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The following story is fiction about vigilante justice, definitely an oxymoron, against a child molester which is inherently violent.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Getting Their Man


It was almost dusk when Kim headed for the stinky public toilet in the least used section of the park.  He knew that he would almost certainly get picked up by some old pervert who wanted a kid like him.  He also knew that he would get away with the lie when he said he was twelve because at fourteen he still had not started puberty nor his growth spurt and could easily pass as younger.  Normally he hated that it was the case but it did let him save a few bucks at the movies and a couple of other places but today it was a special asset.

He was just peeing in the urinal trough when a man dashed into the room.  The man stood close to him, rather than at the far end, opened up his pants and pulled out a semi-hard dick.  He stroked it a bit but did not pee.  Kim, as planned, looked at it and observed (with furtive eye checks) that the man was watching him.

"Like what you see, kid?" the man said with big smile and stroking his cock a bit to get it fully hard.

"Gee," said Kim, "that's so big!"  Actually what he was most happy to see was the notorious tattoo on the man's cock that made him unique – the one he had been hoping would be there.

"Yours will grow soon, er, what's your name?"© YLeeCoyote

"I'm Kim."

"And how old are you?"

"I'm twelve.  It looks so hard too." said Kim following the plan.

"It is.  You may touch it."

Kim hesitated.  The man continued.  "It's OK.  I'll bet I can get yours hard too."  Saying that, he leaned over and grabbed Kim's small cock only and began to pull on it.  Of course, the boy got very hard immediately.  "You're even harder than me, Kim."  Having been touched first, Kim reached for the man's big organ and squeezed it.  "I can show you how to have fun with it, Kim." encouraged the man.



"But this place stinks, Mister.  Let's go outside." said the boy.

"That's a great idea for it really does stink in here." said the man more than happy to go where there was greater privacy.  "Let's go into the woods, Kim."

"Sure."  They both tucked their dicks away and went out.  The man's trousers were definitely tented as they headed into woods.  Kim followed the man to the small clearing just a minute away.

Once there the man told Kim to open his pants and lower them as he lowered his own.  He then used both hands to make his cock and the boy's cocklet hard.  "This is how you do it." he explained.  "Now you try it, Kim."  It was then that they were interrupted.

The man was very surprised but Kim was not when the four strong athletic sixteen-year-olds jumped the man.  They quickly and easily over powered him, as he was unprepared and hobbled by his own pants, tying his wrists together behind his back.  Then for safety they yanked his shoes and trousers off tossing them away and bound his ankles like they had his wrists.  Not surprisingly he was yelling.

"Shut the fuck up, Pervert." he was ordered.

A few hard slaps to his face convinced him to be quiet.  The man was petrified as they addressed him by the name read from his id from his wallet.  It would be several days before he would miss the two hundred dollar bills that were in the "secret compartment" of his wallet.

"So you like little boys.  I hope we are little enough for you, John K. Smith."  Smith shivered even though the temperature was ​68°F​ (​20°C​).  "But first you need to be spanked for being very, very naughty."  Two of the teens dragged Smith over to a fallen tree and draped him over it, leaving his ass sticking up.

Leon, one of the sixteen-year-olds, had won the draw so he got to go first.  He pulled his belt out of his jeans – his heavy, wide, thick, leather belt and folded it double.  He got into position and started to swing at the target.  The WHACK of the impact was instantly followed by a yell from Smith confirming to all how effective the strapping would be and stiffening the tent pole in Leon's jeans.  Leon waited for the first red stripe to form before unleashing a second cut.  Each of the other nine cuts he delivered were just as effective leaving a tearful Smith whimpering and his butt a hot fiery painful mess.

Phil had decided to use Smith's own sneakers.  He picked up the fancy, expensive item and got into position.  He too delivered ten spanks with all his might causing Smith to howl continuously.  Since he was using the entire sneaker, rather than just the sole as was done in British schools of the past, the impact on the helpless man was correspondingly greater.  Kim reduced the noise level by stuffing Smith's own undies into his mouth after the second strike as he was howling loudly.

Jack had selected an implement naturally found in the woods.  Using his sharp pocket knife, he had cut and trimmed a traditional switch.  Even though Smith's butt was already bright red, each hard contact of the thin stem raised a welt and made a deep impression on Smith mentally as well as on his bottom.  By this time Smith was quite broken and bawling uncontrollably although his ordeal was far from over.

Greg decided that he did not need anything more than his hand supported by his powerful muscles.  He pulled the beaten man off the log and then after he sat on a rock, over his lap as if he was just a little boy.  Ordinarily a hand spanking would have little effect on an adult man but with Smith's butt now very well tenderized Greg's hand was most effective in causing the man to suffer even more.  "Since you like little boys, it is fitting that you should be spanked like one." Greg mocked as he spanked merrily away.

As you would expect the four teens were more than feeling their high hormone levels and needed relief like Smith (although in a very different way).  Now that the man was reduced to a whimpering fearful state, they removed the ropes and replaced him over the fallen tree.  Once he was in position the four teens opened their jeans letting their young lusty cocks sprung forth more than ready for some serious action.  They took him in pairs – one at each end – until they each climaxed twice.  They decided that they were not too old for Smith did not object as they took him.  He didn't even have to be told "Watch your teeth or lose 'em."  In fact, they took his moans as encouragement.

Kim had enjoyed how Smith was punished by the four.  It was not a random group but included Kim's big brother, a guy who knew a kid who had been molested by Smith in this very same place and a couple of their friends.  But now it was his turn.  The unresisting Smith was stretched out spread eagle with a teen securing each leg.  "OK, now you have some fun like Smith said, Kim." said his brother.

"RIGHT ON!" he replied and got between Smith's legs and grabbed his cock.  "Oh, it doesn't get hard now but I'll play anyway."  Kim took the razor they had bought and scraped away Smith's pubes.  He was glad he was wearing gloves as the dull razor scratched Smith as it was pulled repeatedly over the dry skin and there was some bleeding.

They all got up and looked down on the beaten man.  It was Kim who delivered the final message.  "STAY WAY FROM US KIDS, SHORT EYES.  NEXT TIME IT WILL BE THE PEN."  He then, as hard as he could, kicked Smith right in the balls twice.  The screaming Smith cured up into a fetal position.

The five, were most pleased with themselves for protecting innocent kids from a terrible monster, who they left writhing on the ground to crawl back into his hole.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 21, 2014

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