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The following story is fiction about girls spanking boys.  The story contains scenes of spanking and masturbation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story was inspired by the Nagato drawings by that are at  Click for external images

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The Amazonian warrior
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Girl Gang Attacks Boys


I chose the wrong day to go to the beach to watch the sunset for I got caught up in some idiotic sexist feud.  I was walking along the edge of the road when I bent down to adjust the strap on my boot.  The timing was most unfortunate for several guys came barreling by and knocked me over.© YLeeCoyote

While lying there for a minute practicing my profanity, I was surrounded by a gaggle of girls in some sort of uniform.  I did not recognize it but it had to be a uniform because they were all dressed alike.  I thought their flat abs were sexy as they had bare midriffs with glowing skin.

With lighting speed they pushed me down deliberately unlike the guys who did it accidently as they raced by.  Then they secured my wrists together rendering me quite helpless.  Later I would learn that they used wire (zip) ties which make  effective handcuffs.

“Teach this one a good lesson, Miranda, while we get the others.” said the leader as all but Miranda ran off, presumably after the guys who had knocked me down.

“I wasn’t with those guys.” I started to protest.

They were not interested in the least.  “Shut your trap, boy.” said Miranda and slapped my face.  I knew that I had better bide my time since I couldn’t do anything with my wrists lashed together.  I guessed that she was on a power trip feeding her pitiful ego.

Miranda ordered me to move on and then into an ancient shack that was by the side of the road and surrounded by a prolific selection of weeds.  There was some old junk along with plenty of dust inside.  Just a couple of steps and I was close to a small table.  Miranda who was behind me, suddenly released her grip on my arm, stuck her hands into the waistbands of my trackies and undies and pushed them down to my thighs exposing me both fore and aft.  In less time than two shakes of a lamb’s tail, she restored her death grip on my arm.

“Bad boys, like you, get throughly spanked.  BEND OVER!” she barked and gave me a helping push.

She must have been leaning on me with her full weight for I could NOT move.  “Please….” I started to protest but her response was a hard spank on my bare butt repeated instantly with a second one on my other cheek.  I did not have to move to turn the other cheek.

Miranda was obviously a demoness for she spanked hard and fast.  I was in pain and it was getting worse.  Need I confess that I was howling and even crying from the damn spanking she was rapidly delivering?  The only thing that I could be grateful for was that she did not have a paddle nor a cane nor a tawse.  She stopped when I was bawling and I collapsed to the floor.

“I trust that you have learnt something, Boy.” she snarled at me.  “The next time will be worse.” she said with a grin of satisfaction.

* * * * * * * * * *

I lay on the floor crying and afraid to ask what this was all about.  Then her posse came in making the shack very crowded.  There were three girls with the four boys they had captured who were restrained like I was.  The one who had ordered Miranda when they first seized me announced that they had caught all the guys that they had been chasing and that wimp [pointing at me] was extraneous.

One of them bent down and cut the ties were around my wrists and yanked me up.  My pants fell further down and everyone had a good look at my junk as I pulled up my pants.  I was expecting some sort of apology and an explanation but that did not happen.  “He’s probably liked it since he is hard.” laughed one of the other girls.  A couple of the guys smirked.

“Consider your spanking for whatever naughtiness you last did that you got away without proper punishment.  Now scram unless you want more.” the leader said and drew a small tawse from the scabbard that hung from her sword belt snapping it menacingly.

I quickly got out while the getting was good.  It was clear that I was nothing of value to them and that I had best not say anything.  I was, also, glad that Miranda did not have a strap like the leader did.  It was quite sufficient to have been spanked just by her hand.

As the door closed, I could hear the orders to drop trousers and bend over.  I wished that they had just left me tied up laying on the floor where I could have watched.  I started to head for safety but I was too curious for my own good and instead snuck back around to the rear of the shack.

I heard the WHACKS of the strap striking and the yelps of the poor lads getting tawsed.  It was exciting and it made me hard – since it was happening to other guys.  All too soon it was over and the four tearful tawsed boys were expelled from the shack.  Sensibly they rushed away from those she-devils.  I surely should have done the same but I was, shall we say, distracted rubbing my hard shaft.  That was my undoing for without warning I sneezed.  It was a long and loud sneeze.  It was one that was easily noticed.

The girls came running out of the shack and found me.  “A horny boy spying.” they chortled.  A couple of the girls grabbed me and in no time hustled me back into the shack.  Just seconds later and I was depantsed again.  Need I say that despite the embarrassment I was as hard as rock?

* * * * * * * * * *

This time they actually had cause to punish me for I had been spying.  They took turns jerking me but they only got me close and then I felt their anger delivered with the tawse.  It was not erotic like it was when I heard it used on the other guys.

Eventually I cummed but because my ass burnt so much it was not good.  I also went flaccid.  That’s when the real strapping began.  Each of them gave me six horrific cuts.  The pain made me quickly start yelling for the first set.  Through my crying and then bawling I begged for mercy but that did not help.  Each she-devil insisted on her turn before I was ejected from the shack again.

I struggled to get home praying that an ice pack would help but I found that it did not.  Some Sportscreme® helped but the pain reminded me of the horrors for a week.

It was definitely a nonforgettable experience.  What I don’t understand is that it fills my head when I jerk off now.  Miranda is always the star and I wonder what she would do if she had the chance.  Strangely it feels ever so great when I explode thinking of her having her way with me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 11, 2023

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