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The following story is fiction about an immature twelve-year-old whose younger friend is his babysitter/disciplinarian.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Friend and Spanker


When I was a little boy I managed to get into trouble a lot.  It was not serious trouble but before I was ten it was a rare week that I did not get spanked at least once, usually by Father.  Things got better – just slightly – after that and the rate dropped to only about three times a month.

When I turned twelve I was hoping that I would not have a sitter (you know what kind I mean) all the time.  Yes, even the younger teens in the neighborhood had sitters when their parents went out at night but they were left alone for a few hours during the day.  My closest friend, JR, who was a few months younger than I, was one of the mature trusted ones.  Even when his parents went out for the evening and would not return before his bedtime he did not have a sitter and certainly did not have one during in the day.  You can be sure that everyone was jealous at how he was treated.  I, on the other, was just the reverse.  I was considered very immature and irresponsible ("Just look at how often we have spank you." they said) so you need to be watched.

It sort of happened and I was happy about it.  My parents agreed that if I was with JR then I would not need a sitter.  It was not as nice as being allowed to be alone but it was far, far better than having a sitter.  JR did it a while and then decided that at times I was being, er, difficult and showing a tendency to get into mischief.  He said that was unacceptable and that he needed more formal authority with me.  He discussed things with my parents and the four of us came to an agreement.  Although, the rules were pretty much worked out before I joined the discussion.  JR was granted full authority over me meaning that I was required to obey him and that he had the right to discipline me.  In short, my buddy had the power to spank and ground me.  It seemed to be a good deal for me not to have a real sitter.  After all, nobody would know since we were buddies and hung out together most of the time anyway.

It was less than two weeks later, that I learnt that JR would, could and did spank me good and hard.  I wanted to stay up past my bedtime and JR insisted that I go to bed.  After a few minutes, he laid down the law.  "Petey, you will stop acting like a baby now!  You will drop your pants and get over my lap for a spanking and then you will get to bed."

"What?  You're kidding?"© YLeeCoyote

"Not at all.  It's either that or your folks will be getting you a regular babysitter." he said sharply and definitively.  "Now, boy."

He sounded just like Father did when I had gone too far, so I complied.  A minute later my pants and tighty-whities were down and JR was taking me over his lap to spank me.  I made some weak apologetic noises and he told me that it was too late for it was now spanking time.

JR got a good grip on my waist and brought his hand down hard on my bare butt with a resounding whack.  It was almost as hard as a spank from Dad.  He made up for that deficiency by giving me a lot more spanks.  He made me cry just like Dad did and to make promises to be good.  When he allowed me, I quickly scampered off to bed – a well-chastised little boy who displeased his sitter.

JR decided that he like spanking me and began to check that I was current with my school work and my chores.  Any slip-ups got me spanked.

* * * * * * * * * *

Petey exaggerates when he claims that I like spanking him.  I felt that it was my responsibility to discipline him when he strayed.  I would be less than fully honest if I did not say that I did not find it onerous at all.  Also it was fully my duty and not to would have been irresponsible of me.

Over the next couple of months, I spanked Petey a few times and there was not anything special or noteworthy.  It was when our friends, Sam and Ken, were over and we were playing cards.  Petey managed to use foul language.  I admonished him for being a potty mouth and his friends laughed.  My initial thought was that lightened the mood.  Unfortunately, Petey took it differently and within a few minutes repeated such words.  I had to take action to maintain my authority.

I told all three that Petey had crossed the line and was going to get spanked.  I was about to say Sam and Ken should leave but they quickly reminded me that they had seen Petey spanked many times and it was still early.  They also asked if I was sitting him.  I hedged on that response.  Petey did not like that they wanted to stay but I thought it might make the spanking more effective.  I moved over to the side chair and ordered Petey to drop his pants and get over my lap.  He needed some encouragement but he did it.  Once he was in position, I proceeded to spank him.  I would have given him a harder spanking had we been alone, but I figured it would be adequate since our friends were watching.

I gave him a few minutes in the corner while Sam, Ken and I resumed playing and then told him to rejoin us.  Petey apologized for being naughty and the others did not rib him about it (at least not then).

It was a few days later when we were in the park that the next incident occurred.  Petey was being quite rambunctious, far more than the other guys we were with.  In his dashing to and forth, he knocked over a little kid.  Fortunately the kid was not hurt although the mother was furious.  She wanted to know who he was so that he would be punished.  Since I had stopped to check on the kid and had kept Petey from running, this was possible.

Once it had been established that the kid was fine, I dragged Petey over to the nearby bench and sat down.  "I told you to calm down, Petey, several times but you won't and almost hurt that little child.  Well, now you are going to get something that will help you to remember."

"Please, JR, not here in the park."

"Yes, here in the park were you were naughty." I growled as I opened his belt and jeans.  I yanked them down and then his tightie-whities before flipping him over my lap.  It seemed like the park had gone quiet except for the sound of my hand connecting with his bare bottom.  There was no excuse for this sort of bad behavior and I spanked him hard.  It was a pleasure watching first my hand print form and then the rest spread out until I turned his entire tail bright red.  Petey was pleading and promising as this happened through his tears.

Needless to say, the kid's mom was satisfied that the felon was punished so quickly and thoroughly.  The kid and several others watched happily as I spanked Petey.  Our other friends had quickly returned for the simple reason that spankings are fascinating (when others get them).  Petey was quite chastised and behaved far better after this.

In a few days time, all our peers knew that I had spanking authority over Petey since, unlike when just two of them knew, I could not keep seven mouths shut.

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess it was better that I got spanked bare-assed in the park rather than the 'rents learning that I almost trampled a little kid, however I certainly could have would have preferred to have gotten it in private.  Even in school, everyone now knew about it since I got teased and overheard comments.  It was made worse since JR was a few months younger than I.  The real disaster, however, occurred a month later.  Our regular teacher was sick and we had a substitute.  I could not behave properly for some reason and was the most disruptive trouble maker you could imagine.  I was having fun until the old biddy flipped.  She called me out of my seat and gave me a blistering lecture that the entire class found spellbinding.  She listed my high crimes and misdemeanors and regretted that she could not PADDLE ME right then and there as she used to be able to do when she started teaching.  Thus she was sending me to the principal with a recommendation for expulsion or at least suspension.

I was, in a word, absolutely petrified for the 'rents would kill me.  The class was silent since such words were rarely heard.  Then JR spoke up.  "Ma'am would you be satisfied if such a paddling could be arranged?"  Was he mad?  A paddling?  What the hell was he trying to do?

"Yes, young man.  Most unfortunately, the school system does not permit teachers or even principals to use corporal punishment any longer.  I doubt that a paddle is even still available in the school."

"I am authorized by Petey's parents to discipline him at anytime so that I can make this happen.  Tell her, Petey."  I agreed softly.  "I think that a belt will be a reasonable substitute.  Do you agree, Ma'am?"

"Yes, that would be quite satisfactory if applied with sufficient diligence."

"Petey, give me your belt."  I complied even though I did not know if I should be glad not to be suspended or outraged at getting strapped in class.  "Drop your pants and briefs and bend over the teacher's desk, Petey."

I hesitated to expose myself like that.  "Immediately, unless you want a few extras?" my disciplinarian snarled.  What could I do?  I opened my pants, let them fall and bent over.  "And the briefs, Petey." came the order.  "Or do you need help?"  I lowered the briefs without standing up.  There was a definite reaction from the class.  Later I was told that it was from both boys and girls.

JR came close and worked out his proper position.  "Don't get up until I tell you to unless you want extras."

He swung the belt and it connected with my butt like it was a red hot poker.  I yelled in pain and jumped up and grabbed my ass.

"Get into position and we'll start again, Petey." he said.  I resumed my position and the second cut was even worse.  JR asked two of our classmates to hold me in position or we would be here all day.  Once they were holding my wrists JR resumed strapping me.  Over and over the belt injected great pain into my bottom.  Fortunately, I was held in position but I still yelled.

With my pants still about my ankles, I had to approach the substitute teacher and apologize which took me several tries before JR was satisfied.  Then, I spent the next half hour in a front corner where all could see my hot tail cooling.  The only good thing about all this was that the old biddy was satisfied and I was not sent to the principal.  Later I was told that I got six in addition to the initial two which did not count.

After it was over, I learnt that my boy bits were seen by everyone.  They were seen when I had to shuffle about after the strapping.  It was not any comfort to be told that they were not seen when I was bent over since they were too small.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 29, 2011

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