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The following story is fiction.  It contain a scene of a spanking.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  Please note that I have not specified the gender of the two teens so that it is t/t of any sort that you might like.

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Goldie's Full Moon Problem


It was that time of the month again.  Mary Bruin was particularly irritated while Joe and Kris, the young one, were also pretty touchy.  The sun, their salvation from the monthly curse, was starting to rise as they ambled on all fours back to their woodland cottage.  Conversely, the moon was setting.

Joe was sure that he had secured the door when they went out but there was no denying that it was wide open now.  Entering it was evident that they had had visitors while they were out.  The place was a mess.  A chair was broken and empty beer bottles were strewn about.  The bed shared by Mary and Joe was quite a mess and the used condoms on the floor left little doubt about why.  A band of teens had been partying here.  There was no doubt that it was teens for one of them still was sleeping in Kris' bed.

Joe shook the lingerer wake.  Upon seeing the three bears, Goldie (as they found out latter) screamed and started to flee.  Goldie did not get very far.  After slipping on a beer bottle Goldie was caught in Kris's arms.  Goldie suddenly found out what in loco parentis actually means.  Mary and Joe alternated lecturing the child while Kris restrained the frightened teen.  A full grown bear standing on his hind legs is a most imposing lecturer. © by Y Lee Coyote

Goldie made apologies and begged for forgiveness.

When his parents finished Kris said firmly:  "I know what would happen to me!  It was my bed and my chair."© YLeeCoyote

Kris sat down and with tacit parental approval took charge.  Jeans and underwear were lowered and Goldie turned overlap.  Kris got a tight grip on Goldie's waist, raised an arm and brought a paw down on target.


"OOOOOOOWWWWWWW" howled Goldie for the first time.

As Kris spanked Goldie, the target bottom turned bright red and there was howling worthy of a banshee.  After a while Mary stopped Kris who pulled up the miscreant's jeans.  Goldie seized the opportunity to escape.  Joe stopped Kris from chasing with a simple "Good riddance."

Within the hour, the moon's curse faded as the sun filled the world with its wholesome light and heat.

Later, they were all outside enjoying the sun.  Joe was reading the paper, Mary knitting and Kris doing homework when Goldie's father with his naughty child in tow came up to the gate in the little picket fence.

"They sure don't look like bears to me, Goldie."

"But Papa, there were three bears here.  Honest."

"Do you want another spanking for lying?"  Then he turned to the residents.  "Mr. and Mrs. Bruin, (reading the name on the mailbox) I've come to apologize for the terrible and shameful behavior of my naughty child." © by Y Lee Coyote

Then Mr. Bruin explained what they had found and Goldie's father paid for the damages.  He also thanked them for dealing with his errant child.  As they left, Goldie was told that the grounding would last at least three months and with an early curfew for even longer.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 6, 2000

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