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The following story is fiction about UK style caning.  The story contains scenes of school boy canings in public.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this after seeing a picture of the event described in a co-ed school in South Africa.  Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Full Moon at High Noon


It was a bright sunny day and most of the pupils of Bury St. Johns,  a minor public school, were in the quad enjoying the day before the start of the afternoon classes.  Three of them, however, had exceeded the bounds of acceptable behaviour and were soon to be quite uncomfortable.

Arrowsmith had succumbed the foolish dare of his mates.  He had dropped his grey school shorts and bent over to display a wide expanse of blazing white pants to all who cared (and also those who did not) to look, especially Tessmer who preserved the image for prosperity with his smart phone.  Ingels, his best mate found it exceeding amusing and was laughing loudly.

Smyth-ffarrah, the Head Boy, was not (as the Queen once said) amused in the least.  Smyth-ffarrah quickly walked over to Tessmer and demanded his phone.  Ingels saw this but it was late to warn Arrowsmith or even to escape.  "We're in trouble." was all he could say before Smyth-ffarrah was there with Tessmer in tow.

"At least you don't have any skid marks on your regulation pants, Arrowsmith."  Arrowsmith struggled to pull up his shorts but Smyth-ffarrah continued: "Don't bother to pull them up, they will be coming down right in a couple of minutes.  The three of you just get over to the wall and wait."  No longer were the three smiling as they rushed to follow orders not daring to anger Smyth-ffarrah any more and risk being sent to the Head.  They well knew that they were required to face the wall and put their hands on their heads as they awaited their doom.

With the three fourth formers at the wall, the other students sensed that something interesting was about to happen and gathered around like sharks homing in when they smell blood from an injured fish.  The gathering students parted as a lowly fag rushed to Smyth-ffarrah with the cane that he had been dispatched to fetch.  Once Smyth-ffarrah held the cane, a brief lecture followed about the proper decorum in the school which finished up with "… since you don't seem to have understood what was said by the Headmaster in Chapel last week perhaps you will understand the message better delivered by a cane."© YLeeCoyote

"Arrowsmith four steps back, lower your pants and bend over."  Arrowsmith was slow, so he got some encouragement.  "No need to be shy, Arrowsmith, you were exhibiting yourself just a few minutes ago."  The lad did not have any choice but to be forced to moon most of his schoolmates.  Smyth-ffarrah got into the proper position, took a couple of warmup swishes and then proceeded to thrash the bare bum being presented.  Smyth-ffarrah was exceedingly thorough placing the fifth stroke diagonally over the first four equally spaced and parallel tracks and then the sixth right in the super sensitive crease where bum becomes leg.  It must be noted that Arrowsmith took the six of very best most stoically for he did yell.  Being kind, Smyth-ffarrah used the confiscated phone to record his artistic endeavour on the living canvas provided.

With Arrowsmith still bent over showing Smyth-ffarrah's handiwork, Tessmer was ordered to get into position to suffer the same fate.  He, too, was required to remain on display and was recorded.

It was now Ingels's turn.  This provided an additional twist for he was wearing non-regulation underpants.  As soon as Smyth-ffarrah spotted them, there was an additional order.  "Step out of your pants and give them to me.  Trunks, especially those with a paisley design, are not permitted.  That will cost you an additional three."

Ingels was horrified – not only had he been exposed to most of the school, he was about to get nine of the best from a superb caner.  He just hoped that he would not embarrass himself as he bent over and grabbed his ankles and clenched his teeth.  Smyth-ffarrah was quite worked up about this for this was the first time to cane Ingels who he found irritating.  Smyth-ffarrah raised the cane and brought it down with a perfect wrist flick and Ingels howled from the pain.  Ingels was not sure he could endure another eight when the second red hot poker seared another tram line into his bum.  It was with great will power that he suppressed another yell.

Smyth-ffarrah was having troubles as well.  Pride in doing a job well meant not to overlap any cuts so he worked very carefully to achieve six perfectly parallel cuts on the bum with two diagonal crossing and the last one a killer in the crease.  He knew that he was being effective as he could hear Ingels whimpering as he endured his punishment.  Of course, the vicious ninth one in the crease caused him to howl.  Smyth-ffarrah was most pleased with the results.

"Remain in position until the bell.  This way everyone can enjoy your mooning." snapped Smyth-ffarrah certain that the mooning epidemic was over.

The school's site was overwhelmed later that evening when word quickly spread that about the images that Smyth-ffarrah had uploaded.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 4, 2014

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