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Getting Even


On some days things work out just right and one feels great about it.  I had one of those days last week during school break.  It started right after I hauled the trash to the curb and headed down the block to see my girlfriend.  Joni is a really kewl chick and even though she is fourteen – a year older than I – she's still my girl.  The fly in the ointment is Dennis, her fifteen and half-year-old brother.  He got delusions of grandeur but he really is just a bully.  It's not the problem for me that it used to be now that I have grown hair down below and all that goes with it – like muscles.  Even though he is still bigger than I, I now have to balls to stand up to him and he leaves me alone.  He has been picking on Joni since, well, forever.  Cats and dogs get along better than Joni and Dennis.

Dennis was frequently nasty to his little sister over the years.  When they were little, it was very childish stuff like lifting her skirt or dress and laughing at her panties.  Sometime he even yanked them down especially when there were other kids around.  It was, at least for the boys, always good for a laugh.  She had to be very careful after the rain for he would trip or shove her so that she would get muddy.  When she was having a sleepover, he would often disrupt her slumber party by barging into the room and yelling especially when they were changing.  More recently, he would be an obnoxious pest and would hog the bathroom so that she would be late or not have time to do what was necessary.  All this, over many years, did not endear her to her big brother.  Their parents were not, alas, effective in restraining him.

One day I was waiting for Joni in her family room, when Dennis came into the room.  He grabbed the remote and switched the channel.  Now, I really did not give a damn about what I was watching but it would have been polite had he asked or something.  Well, I spoke up and he immediately got nasty and jumped me.  Since Dennis had four things that gave him an immediate advantage – height, weight, balls (yes, his had dropped) and surprise – I was soon on the floor.  He quickly got me prone and sat on my back and pretended that my butt was a pair of tom-toms and spanked me a bit.  Then he turned me over and sat on my chest and pinning my arms with his legs.  I was forced to look at his terrible grin or his package which, fortunately, was inside his jeans.  He was obviously enjoying this since he was hard.  He cupped his crotch and told me that I would like what was inside and then opened his belt.  He had gotten his zipper down and was about to lift his stuff over his briefs when Joni called from the top of the stairs.  He jumped up and closed up his jeans.

"Sure, we can watch channel 17 like you want, Colt." he cooed like he was being a nice guy.  I quickly split with Joni.© YLeeCoyote

On a hot August day last summer and both Pete and Kenny were at the pool.  They were only ten then and Dennis was fifteen.  He snuck up behind them and dunked both of them several times.  They were going to complain so he pulled off their swim suits so that they would be too embarrassed to get out.  He teased them for a long time and kept their suits.  They would have dived for them but he had them and said he would give them to the lifeguard saying he found them.  Only after they promised not to tell did he returned them.  He tried to spank them but could not do it under water.  He managed to give them a couple of spanks in the locker room, however.

Well back to last week.  I was delighted that Dennis was out when I got to Joni's.  It's always much nicer when he is elsewhere.  Joni and I greeted each other with some hugs and kisses.  Since we had the house to ourselves we could have gone all the way but we didn't.  We all have an understanding about waiting until we are really ready for it rather than a prohibition.  Our parents have figured out that we are alone enough that forbidden fruits will soon be tasted.  Joni has promised to tell me when she is ready and, in return, I promised not to push her.

I was most unromantic when I asked if this was her week for the wonderful chore of taking out the garbage.  "Because of the snow forecast and holiday, the pickup is today rather than tomorrow." I explained.

She laughed.  "Well, then Denny is going to be in big trouble when Dad gets home because it his week.  He missed it three times in the last three months.  Not only did Dad promise him a good hard strapping but he'll be grounded also."  As you can tell, Joni did not like her brother and was delighted that he was trouble and even though he didn't know it yet.

I asked if she had gotten permission to stay out late for the party in a couple of days and she hadn't so I pointed out that it would not be good if her folks were mad at her brother.  "Their anger might rub off on you.  I'll take the cans out and this evening we can deal with Dennis.  Either he submits to a strapping from me or we tell your Dad."  We had a great day downtown.

We were astonished that when Dennis returned he saw the cans by the curb and took care of them.  He was surprised that his 'rents were not home and expressed relief and thanks when we told him that they did not know about his forgetting his chores for the fourth time in three months.  He just did not know what to say or do.  He was thrilled that he thought he had gotten away with something.


Denny turned white in shock.  He babbled like a baby but the food delivery came and we ate.  He ate less than he normally did.

Then Dennis had to decide – get strapped by me or strapped and grounded by his dad.  He asked how many and Joni promised no more than a dozen but it would depend on how he behaved.

Let me digress to explain that Mr. Clayton spend three years in a Scottish Public school when his father was working in Glasgow and learnt about their most efficient instrument of disciplining errant school boys – the tawse – so he got one to use on Dennis.  He said that he knew it was most effective from personal experience.

Dennis was up in his room presumably working on some excuses while Joni and I stayed downstairs and watched a movie.  We knew that it would be better for us if we told Mr. Clayton before Dennis confessed.  When their 'rents got home they wanted to know how things were and if there had been any trouble.  "Only one thing, Sir, I said.  Dennis forgot the garbage and we took it to the curb."  Mr. Clayton was puzzled a bit and I reminded him of the notice in the local paper a couple of days before with the special snow and holiday pick up schedule.  He was, as expected, most angry and immediately summoned Dennis to his den.  Usually, these sort of things take place with the door closed but, Dennis entered the torture cham…, er, den first and Mr. Clayton did not close the door so we could watch.

Dennis was evasive at first which certainly did not do him any good and soon confessed.  His dad was most angry and ordered him to strip.  Joni and I grinned at each other for he usually just had to drop his pants and briefs and bend over.  Denny was down to his briefs when he realized that the door was open and asked permission to close it.  That was another mistake for he was told NO most emphatically.  When he was naked he was led into the hallway and told to invite us to watch.  It was so coy the way he held his hands in front of his stuff.  Only then was he ordered to bend over a chair and present his bottom for his well-earned spanking.

Mr. Clayton then found his position and proceeded to deliver eight hard strokes with the medium weight tawse which he kept in his desk.  Joni and I happily watched as Denny's little butt turned fiery red and Denny was sobbing.  The errant little boy was consigned to a corner of the hall for a half hour to contemplate his forgetfulness.  Since he had to keep his hands on his head, he could not even rub.  There was a soft red glow in the hall that half hour.

When the half hour was over Mr. Clayton called his red-tailed son into the den and lectured him a lot.  "I'm sick and tired of you forgetting your chores.  From now on, taking out the garage is YOUR responsibility for the next three months.  No more every other week which is apparently too difficult for you to remember.  Also, to help you remember you are to do your twice weekly shaves on the same day."  Joni and I looked at each other as we did not understand that at all until Mr. Clayton explained.  "Until you prove that you can remember that, you are also to shave your pubis on the same schedule.  If, in three months you haven't forgotten you will be allowed pubes again."

It required great self control by both Joni and me not to cheer when we heard that.  Denny was so proud of his pubes and now all his classmates would see that he had lost them.  That surely would be humbling for he was fond of making fun of guys who did not have them.

Mr. Clayton then reminded Denny that he was also grounded for a month before saying "Now get your sorry ass upstairs and get to bed.  In the morning you had best have a better attitude, young man."

Denny then scampered up the stairs as fast as he could.  Joni and I smiled at each other.

The first thing we did was to make Denny beg, er, ask us to punish him for forgetting to take out the garbage, again.  I'm sure that I could have easily been mistaken for a Cheshire Cat with my huge grin.  We all went up to Denny's bedroom and once there I told him to strip.  He objected that Joni was there but she laughed and said that she knew what little naughty boys like him looked like as well as real men.  (Yes, she was thinking of me.)  Slowly, very slowly he undressed until he was just in his little boy tightie-whities.  Again, he pleaded for Joni to leave but she just laughed and offered to help him so, reluctantly, he removed them.  He was standing there just in his birthday suit.

"Give me the strap, boy." I commanded.  He bent over, pulled the belt from his slacks and handed it to me.  "This is a light dress belt.  It won't do.  It's nowhere like your Dad's tawse."

Joni beat me to the next line.  "Then you better get the tawse, Denny."  He hates being called that but he did not say anything.

Denny blanched.  "You know we not allowed in Father's Den."  He went to his closet and got his wide, heavy, thick, Garrison belt he uses with his jeans and handed it to me.

In truth, it probably would have been just fine and when I doubled it over and snapped it, Denny jumped.  "Go get it, boy.  Or you can wait until your Dad returns and ask him for it."  I gave him a taste of the belt and snarled: "GO!"  He ran out of the room but immediately slowed down.  He did return with the tawse a couple of minutes later.  He looked more nervous.

"How many would your Dad had given you?" I asked sweetly while I played with the tawse.  I had felt it before when it had kissed my tail but this was the first time I had handled it.  I don't think it was heavier than the belt but it sure looked more fearsome, after all it was designed for this task.

He hesitated and then said: "Four."

Joni laughed: "Dad gave you six last time and promised more for the next time."

"If you act like a man and not a baby you will be better off, Denny." Joni said.  She and I had agreed that if he could not take it like a man, like his father expected, then he would get more for being a baby.  After all, we all know that babies get extra attention.  In one way it was good that his sister was there as it would motivate him to be more macho.  We would all see in a few minutes if Denny was

"Bend over your bed, Dennis." I commanded and he complied presenting a good target for me.  I stood behind and to the side of Denny and carefully made sure I would be right on target.  I had a set number in mind and I did not want to waste a stroke.  I have to confess that I was hard in my jeans because of the power I was wielding.  This felt ever so good.  I could not help but to think of the many times that Denny picked on me over the years.  Joni took the before picture.  Digital cameras are neat.  I raised my arm and brought it back fast driving the tawse with all of the accumulated hate that I harbored.  Then there was a loud WHACK and, even as the tawse fell back, a wide red stripe was evident.  Denny grunted but remained in position and Joni took another shot.  I delivered another three and Denny's butt was turning into twin red lamps.  He was, surprisingly holding up although he was whimpering some.  He was definitely showing the effects for he responded to the fifth stroke with a yelp although he did not scream.  I paused a bit before the sixth stroke.  This was to be the last unless he really broke.

I was surprised that he took this last one as well as the first. I really wanted him to break but even though he is a bully, I am not and I was keeping to my rules.  Had he failed, then it would have been different.

The sixth stroke got to him.  Denny really gave a yell and jumped up and grabbed his ass with both hands.  That earned him extra.  "Back into position." I barked and he complied.  He had surprised me lasting through the first five quite well.  I repeated the sixth.  I gave it to him hard.  It made a most fearsome WHACK but Denny held his position.  Joni took a couple more shots before I gave him permission to stand.

As he rubbed his very sore butt, it was clear that he was having a hard time keeping control.  After a couple of minutes, he thanked us for promising not to tell Dad and he said that I hit harder than his Dad.

The sixth stoke really got to him.  He jumped up, with a loud yell and clutched his ass with both hands.  He was even crying.  I would have given him only one extra if he hadn't failed in so many ways but he had earned two extra.  Joni was really doing her Ansel thing.  I ordered him back into position and he could not manage it.  I just gave him a push and he fell onto the bed.  I changed my position and gave him the first extra on his red hot tail.  That made the dam bust and it was clear that he was just a pussy baby.  The next two stokes left him blubbering.  He would not soon forget this.

Seeing Denny lying on his bed, bawling with his crimson ass radiating like an open furnace and my cock tying its best to break free of my jeans because of the power high I was on, I probably went too far.  I ripped open my jeans and pushed down my boxers.  With my rock hard shaft free and pointing high, I grabbed the lotion from the nightstand and squirted some onto his hole and some on my rod.  I realized then that Joni was watching and glanced at her.  "DO IT!" she said.  That pushed me off the cliff and I just rammed into the bully.  He yelled but it was too late.  Not only was I in but I was on top of him and quickly got a good grip on him.  I came in seconds but remained hard and shot again in a couple of minutes.

Joni used some tissues to wipe me clean and even did her brother's butt.  "I'm glad that you did that.  He was always picking on me and my friends.  But I'll bet that he liked it."  As she said that she pushed him over and we saw she was right for there was a big blob of him cum under him.

Joni dashed out of the room for a minute and returned with her shaver.  The one she used to trim her bush because she liked it neat.  She did a very thorough job on her brother quickly mowing down his entire bush.  We had decided that little boys don't have hair and he certainly was a little boy the way he cried and yelled.  He was going to  have a rough time in the gym shower in school.  He was a sophomore and more than half of them had hair but Denny was fond of making fun of those who didn't.  I was sure that they would get back at him.

We almost forgot about the tawse.  It had to be returned to Mr. Clayton's desk before he got back.  I went back downstairs to return it.

It was quite dark in the den but I was afraid of putting on the light since the Clayton's might drive up any minute.  I thought that the hall light would be enough.  It was not and I tripped just as they opened the door.  Mr. Clayton heard me crash, rushed into the den, turned on the light and saw me.  I was caught sprawled on the floor with the tawse in my hand in a room that I should not have been in.

He checked that I was OK and, fortunately, I was.  However, he wanted an explanation for my trespass.  Of course, the answer I wanted to give – "I rather not say, Sir." – would not have been a good thing.  In fact it would have gotten me into more trouble.  I remember saying something like that when I was only nine and getting my tail roasted for it.  It was at Joni's tenth birthday party and in front of everyone, Mr. Clayton yanked my shorts and briefs down, turned me over his knee and gave me a spanking that I still vividly remember.  When I ran to my parents they were totally non-sympathetic and told me that I was lucky they didn't give a spanking also for being so cheeky.  Of course, I did not want to become persona non grata so I had to be very careful.  "We wanted to study it, Sir."  I tried.

"There is but one way to really find out about it.  I'm sure that Dennis has told you that.  All you had to was to ask me, Colt, but is there any reason now that I should assume you have and thus demonstrate it for you?  You know, just as well as Dennis and Joni, that you should not be in my den and absolutely not in my desk."

Obviously, a trick question for it was clear that I was going to get it.  "No, Sir."

"Get into position, Colt, and I'll show you what it's all about."  I knew what position Dennis had to be in and bent over the chair presenting my jean covered butt for the tawse.  Mr. Clayton gave me a cut and it stung.  He then told me to drop my jeans and underwear for the rest.  The next one hurt more and it would have been very easy to yell but I did not.  The next stroke came before I fully recovered.  This was not the fun it was giving it to Denny.  "Colt, I'll pause after every three stokes so you can explain what going on.  I'm sure that my arm will out last your bottom."

I knew that he meant it so I had to tell.  Well, tell some anyway.  "Sir, Dennis agreed that he earned a spanking because he failed to do some stuff and we all thought that would be OK."  Evidently, that was not sufficient because I got another cut immediately.  "He forgot to take out the garbage." I admitted.  I got another cut and Mr. Clayton went behind his desk and as he returned the tawse to place told me to get up.  Assuming that I had not hit Denny harder than his dad had hit me, I was right that he was a real pussywimp.

We went upstairs together and I hoped that Joni had heard enough to make sure that Denny kept his mouth shut.  She did a great job.  When we got there, she was comforting her big brother and rubbing some cream on his red-hot tail.  Denny told his father just the minimum.  "I forgot to take out the garbage.  Colt noticed and took it out for me.  I accepted the appropriate punishment."  Their father accepted that and praised Denny for being man enough to do that and Joni for soothing her brother's roasted tail.

As soon as Mr. Clayton left, Joni said she had explained to Denny that it would be best not to say very much.  After all there are pictures some very embarrassing ones at that.

It had been a close call.  I had gotten the tawse back in the drawer and dashed up to stairs as the Clayton's drove up to house.  It was good that I had not put on the light as they might have seen it.  Joni was explaining to her well-chastised brother that he would be better off not telling very much about being strapped especially if he did not want to admit that he was a wimp and yelled like a bansheeespecially if did not want to confess that he was a pussy boy.  Not to mention that there were lots of great photos to show.

We all got a big surprise the next morning.  A surprise that Dennis did not like at all.  I was not there at breakfast when Denny and Joni first heard it from their 'rents.  Joni told me as soon as she could.  The first change was that the tawse was now hanging on the inside of Denny's bedroom door rather than in the forbidden room.  Now it was where we all had access to it.  Even his friends could see it and realize why it was there. Denny was positively mortified for we now had disciplinary authority over him.

I wondered how much fun that would be.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 21, 2009

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