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There was newsgroup thread about buying brushes on-line for our favorite sport which made me think of some options that existed when the representatives of the Fuller Brush Company sold their product door-to-door.  Maybe not all change is progress.

The following story is fiction.  It contain a scene of parental spankings.  If such a subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

The Fuller Brush Salesman Calls


Mrs. Mary Smith was at her wit's end.  One of the twins, four, was sick and she thought that she was probably coming down with the same cold.  Things were more frantic than usual because her sister decided that Mary's house was perfect place to leave Johnny, nine, and Helen, eight, to play with her own big ones – Jill, ten, and Tommy, nine, this rainy weekday.  It had been a very long day with fights and yelling, spills and knock overs to last a long time.  To put it simply, Mary was frazzled beyond belief.

When the doorbell added its racket to the existing pandemonium she decided that it was the last straw.  She discovered the Fuller Brush door-to-door salesman with a cheerful smile and proffering a small brush as a free gift and a catalog as he stepped in uninvited preventing her from closing the door.

"We have brushes for your every need that last practically forever.  For your clothes, for your hair, for your floors, for your teeth, for your every need." he started his pitch.

Mary cut him off by yelling at Johnny and Tommy to leave the girls alone and then to the interloper: "I got all of those that I need.  What I need a brush to sweep away these fights and racket.  You got one of those, Mr. Fuller Brush Man?" she asked sarcastically.

The salesman smiled broadly.  "Yes, indeed I do, Madam.  I have exactly what you need."  He proceed into the house and sat down on the simple chair in the dinning room and dug into his case.  Six pairs of eyes were all watching closely as he held up a traditional oval headed hairbrush.  "This is our most popular model and is dual purpose.  It is excellent for brushing the beautiful tresses of the young ladies and, if I may be so bold, of your own.  It is also incomparable in instilling respect and obedience into overly rambunctious children such as surround us.  Would you like me to demonstrate?"© YLeeCoyote

With a sigh, Mary agreed.  If nothing else, the visitor was entertaining the kids enough to keep them quiet for the nonce.

"John, Thomas come here."  The two boys obeyed the forceful stranger not knowing what awaited them.  He proceeded to lecture them and even got them to confess that they had been told many time not to harass the girls and to be quieter in their play.  "Tom, you just stand there and wait your turn." he said as he started to unbuckle Johnny's belt and lowered his jeans and Spiderman briefs to his ankles.

Johnny was, as you would expect, protesting this indignity to his person but to no avail.  The girls were quite amused by it.  A couple of pulls and yanks the boy was laying over the man's lap and held in place with his left hand.

"Note, Ma'am, how the lad is paying full attention to me and we have barely begun."  The man raised his arm and the hairbrush came crashing down on the bare bottom with a loud smack.

Johnny yelled.  The hairbrush was raised and crashed down on the other cheek.  "You will not harass the girls and you will do as you're told; understand, boy?"

"Yes, sir, Yes." promised Johnny very promptly.

"This will help you to remember, boy." he said followed by a hail of hits on the now red bottom.  Johnny was now crying loudly.

Johnny was stood up and Tommy replaced him over the salesman's lap and he was spanked to the same crying state.

"I hope that you will behave better in the future, boys." he said as they sobbed and rubbed their flaming cheeks, now quite indifferent to their exposure.  The girls were giggling at seeing their brother and cousin naked and crying.

"This is not a laughing matter, girls.  You are not so innocent.  Jill at ten you know better that to tease the boys and run around so noisily."

"Yes, mother; I'm sorry."

"You could benefit from a spanking also, young lady."

"No, mother, please…."

Her protests were not any more effective than those of the boys and the Salesman reached out and dropped her jeans and Supergirl panties before pulling her over his lap.  This was more than sufficient entertainment to get the boys to stop crying so that they could watch closely.  After five whacks, Jill was bawling and probably could not hear the injunctions to be good when she got another five.

Helen, the littlest one, was crying even before her jeans and Wonder Woman panties were lowered.  A half dozen had her bawling like her big cousin.

The demonstration complete, the salesman lined the red-bottomed miscreants up along the staircase and ordered them to study the wall until told different.  "As you can see, ma'am, it is quite effective and very reasonably priced."

"I'll take it." Mary said reaching into the closet for her purse.  "Make that two; my sister needs one also."

Johnny and Helen groaned knowing that even back home they would be at risk.

"Of course, ma'am.  I'll get another from my car."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 8, 2002

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