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Gavin's Butt Is Red – Again


Mason and I were alone in my house.  Dad was at work and Mom out with her girl friends (as she called them).  Most important was that my twelve-year-old sister was at some after school thing.  We were downstairs in the family room watching some 'educational' videos on the big screen TV and checking that each other's junk was working properly.  We both had just cum – absolutely fantastic cums – when there was a flash of light.

"That's amazing." squeaked my spying kid sister Susan.  "They never said anything like that happened in sex ed."

We both covered up with the towels we had to clean up with.  "What the hell are you doing home?  You're supposed to be at school."

She ignored the question.  "That was amazing.  And your thingys are much bigger than the last time I saw them."  Hell, that was five years ago when we were ten and playing naked in the sprinkler on a super hot day.  "Can you do that again?  I want to see it again and I'm sure that Irma would love to also.  Live is so much better than a picture."

"I certainly would love to see it live." said Irma as she walked in with a great big grin.© YLeeCoyote

I looked at my buddy and silently we agreed that we were fucked and not in the good way.  "You have to delete those images." we both said almost in unison.

The girls laughed.  We grabbed their phones and started to delete the stuff.  They laughed some more.  "It's too late, guys.  I've sent it to my cloud storage where it is safe." said Irma.  "Give us back our phones and stop covering up.  We want to see more."

"And examine your stuff fully.  It's certainly a lot more interesting than the babies we've seen.  Get your hands out of the way." added my sister as they stepped closer.  They had us trapped and knew it.  We just waited.

Susan went for Mason and Irma for me.  They were most interested and studied us closely commenting on how much bigger we were than years ago and even having pubes.  Despite that we were worried we were hard as they were real girls' hands fondling us.  I began to have thoughts that things were not so bad.  I quickly learnt that was premature.

"You know that you were very naughty boys." said Irma.

"You know that you are due spankings." added my evil sister.  They let that settle a bit before continuing their attack.  "We can tell the folks or you can get over our laps.  They'll love the video and hearing about how you took our phones."

Mason was faster on the up take then I.  "So if you spank us you won't tell and delete the video?"

"Yes and no." they responded.  Susan dashed out saying she had to get something.  Mason and I conferred.  Reluctantly we accepted the deal and made sure the details were clear.  My sister sat down and called Mason to get over her lap.  She started with her hand and I was surprised at how hard she hit based on the sound and how her hand prints formed on the target.  After a few minutes, Mason's tail was rosy and Susan switched to the hairbrush which she had just fetched.  The hairbrush whacks were definitely much more painful and Mason reacted appropriately.  He was sobbing with a red-hot end by the time she stopped.

Now it was my turn and Irma got me over her lap.  It was not a pleasant feeling but I was trapped.  Just like Susan had with Mason she started with hand spanks and reminding me that I was just a naughty little boy.  I really felt them.  They sounded as hard as Mason got but I knew it was going to get much worse.  I imagined my butt turning fiery red.

Then Irma switched to the hairbrush and that really made a painful impact.  Over and over the brush, a.k.a. a mini paddle, made forceful contact with my bottom.  It really hurt and I certainly was turning 'painful red' as well as yelling some.  The worst was that I not only sobbed but actually cried before she stopped.

The girls lectured us about behaving properly before allowing us to dress.  I sensed and feared that this was not the end of such things.  It was but a few days before I was, unfortunately, proven right.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few days later when the 'rents went out leaving my brother and me alone.  Actually Gavin went out for while to visit with Mason but returned after his curfew.  I decided to call him on this not that it mattered one bit to him or to me but our parents cared.

When I told him he was late he retorted "So what.  Who cares?"

"I personally don't but the folks do and if they had called you would have jeopardized us staying alone."  I wouldn't have told for that very reason but I decided to scare big bro and continued with "I'll give you a choice – take a spanking from me now or I'll tell."

He scoffed at me but did not realize that I was buffing and soon gave in.  I took him to his room picking up my wide back, heavy hairbrush.  Gavin was not happy when I started to undress him but I reminded him that I and Irma had examined him just a few days ago so there was not anything to be modest or shy about.  It was great fun (at least for me) stripping him.  His thingy was soft at first but a quick touch and it jumped to attention like a new enlistee suddenly seeing the general as she turned the corner.

I sat on the bed and pulled him over my lap.  It was a pleasure to see his tight butt awaiting my hand and hairbrush.  I could not help recalling seeing him over Irma's lap and crying after she spanked him.  That gave me a goal.  "Naughty little boys get spanked!" I declared and started to spank.  I put my all into it and was delighted seeing my hand prints on his bottom.  I wished I could have taken a picture but I just continued spanking hard until his tail was nice and red.

I switched to the hairbrush.  The impacts were much more effective and I even saw the hairbrush print on top of the pale red he had turned.  After a couple of a dozen hard spanks, he was red and whimpering.  I was delighted and hoped I would make him cry.  "Naughty little boys get spanked!" I repeated as I spanked and spanked hard.  His whimpers turned into sobs and I continued until he was crying to my great delight.  I made him do some corner time just for the fun of it and got a picture with his glowing little boy bottom.

After putting my phone away and a few more minutes of corner time I called him out.  He was erect and did not try to hide it from me remembering I had seen it all.  "That's very nice.  Show me how nicely it squirts." I said softly so not to sound too bossy.  He smiled, got some lube from his drawer and did exactly that.  It was very, er, interesting and happened in just a couple of minutes.  We said good night.

I'm sure he slept on his tummy while I called Irma and we talked under the covers.  She was jealous that she had not been able to watch but the picture was some consolation.  She said it was good that I made him cry and to cum.  I felt very powerful and in charge.  Irma quoted her aunt who dominates males: "Once a male is spanked to tears by a female he never forgets how that female, in particular, is superior to him."  I was sure the events this day would change my brother's feeling to me.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm Susan's boyfriend Hal.  She a real bitchen girl unlike her asshole of a big brother who I see around school as he is two years ahead of me.  It's hard to believe that she has already spanked him a few times and even checked out his package.  Anyway, I was walking her home after school and as we got near to her house I noticed the garbage cans out for collection and thought how late the pickup was.  Not a good topic for conversation with one's girl until we got to her house when the situation changed.  "No garbage this week?" I joked not seeing their cans by the curb.

"Gavin forgot again!  Dad is going to be furious.  He'll probably ground him after roasting his sorry tail." she said.

That gave me an idea.  "I can take it out and then we (actually thinking of myself) can tan his butt.  Just video it so he'll have a choice of your dad or me with the belt."  She instantly agreed.  Fortunately they had a hand truck which made the task much easier and I finished just before the garbage truck arrived.

We discussed the details and were ready when Gavin got home.  We sent him out to put the cans back and then confronted him.  He was not happy and we emphasized that it was entirely up to him who roasted his worthless butt and when for his dad was away for a couple of days.  Of course, he chose not to wait and thus me.

"Get to your room and strip.  Leave your belt on the bed and wait in the corner with your hands on your empty head."  He did not look pleased so I reminded him that he still could choose to wait for his father to strap and ground him instead.  He shut up and followed my orders.

Immediately after I called him from the corner, he objected to Susan being there with her phone at the ready and I told him it was not his choice beside she had seen him naked a lot recently.  He had a nice heavy garrison belt which I folded double to use.  I had him bend over his desk chair which left room for me to swing the belt and Susan to record the action.

"I'm giving you fifteen – your age." I told him.  I got myself into position and swung the belt hard at his upturned ass.  It connected well with a loud report and it left a ​two inch​ (​five cm​) pink stripe on his tail.  He gave a howl but forgot to count.  I repeated the action with the same results.  "You need to count, boy." I reminded him.

I swung again and after his yell he crocked "Three."

"You start at one." I barked and swung again.  This time he got it right.  He managed to count to fifteen as I turned his sorry butt into a blazing inferno.  It was a great joy I can report.

Susan and I left him to cry and to try to rub the pain away.  When we were in the family room reviewing the strapping she noticed how my pants were tented.  She enthusiastically opened my pants and immediately started to feel my hard pole.  Her curiosity lead her to lick it and then, to my great surprise and joy, suck it.  WOW!  It was our first try at this so was not the best possible BJ like I had heard raved about but I was too excited to care and quickly gave her a high protein snack.

It was nice to notice how Gavin was fidgeting at dinner knowing that I had roasted his tail.

It was a very good day (for me).

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 28, 2020

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