at a son's bottom in anger.  As Rusty suffered and howled in pain, Jay had trouble hiding his smirks.  Jay was lulled to sleep by his brother's sobs in the other bed.

Rusty's ordeal was not over yet.  Not only had he concealed the note but he had lied about it.  He was grounded for the weekend thus missing a movie with his friends that was the "must see flick" for the month and received a second strapping instead.  He was very unhappy and could not understand the letter at all.

On Monday, Rusty went to see the Vice Principal whose signature was on the letter.  The VP was also confused and did some investigating.  He wrote another letter and when Rusty returned at the end of the day, he let him read it before sealing it in an envelope for his parents.

At dinner Rusty produced the letter saying simply: "Father, a letter from the VP Ryburn for you."

His father scowled and his brother smiled.  At last his little brother was in trouble on his own.  As their father read, his scowl got worse.  He showed the letter to Jay who read: «The letter about your son Rusty portending to be from me and the school is a FAKE.  Such a letter was not issued by the school.  It is altered copy of a letter issued to Eric Rydel who has been in trouble together with your other son Jay several times in the past.  Please note the raised printing letterhead and school seal to authenticate this document.»

As he read, Jay lost his smile and turned pale.  He knew that he was in deep, deep doo-doo even before his father asked: "Do you have any explanation?"  A very worried Jay just shook his head no.

"I'm sorry that you were unfairly punished, Rusty.  After Eric and your brother are punished we'll see about restitution."  It was only a few minutes after Mr. Hammond called Mr. Rydel that the five males were in the Hammond's family room.  As expected both Jay and Eric were very nervous as both their fathers were very angry.

The two older boys soon confessed their crime in the light of the overwhelming evidence.  The punishment would, naturally, be a strapping but the difficult part was how to compensate for the wrongs that Rusty endured because of their evil behavior.

The two youths were required to strip and then bend over the ends of the couch.  The two fathers then extracted their belts and alternately raised and swung them at their respective targets a dozen times.  Rusty watched with delight as his tormentors suffered their just fates.

After that, Rusty was asked what he would consider fair compensation.  "Triple damages."  The two adults looked puzzled and Rusty explained like he heard on the news that there was a lawsuit with triple damages awarded to the injured party.  This brought grins to both men.  "First, payment for three movies because I missed one.  Second, since I got strapped twice I get to give six strappings to each of them."

The fathers agreed that it was fair and told the two 'convicts' what the penalty was.  Standing there, in their red-bottomed birthday suits, they were told that they would each get six strappings from Rusty who was warned to be reasonable.  Both Jay and his buddy were horrified that they would be strapped by his younger brother and protested strongly.  "Would you prefer us to give you those strappings?" asked his dad.  After some consultation they decided that it would be less painful if Rusty did the strapping.

Rusty was most delighted with this outcome.

The next day was the first of the triple damages strappings.  To be sure he got the most of this unusual opportunity, Rusty had spent several hours practicing.  He experimented with varying the angle, speed and force used and noting the effects on a totally innocent cushion.  His father had agreed that fifteen cuts per session was the limit.  The two older boys presented themselves at the agreed time not daring to risk additional punishments for failure to cooperate.

"Jay and Eric – both of you strip." Rusty ordered happily and then: "Jay get over the end of the couch for your first strapping."  The two had decided that they would be silent to prove how macho they were and that a little boy couldn't hurt them.  They were most determined because Mr. Hammond was watching.

Rusty folded the belt and got into position.  With a big smile on his face, he raised the belt and brought it crashing down on his big brother's butt as hard as possible.  The cut was most effective.  Before Jay's howls stopped echoing, the red strip was noticeable on Jay's butt.  Rusty was delighted and Jay started to worry.  After a few more cuts, Jay was showing great discomfort and his tail was starting to glow.  Now even Eric started to be concerned that his kid brother would cause him pain; real pain.  Try as he might not to, Jay broke down before the fifteen strokes and begged his little brother to stop.  "Just three more, boy." was the response as the belt landed again.  After those three big brother was crying like a baby much to Rusty's delight.

Jay could not watch his buddy get the same treatment he had because of the tears that filled his eyes.  The now fearful Eric got into position and Rusty began to strap him.  He was even more determined to effectively punish this outsider than he was to punish his brother.  Over and over he raised the strap and swung it with great effectiveness thoroughly roasting Eric's butt.  Before they were half way, Eric was yelling for mercy but Rusty was not lenient because remembered the pain he suffered because of Eric's action.  He was even more delighted when Eric's butt started to glow than he had been when his brother's butt had been undergoing the same treatment and metamorphous.  When Rusty stopped, Eric was bawling like a baby just like his buddy.

Neither of the two convicts were happy with their hot red butts and Rusty could tell.  After three strappings each, Rusty made them an offer.

The strappings would be suspended provided that both Jay and Eric promised in writing and witnessed by their dads not to harass Rusty in any way.  If they did, then the three strapping plus extras would be delivered.

After that, Rusty's life was a lot more pleasant for a long time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 26, 2012

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