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Goldilocks and the Three You-Know-Whats


Goldie was a was a disadvantaged child.  She never even knew who her father was for she was the result of a quicky in the meadow one afternoon.  Her single teen mother never even knew his name.  Then, inexplicitly, as she was finishing those complex changes that start with puberty and end with adolescence, her mother threw her out of the pitiful cave she called home.  She was driven out with naught but the one thing that she could call her own – a golden fur coat.

She wandered in the forest alone; scared and always hungry.  She survived on the meager diet that she could scrounge up by herself – berries and grubs.  On a very good day she might find the remains of wolf's kill and have a little meat that she could scrape from the bones before the crows and bugs got it.  Life was hard; the forest very scary and dangerous.  Many were the wolverines and wolves and mountain lions that saw her as dinner rather than a beautiful lass to love.  She especially missed the fresh salmon that her mother would catch and share.

It was a dark and stormy night with harsh and bone chilling winds driving the sleet that gushed from the sky.  She was exceeding cold, hungry and miserable as she wandered the forest.  She stepped into a clearing and saw the strange cave for the first time.  It must be magical she thought for it glowed in the dark.  She approached cautiously and, after a time, was at the entrance.  It was bright like the meadow was in midsummer when Great Daytime Globe was high above.  The light was coming from the far end was the only thing moving.  She had never seen the like before. © by Y Lee Coyote

If she had not been so cold and hungry, she would have fled the magical place.  She entered cautiously.  The wind driven sleet remained outside.  The flickering light was also warm like the Great Daytime Globe.  She approached and shook her coat out and basked in the pleasant heat.  It felt so good to be warm again.  Really good for now she could smell food.  Again she investigated.  On the raised platform there were three bowls.  It was too high for her to reach but there were strange trees to use as steps.  She got on one and it toppled over and shattered like a dead sapling.  She tried another and then could get on the platform.  She took a taste of the first one and it burnt her tongue.  The second one happily cooled the burn but was icky.  The third was just right and she ate it all up.  She licked the bowl clean and as she finished it slipped off the platform and smashed on the hard earth floor.  She would have liked to eat some more but there was nothing else.

Now that she was warm and dry she realized how tired she was.  She went back to the beds that she noticed before.  The big one was filled with hard and scratchy twigs covered with a thin fur robe.  The middle one was full of feathers.  When she pressed it she practically sank into it.  The littlest one was made of nice pine needles and a fur robe.  There was a little doll in it also that looked like her little sister.  Goldie got into this bed and snuggled down with the doll.  Soon she was in never, never land.© YLeeCoyote

As Goldie slumbered, the storm abated and the owners of the house returned.  As they entered the clearing, very near to where Goldie had, the man spoke angrily to his son.  "I told you to close and latch the door, boy."  Junior knew that he was going to get a paddling when they got home.  He wished that he could stay out for a while but he knew that would be worse.  It would be best to go ahead and hand his father the paddle immediately.  His father was very big on accepting responsibility for one's actions.

He entered the house first and went directly to get the paddle from the wall.  As his parents entered he handed his father the weapon.  His mother shrieked when she saw the mess – the broken chair and smashed bowl – the muddy foot prints and that something was in junior's bed.  Dad wasted no time and swung the paddle hard on the lump in Junior's bed.

Goldie howled in pain as the paddle contacted her rump.  She jumped up and all four were scared and shocked.  Dad bravely stepped forward and swung the paddle again.  Goldie growled and dashed for the still open door and ran back into the forest as fast as her four legs would carry her.  Junior slammed the door shut and latched it.  Mother sighed with relief.  Dad sat in his chair.

"Junior get your butt over here, pronto." he yelled.

"Yes, Sir." Junior responded as he dashed to his angry father's side.  He opened his belt and jeans and let then fall.  One glance at his father and he knew that his briefs must also go.  Then he leaned over his father's lap without a word.

Dad gripped him tightly about the waist and tapped his bottom with the paddle.  Then he began to paddle him soundly.

Five minutes latter Junior did not care that Goldilocks had smashed his chair for he was in no condition to sit.  Beside he was stuck in the corner for some time.

Goldie never went near another house and gave that particular house of the three people a very wide berth.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 13, 2000

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