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Friend Hunting


I guess that it best to get this over right away.  I'm Ken and I'm height challenged.  Well that's the politically correct way to say that I'm a shrimp.  Here I am – seventeen-years-old and only a measly ​65 inches​ (​165 cm​) short.  I am frequently taken for a fourteen-year-old of normal, er, average height.  The doctors said that my growth spurt was the smallest they ever saw.  It's a relatively minor issue in school (except in gym) but outside is a very different kettle of fish.  There even my few school friends don't want me around any more than they want their kid brothers tagalong.  My presence causes problems because my age is questioned.

A month after we moved to a bigger city, I found a local paper on my bed folded to show a mixer for people within a year of my age who are juniors or seniors at the local youth center.  Mother was being discrete as she ever is and never mentioned it.  I decided to give it a try.  After all this is a new city, a new venue and hopefully a new outcome.

So Friday after dinner I showered and dressed my coolest.  As I left Mother said "Have fun, dear."  It was a short ride on the subway and soon I was at the door.  They checked ID to be sure everyone was in the specified age group.  I hoped that would keep everyone from thinking I was a little kid who should have been in the other room two floors above for the younger kids.

After an hour I was pretty discouraged.  I had tried to approach some of the others but they just didn't see me.  Apparently I was under their sight lines.  If this had been for older people I probably would just have gotten drunk but you can't do that on soda and chips.  After another hour I was totally discouraged.  Apparently everyone wanted giants and rejected shrimps like me out of hand.  I figured that it was time to go home and cuddle up with my 'puter.

Then it happened.  Someone bent over, read my name tag and using the diminutive said "Hello, Kenny.  How are you tonight?"  I almost fell off the stool except for a giant's helping hand pushing me back.© YLeeCoyote

"Thanks, Pat.  I'm OK.  How are you doing?"  Yeah, pretty lame but I was in shock.  Pat didn't seem to mind that.  Maybe with a head way up there in the clouds the rarified low oxygen air was causing a problem.  I wasn't going to argue for at least someone was interested in me.  In fact, I wasn't going to argue even if the entity had horns and a pointy tail.  We talked a while and even danced.  I was extraordinarily bad at that so we sat and talked some more.

We exchanged contact info and even made a date for the following week.  Then we left a bit on the early side.  While Pat was walking me to the subway I was invited to visit so we could get to know each other a little better as it was just a block detour.  I was thrilled.  My pants got scared and seemed to shrink a bit.  I definitely was thrilled.

Three minutes later we were sitting on the living room couch getting to know each other better.  We were finding out more about each other.  Then came the bomb shell.  "I love to spank little boys.  Not kiddies but shorties like YOU."

"I don't want to be spanked, Pat.  I think I'll better be going." I said brilliantly – not.

"I don't think so, little one.  You don't have choice in the matter."  Then Pat paused.  "You don't have any more say in the matter than a kid has with his parents or even his babysitter and for exactly the same reason – you're too little."  That was said while I was being held extremely tightly.  "It would be best if you remove your cool clothes so they don't get messed up.  Not required but… Whatever you prefer."

That is just great!  Just as good as Hobson's choice.  It was clear that I would get spanked no matter what.  I agreed to strip and Pat let me go.

"I trust you know better than to try to run."  I nodded and kicked off my shoes.  I removed my shirt and then my slacks leaving me in just my briefs.

"Good boy.  You did that nicely.  It is now spanking time."

I was not delighted.  Pat sat and yanked down my briefs before pulling me into position.  I was held with a firm grip on my waist while my naked and most vulnerable butt was being gently caressed.

"It's now the time to pay for the naughty things you did last week that you mistakenly thought you got away with but, obviously, did not."  Then Pat started with a hard spank on my right check quickly followed by a matching hard spank on the left cheek.  I kept quiet not wanting to sound like a little kid.  Those first two spanks were just the opening line.  Then immediately the spanks began to come harder and faster.

In a little while I was overwhelmed.  I was naked, OTK, and my ass was being set ablaze.  I broke down.  I cried.  I realized that I was just a little boy.  Then suddenly the spanks stopped.  I was lifted up and was being hugged which felt great.

I was very confused.  My bottom was on fire yet that did not feel wrong.  I realized that I was whispering "I'm sorry.  I won't do it again." into Pat's ear.

Pat helped me wash up and dress and then walked me to the subway.  I stood all the way home even though there were lots of seats.

I went to bed right after I got home.  While laying prone I thought about my hot tail, hard cock and Pat.  I suddenly come to the realization that I was looking forward to my date with Pat.  I was delighted to find a text from Pat on my phone in the morning confirming our date.

The End

Afterthought: Did you notice that you could have thought of Pat as either Patrick or Patricia?

© Copyright A.I.L. April 5, 2020

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