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Fun at the Beach


Amy, twenty-two, was left to watch her nephew Timmy, ten, and her niece Jill, twelve, while their dad (her brother-in-law John) went to get some stuff on the boardwalk.  The kids were playing in the surf when a big wave caught Timmy and knocked him under the water.  Amy was not watching very closely for she was much more interested in the college hunks going back and forth on the beach.

When she looked back at the water and Timmy was acting strangely.  Then she realized why Jill and a couple of other girls were making noise.  Timmy had lost his trunks and the girls were taunting him with cries of "Shame!  Shame!" and rubbing their forefingers together in the babyish sign for shame.  Amy thought this was all great fun, although Timmy just tried to hide in the water.  Amy thought it so much fun, that she joined in with the three twelve year old girls yelling and signing at her tearful nephew.

Just then dad returned.  He dropped the stuff he had brought and ran to his son.  As he passed the taunting girls he snarled at them: "STOP THAT!  NOW!!"  Such was his command presence that the four of them stopped their mocking instantly.  The two strange girls ran off.  Amy did not know what to do so she returned to their blanket.  Jill stood frozen at the waters edge.

"Are you OK, Timmy?"

"Yes, dad.  A wave just took my trunks away."© YLeeCoyote

"I don't care about the trunks, son; they are easily replaced but your mother and I had a lot of trouble finding you in the mall."  They both laughed.  "I'm sure your model is out of production now."

"Come on, pop, you know that I know that it was the stork that brought me."  They laughed some more.

"Jill, I'm very disappointed in you.  Give me your bathing suit."

Jill was shocked.  Did her father expect her to be naked – like her little brother – on the beach now that she was almost a teenager?  Did he want her to die of mortification and shame?  She did not move.  Also, although she negotiated that she would not longer be spanked on the bare by her father just a few months ago, that was the tone he used in that horrid situation.

"Young lady, you will regret it if I have to say it again."  That was the definitive phase.  She knew when those words were used she had better shut up and obey her father unquestioningly.  She unhooked her top and as she removed it heard: "Give it to Timmy."  Timmy was smiling as he saw his sisters titties in the bright sun.  Actually there was not much to see.  Jill was still was flat as a boy.  Actually, flatter than one with muscles.  She stood still and her father pointed at her bottom.

She slipped her fingers into the waist band and lowered them turning pink and then red all over.  Timmy put his hand out for them and she gave them to him.

"She stopped laughing, Tim."

"Maybe she doesn't think it funny now, dad."  Of course, through all of this, Timmy was looking at the parts of his sister that she always hid from him.  Jill not really interested in the view she had of her naked brother at the moment.  The two males walked back to the blanket while Jill ran into the water to hide.

"Amy, you should be ashamed of yourself – acting like a twelve year old.  I'll deal with you later.  Timmy, that was pretty funny, wasn't it?"

Timmy though a bit before answering, "I guess it was but it was the mocking that made it bad.  Jill's seen me naked before.  It was the nastiness that bothered me."

"What do you think is a reasonable punishment for your sister?"

"Well she naked now so that's a good punishment.  But she should apologize for taunting me."  Timmy did not want to encourage his father to do more spanking.  He already thought (knew!) that he had too many spankings.

"JILL, COME HERE."  That was the call that Jill was dreading to hear.  She had hoped that her bathing suit would be returned or at least a towel, hopefully by her aunt or at least her little staring brother.  She walked back holding her hands in front of her crotch hoping that no one would notice her.  She was hoping to get to the blanket and sit down to hide her nakedness as best that she could.  She was not permitted to do that for her father told her to stop just before she reached the blanket.  Then she was required to put her hands at her sides, fully exposing her (immature) female charms to both her father and brother who were sitting on the blanket.  This was the position she had to assume before she was spanked.

"Father, I'm sorry but please don't spank me here but please wait until we get home." pleaded Jill and she then added "And, please, may I have my suit back?"

"Why do you think you should be spanked, Jill?"

"Because I was cruel to Timmy.  Timmy, I'm really sorry; I did not think.  You did not do anything to be ashamed of.  Please forgive me."

By now Jill's two acquaintances and a couple of small boys were watching making Jill very uncomfortable and thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated.  She was about to die of shame when Tim yelled at them: "You had your look, now get out of here."  Surprisingly, they did much to Jill relief.

"Thank you, Timmy." Jill said to her little brother, truly sincere for a change.

Timmy smiled at his sister but before he could speak, their dad did.  "We have a little problem, Jill.  Even if you don't get spanked until we get home, you can not get dressed until you get your spanking under the rules.  Also, I promised that I won't spank you bare any more now that you're on the verge of becoming a woman."  Jill had no idea what dad was thinking.  Timmy was also puzzled for spanking was not on the agenda until Jill asked for one.

After a pause, dad spoke again.  "I know, Tim can spank you now and then it will all be over."  It was not clear who was more shocked – Jill or Timmy.  "Do you think that you can do the job, Tim?"

"Yes, father."  Tim knew that he was not required to really spank his sister but since she had asked for a spanking he would be most happy to oblige.  A loving brother always is nice to his sister and tries to give her what she wants.  "Over here, Jill" he said smiling and patting his lap.

Jill was in a quandary.  She did not see any out.  If she did not get over her younger brother's lap dad was likely to spank her here and now.  Cautiously, Jill laid down across her brother's out stretched legs with her weight supported by the sand.  Tim caressed her cute little girl's butt for the first time.  "How many, dad?"

"That's up to you, son."

The completely blushing young lady just waited as Tim raised his hand and brought it down hard on her right cheek right in the center.  "OW!" interjected Jill surprised at the force of the blow.  SPANK, SPANK, SPANK went Tim's hand although not as hard as the first time.  He enjoyed the hand prints that were forming on his sister's butt.  He knew where the sensitive spots were.  The next set of four spanks got Jill right in the crease.  Medium hard and rapid they got through to her.  She pleaded, earnestly, for Tim to stop.  She promised.  Tim moved back to the center of each cheek and gave her a few more light spanks.

Then he stopped.  He would have loved to continue; to make her into a bawling baby for all the times she was mean to him.  He was sure that he could do that just like his father did to them both.  He was equally certain that his father would not approve.  He rubbed the hot, red cheeks a little.  "Jill, is that enough?  Is that really enough?"

Jill thought about how much she got when her parents spanked her and how she had gotten just a few from her little brother.  Her father would never believe that she honestly felt that this was enough.  "No, it is not enough."

Tim gave her a couple more hard spanks – one on each cheek and said: "I think that is enough, father."

"It is up to you, son."

"You may get up, Jill" said Tim sweetly.

"May I have my suit back, please, father?"

"I don't have it, Jill."

"May I have my suit back, please, Tim?"

"Of course, Jill.  You really do look silly being naked like a three year old at your age."

As she put it on, she said; "Thank you, Tim."

Jill was one very subdued young lady for the rest of the day.

You have a choice of two endings.  The first one follows immediately and is low humiliation.  Then the second ending which is high humiliation.  Click to jump to it.

Low humiliation ending

Because their aunt was staying the week, Timmy and Jill were sharing one bedroom so that Amy could have her own room in the beach house.  As part of the hot air heating system (for those chilly nights) there was a common air duct serving both of these bedrooms making them an eavesdropper's delight.

Jill took advantage of the few minutes before Aunt Amy went to bed to talk to her brother.  She thanked him for being so gentle with his spanking and not mocking her for being naked on the beach.  She also promised to be more considerate in the future.  She did confess that it was funny that he lost his swim suit and Tim agreed.  It was the mocking that was upsetting he explained.  He also promised to be more considerate of his sister.

Just then they heard Amy slam her door.  It was immediately re-opened by their parents who were yelling at her.  The kids were immediately mesmerized.  Their parents were treating Amy as if she was just a kid.  "You're not going to spank me." yelled Amy.  "I'm not a kid."

"You're suppose to lead the kids not follow them."

"Beside you weren't going to spank Jill."  Jill was shocked.  She looked at Tim who nodded and indicated that she should stay quiet.

"I spanked you when you were a kid.  You're going to get it again for acting like a kid today." snapped their mother.  Tim and Jill looked at each other in amazement.

"Get those pants off or I'll rip them off, YOUNG LADY." ordered their father.

"And your panties too, Amy Ann Carter." ordered their mother.

"Lean over the bed." commanded their father.

Then they heard their dad's belt smack against Amy's butt with a loud WHACK!! followed by yell from Amy.  Then were another twenty-one WHACKS!! and another twenty-one yells.  Their parents left the room and all they heard was Amy bawling.

Click to continue with the end of the story or continue reading with the other version.
The two endings rejoin at the


High humiliation ending

It was over dinner that the situation came to a head.  When Amy's sister, Pat, heard about the day's events she was furious.  It was after some talk that Pat finally said:

"Amy you acted like a child and we shall punish you like child just like I did in the past.  John please give her that spanking she so richly desires."

"Don't be silly, Pat, I'm adult.  You can't spank me." snapped Amy.  "Beside you were not even going to spank Jill."

"Amy, at twenty-two you are expected to maintain higher standards than a twelve year old girl.  You're suppose to lead the kids not to follow them.  You got plenty of spankings and strappings in the past from me and you are going to get another one – TODAY.  And just like in the past in front of the entire family."

Timmy and Jill were speechless.  Were their parents going to spank their aunt?  Spank her in front of them?  Treat her, an adult, just like another child?  Amy was horrified.  She started to run from the room but John grabbed her.

"For running, you're going to get the strap also, YOUNG LADY!"  With that he ripped open her shorts and let them fall to her ankles.  Hobbled by them, she could not run and could hardly walk.  He dragged her over to the couch and flipped her over the end with her butt sticking up.  Amy was so shocked that she was frozen.  As John removed his belt, Pat took hold of her baby sister's panties and yanked them down to join her shorts at her ankles.  Then Pat removed the shoes, shorts and panties completely.  Both Tim and Jill had a direct view of their aunt's upturned naked butt from where they were sitting.

John raised his doubled belt and brought it crashing down on the waiting bottom hard.  WHACK!!!  Amy yelled.  As the red stripe appeared, the belt came crashing down a second time with the identical results.  As his aunt kicked her legs in response to the pain, Tim could see her hairy slit flashing him.  After the fifth WHACK!!, John asked: "Are you ready for your spanking now, Amy?"

"Yes, please don't whip me any more.  Please spank me, John."

"Get up and come here."  John ordered as he pulled out a plain chair.  When Jill got to him, he removed her blouse and then her bra.  She was now naked in front of the entire family just as she had been as a child.  Just as Jill had been on the beach that afternoon.  Just as Tim had been.  John sat down and pulled Jill over his lap.

As he lectured her about respect for others he spanked her very thoroughly.  Her bottom was soon a solid crimson red and seemed to be on fire.  Her sobbing turned into crying and then she was blubbering like a baby.  Through all of this, Timmy and Jill watched in amazement.  Not only was this a more extreme spanking than either had ever experienced (fortunately) or even seen before but it was of an adult.  Then, still as naked as when she was born, Amy was parked in the corner to contemplate her transgressions.

After she was in the corner for an hour, Pat asked her if she was ready to apologize.  Amy was horrified, but she knew that she must do things like she had to when she was still a child.  She took a few minutes and finally was about to face her sister and brother-in-law.  "I'm sorry that I set a bad example for the children."  Then she asked if she may get dressed.

"Amy, you have not finished apologizing.  Not only did you set a bad example for the children but you also mocked Tim." stated Pat simply.  Amy gulped.  She knew that she must now stand naked in front of the two kids and humble herself.

She went first to Jill.  She had hoped that this would be easier than with Timmy for surely another female would not stare at her "shame".  She was very wrong for Jill had never seen a mature female naked before.  She had never seen a hairy beaver before.  As her aunt struggled to apologize for being a bad example, Jill stared directly at her cunt.

Apology accepted, Aunt Amy." said Jill as she had been taught wondering if her pussy was going to look like that soon.

Then the worse part of everything.  Apologizing to Timmy.  Apologizing to her ten year old nephew while having to stand before him – starkers, and humble herself while he could look directly at her female parts.  Stare at her with the naive intensity of an innocent ten year old boy.  The very same boy that she diapered some eight years ago.  All she could say was: "I'm sorry Timmy."

Before Timmy could respond, Pat cut in.  "Amy, you know you have to be much more specific than that.  You must confess your transgression completely."

Amy gulped.  After a minute to try to compose herself, with Timmy gawking at her and everyone waiting, "Timmy, I sorry that I made fun of you at the beach.  You did nothing shameful although I did.  Please forgive me.  I'm sorry.  I'm really sorry."

Tim stood up and pulled his aunt down and toward him.  As he hugged her and gave her a kiss her tits bumped up against his T-shirt.  He whispered to her "I love you, Aunt Amy." and patted her hot bottom.  As he went to his bedroom, he said: "Goodnight all."

Jill said a hasty goodnight and also went off.  She had a pressing question that she was afraid to ask in front of everyone.

"WOW, she really got it, Jill." said Timmy.

"She sure did.  Tim, was Aunt Jill right about dad not planing to spank me at the beach?"

"Yes, dad and I talked about what was reasonable punishment and spanking was not mentioned.  Well, not until you asked for a spanking.  Of course, if you don't think I spanked you enough I can do it some more.  All you really had to do was apologize nicely."  Tim said laughing.  Jill groaned.

A little later, Tim spoke.  "I learnt something today.  The world did not end when you saw my cock nor when I saw your cunt on the beach.  Neither of us went blind nor turned into toads."

Then he turned, pulled down his pj's and mooned his sister.  They both laughed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., March 2, 2000

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