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Friend's Brother's Slave


It had been a wonderful summer of my fourteenth year.  Last Memorial Day I started to get pubes and during the summer they had grown nicely.  By Labor Day I had the beginning of a nice bush.  Oh, it was not very much compared to a half a dozen guys that were in my middle school gym class but a lot more that a lot of the guys had.  I certainly would not be teased about being bald down there.  I had even stopped counting hairs.

It was not the only thing that grew that summer.  I grew up; I was not a boy any more for I learnt about sex – both the lecture and lab parts.  No; I did not know everything but Jeremy and I had done lots of things this last summer – most of all we fucked and sucked like bunnies.  We were just lying on Jeremy's bed, exhausted and still naked when Jeremy's brother walked in.  Chuck was a couple of years older than us and was built like the proverbial brick shit house and even had a brain.

"You two faggots having fun?" he said derisively with a sneering laugh.

"What's it to you?" I snapped back at him.

He smiled. "I got a real treat for you, boy."  With that he opened his jeans and his man shaft popped out and immediately finished growing to full size from the thick bush surrounding the base.  It stuck out like a giant Sequoia on the grassy prairie.  "Come suck it.  You know that you want it, Georgie boy."© YLeeCoyote

"I'm not your slave." I snapped.

Jeremy grabbed my arm.  "Do it, George, please.  It will be better if you do.  Please." he begged.  Jeremy has been acting strange all day and was doing it again.

I got up and got dressed.

"Walk him home and explain it to him, Jeremy." said Chuck closing his pants and walking out.

I lived some six blocks away and spent the first three blowing off steam about nerve of Chuck.  Finally, I said: "If you were so anxious that he get a blow job why didn't you do it yourself?"

"I did, this morning.  And this is why."  He showed me a printout of him sucking me off.  His face was clear.  "Chuck's got lots of pictures." and he gave me one of me doing the same thing to Jeremy.  "This is the deal, buddy.  We're Chuck's slaves or the official cocksuckers of the freshmen class when the pictures become public."

"He wouldn't do this; would he?"

"He would." Jeremy said sadly.  We walked silently the rest of the way to my house.  When we said good night, he handed me a safety razor in a plastic bag and a ZIP disk.  "Chuck said to give you these."

After supper I locked myself in my room and went looked at the disk.  There were lots of pictures of me and Jeremy.  They were in two sets – one were I was identifiable and the others we were both identifiable.  A third set was deleted.  It was clear that Jeremy had agreed to his brother's demands.

Then there was a page of text addressed to me.  It was Chuck's ultimatum (my word) or terms as he put it.  I would have to be available for him whenever he wanted.  I had a week to agree before the pictures were made public.  Because I had refused him, I had to pay a penalty to prove my total submission to his authority.  I had to deliver my pubes in the bag.  If I did not meet the deadline, the pictures would be released I would be the class' cocksucker for a long time.  If that happened I would lose my pubes publicly.

As I was absorbing all this, I got an email from Jeremy.  He implored me to yield and suggested that I shave my nascent bush before the other guys saw it in gym so I would not have to explain its loss.  Chuck has promised that he would be reasonable if I was reasonable.  He's also asked if you would like to be "water BOY" for the football team.  He said he could arrange it and the team would give you lots of attention especially after practice in the showers.

I banged my head on the wall for almost an hour and then sat down at the keyboard.  I wrote to Chuck as he commanded – humbly and respectfully.

Most Exalted Master,

This lowly one recognizes Your authority over him and begs the honor to serve You.

This lowly one regrets his insolence this afternoon and entreats Master to permit him to keep his few pubic hairs.

Your most obedient servant,              

Master Chuck did not answer until midmorning.  His answer was succinct.  "You must learn to obey promptly and without question."

I stripped and looked at my bush.  Today it looked much smaller than it did yesterday for I was now comparing it with Chuck's, er The Master's.  There was no reason to wait.  I got some paper and knelt over it and used the razor.  It only took three passes and I was as hairless as at the beginning of the year.  I put the hair into the bag.  There was hardly any.  I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a little boy looking back.

I felt different.  I had obeyed The Master in a very tangible way.  I sent him another email reporting my obedience.  I put the bag into an envelope and hid it in my new school notebook.

I waited for tomorrow and school to start.  I tried to relax and decided that all depended on Chuck.  I could only hope that he would be kind.

Monday morning I caught up with Jeremy on the way to school.  We tried to reassure each other but it all boiled down to whether or not Chuck would be mean or nice.  I dropped the envelope proving my submission into Chuck's locker as directed.  I would learn more after school.

It was only 3:40 when Jeremy and I were naked and kneeling before Master Chuck.  He told us that we were his slaves and must obey and serve him.  If we were good then we would not suffer but he would punish us for every transgression both disrespecting him and for school problems.  He assured us that he would keep us very well fucked and that we would suck him a lot.  He doubted that would be unpleasant considering what we had been doing all summer.  (I did not say anything but he was right.)  He also forbid us from have sex without his permission including jerking off.

He stood us before him and grasped each of us by our balls.  "You look like boys and it would be very easy to make that a permanent state."  He tightened his grip.  "Understand?"

"Yes, Master." we said following his instructions and he released us.

"Slave, Sunday you questioned my authority and lost your pubes as a result.  Then you questioned my orders.  You need to be punished."

"Yes, Master." I said somewhat fearfully.

"You are just a boy without any pubes.  Boys are spanked."  He pulled me over his lap.  I had not been spanked for two years.  He got a good grip on my waist and patted my butt.  I felt like a little boy and he had not yet started.  I did not have long to wait.


He hit hard, just like my dad had and it hurt.


I knew that he was going to break me so that I would cry like a baby.


I knew I would try to resist but it would be useless.


I almost wanted to cry to be spanked less but I could not do that.


He kept at it.  I moved into another world.  A world of pain from which there was only one escape.  I started to cry.


Then I started to bawl.  Chuck was only a couple of years older and I was crushed so easily.  I went limp.  He spanked me gently.  I remained crying over his lap for sometime.  I was coming back to this world and could feel something poking me in my gut.  It was his hard cock.

He stood me up.  I knew that I was just a kid with snot and tears on my face, no pubes and a hot red freshly spanked bottom.  He stripped and moved over to the bed.  Second later I was going down his hard man shaft.  He said something to Jeremy which I did not understand as he was holding me by the ears.  Seconds later I felt Jeremy spread my checks and lick my rosebud.  That was something he did not like to do but I loved it.

Then Jeremy stopped and Master pulled me off of his cock.  I was puzzled until he got behind me and pushed his salvia covered shaft in my salvia coated hole.  He was bigger than Jeremy (who had been there before) and he hurt me a bit.  Soon I stretched and was comfortable.  He began to fuck in earnest.  Then I felt Jeremy's mouth on by own cock.  I was in heaven.  I just floated until everything stopped.  I heard Master yell when he came and then I did.  Master then made me suck Jeremy until he came.

Master commanded us to dress and then kowtow.  We kissed his feet.  I was ordered to go home and we were both to do our homework.

My first day as a slave was not bad.  I was able to concentrate on my homework without being distracted by sex.

Gym the next day was not a problem.  A lot of the other guys did not have pubes and Jeremy and I just blended in with them.  In fact our cocks looked a bit bigger than a lot of the others hanging out in gym.  This would not be the problem that losing our pubes would have been be later once the other guys had seen that we had them.

Both Jeremy and I were surprised at how nice Chuck was.  Yes, we were his slaves and had to tend to his whims but he also made sure that we kept at the books and even our parents' rules.

It was the second week that we learnt that he really meant that part.  We had a pop quiz in math and Jeremy messed up.  He did not mention it to his folks but Chuck somehow knew about it and asked.  Chuck was not pleased and soon I had a phone call inviting me over to work on my homework.

Fortunately my 8 was marginally acceptable while Jeremy's 6 was beyond the pale.  Jeremy and I did homework together until 9:30 while Chuck did his own.  Then it was punishment time.  I was directed to strip my buddy slowly while Master smirked at us and Jeremy stood impotently still.  Derisive comments were frequent.  Then I got to watch Master spank Jeremy as he had watched me get spanked.

The procedure was a lot less embarrassing for me this time but I knew how awful Jeremy must have felt laying across his brother's lap and being reduced to a bawling baby (like I had).  Perhaps it was worse for I was still dressed.  This time I saw how the Master's hand prints formed on Jeremy's bottom and how they soon blurred into a solid mass of red hot butt.  The tears flowing across his other cheeks did noting to cool his bottom.  After what seemed a long time to me as watcher and was an eternity to Jeremy, Master stopped.

Need I mention that Jeremy was promising to study a lot more all through this, even when he was stood up.  Master then handed me a bottle.  It was a depilatory that was safe to use on «your tender Bikini area».  "Put this on his pubic area, boy."  Obediently, I smeared the heavy cream on my buddy who really did not know what was happening.  When I finished, I was told to wash my hands and Jeremy was put into the corner for twenty minutes.  Before leaving for home I had the pleasure of sucking Master.

Neither Jeremy nor I harbored any doubt that Master was going to be very strict with us and we knew that we could not goof off.  He was not going to tolerate any dalliance  on our part.  We both knew that if we did not live up to his high standards we would quickly be reduced to little sissy crybabies with red bottoms and snotty faces.  The partying that we had started in middle school was not to be expanded into high school.

We managed to get spanked at least one a week for that first month and then much less often.  Our midterm report card earned us great praise from our parents although Master though that we could do better and get more A's than B's.  He informed us that the required achievement levels were higher.  That did not stop the weekend from being special.  Our parents let us go to a show downtown with Chuck as our chaperone.  When we got back we had a great fuck session which finished up with us getting our pubes treated with that depilatory.

The rest of the term passed quickly and then we got our final report cards.  Both Jeremy and I were happy with the four A's and one B we each got.  Our parents were ecstatic.  In the morning I was told that we would be going out to dinner to celebrate.  I let Jeremy know and the same thing was happened with him.

At the appointed time, I left my room  and was surprised to find that mom was not dressed to go out.  She said that I looked every bit the young gentleman in my suit and she was so proud of me.  Dad explained that this was going to be man-to-man affair.  It was a fancy restaurant that we went to.  I was surprised to find that Jeremy, Chuck and their father there waiting for us.  We had a horseshoe table so Chuck got the center with Jeremy and myself next to him and flanked by our dads.

Both of them told us how they were proud that we got off to such a great start in high school and that they wanted to talk about it – but after dinner.  Both Jeremy and I felt so very grown up in our suits – like we were at a business rather than a family affair.  But at the same time I was very aware that naked I still looked like a little boy and still had a lot of growing up to do.

The real bomb shell hit after dinner.  It turned out that our dads were aware of what Chuck, Jeremy and I had been doing for that last few months.  After we got over that shock, the two of us admitted that we would never had accepted such strict rules from our parents as we had from Chuck and that we were certainly happy with the results.

We each got a small gift.  The first thing that flashed through my mind when I saw the packages, was necktie.  After all, that's what I had gotten dad many times and that was the same size box.  But the boxes  were much heavier and then we were told just to peek inside.  We each got a leather paddle with our name on it.  Our dads now wanted us to decide about the future for Chuck wanted more time for his own studies and life.

We were a bit confused so it was explained to us.  We were going to write the rules that we would have to live by.  Well, not quite write but have a say in; a major say in.  After all we were not little boys any more but becoming men and had to learn to decide important things.

Jeremy and I spent a long time on the rules.  The last term had taught us that boundaries were necessary and our dads explained how they had lots of rules to follow also.  For the first time I understood why dad worried about getting to work on time was the same as my getting to school on time and the like.  We did pretty well and our dads only tweaked what we had proposed.  But they also added something important – an amendment process – since things might change.

The major punishment method was spanking.  Both Jeremy and I can be spanked by both our dads, Chuck or each other when needed.  We also decided that we would keep each other smooth until at least the summer.  What we noticed was as the guys got pubes, they got hassled to do it with a girl and that distracted them from their work.

At the end of the first week of the term, I learnt what weekly reports were really about.  It was something that dad often complained about.  It sounded so simple when it was put into the contract but not when I tried to write it.  I'm glad that dad understood and he helped me write it.  Then I realized why; it allowed me to look back on things and see what I had and had NOT accomplished.  Dad then left me alone but returned an hour later.  "Time to look at your weekly report, George.  I want to know how things are going."  At first I was puzzled but then I got it.  Even though he help me write it, now he was going to review it and thus my work.

Dad was really a different person now.  He was much more critical.  He made see where I had slipped and not done as much as I should.  He then gave me my allowance for the week.  "Dad, do I need a reminder?"

"You know the answer the that better than I do, son."  He was right and if he had just come and told me I did, I would have objected that he was being unfair.  I was marginal and we both knew it.  I walked over to the wall and got the paddle down and handed it to him.  Then I dropped my jeans and boxers and bent over.  "Ready, sir."


I yelped.  I could not help myself.  That thing hurt like the blazes.


Twice more and I really knew pain.  But it was different than when Chuck had me over his lap.  I was not crying.


«What have I let myself in for?» I thought. «I must do better next week.»

Then dad spoke: "That it, son.  Come down for dinner in an hour."

At dinner dad said that he was proud of me and that I was beginning to grow up – where it mattered – between the ears.  My butt was toast but I felt good.

For the next few week, I really applied myself.  I not only kept up but got ahead with my work.  I was a tough taskmaster for I did not want to taste that paddle again.

I was successful for three weeks.  Then rather than study for a history test and sack out early, I watched MTV until three in the morning.  I was wasted for the test and did not know the stuff either.  I did not have to wait for the grade to know the result.  At dinner I asked dad to see me latter.  I was trying to study when dad came in.  I confessed outright and handled him the paddle.

He knew that I need a good lesson.  He stripped me like he had when I was little.  I hated it then and it was even worse now.  I had acted like an irresponsible little boy and he was treating like one.  I had no cause for complaint.  He pulled me over his lap for the first time in more than three years.  I practically started to cry as I had when I was only eight.

I felt his hand patting my butt.  The past feeling got stronger.  I knew that he was going to really spank me hard.  Hard like I deserved.  He raised his hand and


I really felt that.  At least I think I did.  I have no doubts about the rest.


This was even worse that the ones I got from Chuck.  Of course, dad was putting more muscle in than when I was smaller.  I got another barrage.  I was practically crying.  I was promising to be good; to do my homework.  Dad was just patting my bottom.  That meant he was going to give me another round.

An he did.  Just as hard as the first and I lost control and started to really cry.  Here I was fourteen – almost fifteen – years old, in high school and bawling like I did when I was four in pre-kindergarten.

Dad paused again.  I was crying to much to beg him to stop.  I could only hope.  Of course, I knew I had earned this.  But I was not expecting the paddle any more.  I could not have seen dad pick it up even if my eyes had been clear.

But, I felt it on my already tenderized butt.


On alternate checks and then on both


Dad stayed with me a long time; until I stopped crying.  He then kissed me on the forehead and told me that I had best get to sleep.

I turned around and hugged and even kissed him.  "I love you dad."  He stayed around until I was ready for bed and tucked me in.  I really knew that I had been spanked all night and for the rest of the week.  But one though never came into my mind – resentment.  Cause and effect was important.  I had agreed to a contract like a man, rather than being bossed about like a little boy, and failure invoked a penalty.

The guys noticed my butt in gym and teased me about it.  They did not believe me when I told them I deserved it and asked for it.

About once a month both Jeremy and I messed up in a minor way.  Then we used the paddle on each other rather than ask our dads or Chuck.  It was strange to do such a thing but we both learnt that it was not fun hurting your buddy even if he really and truly deserved a paddling.

It also was very helpful to know that our parents knew that we were fucking each other (and Chuck also).  They told us that your sexuality is what it is and you have to go with it.  It is a lot easier to study when your not pulling your dick all the time.

Our final report cards were great.  We each got four A's again and a B was in PE.  We were able to work out better rules for the summer than our friends managed since we showed that we could be grown up.  We expect to have similar rules next term.

Oh, one other thing.  We both stopped shaving in mid-June and our pubes are growing nicely.  We both have five o'clock shadows now and soon we'll have nice bushes.  And it not coming in one hair at a time but all at once.  The guys are going to be real surprised when we go skinny dipping later this summer.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., December 31, 2001

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