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Girl Sees, Girl Does


I was visiting my aunt for the summer while my parents took a road trip that I most certainly did not want to be part of.  I’m almost fourteen and their interests are very different from mine.  One thing for sure is that they are not interested in boys like I am.  Actually my interest is a dual one.

First there are the boys who are my age and older who find me irresistible and want to take me out especially for dinner and movie.  Of course, I have to keep them under control for them all have those ulterior motives.  You won’t be surprised when I say that they are all anxious to put their hands (and other things) where it’s most improper.  They all agree about what is ‘sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander’ so they are happy if my hands are doing the wandering.  I find their hard boys’ bits amazingly fun to play with.

Second there are the boys who are younger that I babysit.  These I can enjoy without having to fend their paws off while I can strip them so as to bathe them.  Rest assured that they are always well washed.  Some start off shy but they soon learn that boys don’t need to be modest and get comfortable naked with me fully dressed.  Of course, as we all know, boys are naturally naughty and they learn what the consequences of that are when I’m in charge.  The oldest I’ve spanked was only nine-years-old.  After they are ten they either get boys sitters or are old enough to shower and demand privacy.

This afternoon my aunt was sitting the neighbor boy, Timothy, who is eleven.  It was a rainy day and he was stuck inside.  True to form he soon got rambunctious and earned a spanking in my aunt’s judgement.  I had the great pleasure of watching the entire show.  Timothy was not happy about that but was told “Priscilla decides if she wants to watch or not.  You, young man, do NOT have a say in the matter.”

Timothy quickly found out that his objections had consequences for my aunt stripped him completely rather than just taking down his shorts and super hero briefs.  He was in his birthday suit when she pulled him over her lap.  He was not happy that I had a good look at his boy bits for my aunt prevented him from covering up.  Then I had a good view of his bottom turning red and eventually the tears on his face.  But that was part of his punishment while it was like the icing on a scrumptious cake for me.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an absolutely horrid day for me.  Mom had to go out unexpectedly and she left me in the charge of Mrs. Hinchey next door.  It usually is ok but today was raining and I was stuck inside where it is easy to get bored.  Mrs. Hinchey was in a bad mood today and that was not good for me.  Within a couple of hours she decided that I was deserving of a spanking.

It is not nice that happens but she is old fashioned and still spanks me even at my advanced age of almost twelve (in just ten months).  Making it even less pleasant she does it after she gets my pants down.  Today making the situation worse, her niece Priscilla was there with huge saucer eyes and staring at everything like a pervert.  She is probably afraid of boys her age that she should be interested in.

Then, of course, the bitch pulled me over her lap and pounded my butt with her hard hand turning my butt painfully red-hot.  Over and over that vicious hand landed on my tender tail and sending wave of pains through my body causing me to cry.  I most certainly didn’t want to cry but I could not help myself for in that position I felt like a little boy.  Little boys cry when thoroughly spanked.

Mrs. Hinchey was holding my head so I could not look at Priscilla but I heard her giggling at my misfortune.  When I got up and was parked in the corner she was smirking at me having enjoyed my being tortured.  It was she who came for me when my corner time was up.  She refused to let me get my clothes and to dress but insisted that I just come with and that her aunt would explain.

The two females sat on the couch and I had to stand before them.  Naturally, I put my hands in front of my junk but that was not permitted and I was ordered to keep them at my side.  Priscilla stared at me all thoroughly the lecture and the new rule.  “Spanked little boys stay naked until after the next sunrise.”  I learnt later that was the rule in Priscilla’s house where her brothers were spanked a lot.

I expected that I would be allowed to get dressed to return home but I was wrong.  I was just sent home through the backyards.  I ran all the way.  Mother, alas, decided to adopt that new rule.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was shortly before dinner when the call came.  Timothy’s mother was desperate.  The babysitter who was scheduled to watch him had gotten into an accident and was in the hospital.  Could my aunt watch Timothy?  She had her own plans and suggested me.  I was more than delighted.  Ever since I watched my aunt roast that most naughty boy’s bottom, I had been dreaming about doing myself.  Sure, the pay was nice but the other thing would be far more rewarding.  I would have done it for free if his mom required him spanked when she was out.

Timothy was appalled when he opened the door and saw me rather than his usual sitter.  “Mom going out now so you can’t visit.” he said rudely.

“I know, boy.  I’m your sitter tonight.” I informed him and pushed my way inside.  It was evident he did not like loveable me.  With such an attitude I was sure he was going to screw up so that I would have reason to spank him good and proper.  As a bonus (for me) I would give him a bath.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was not happy that Priscilla was sitting me instead of Gail as usual who was being checked at the hospital because of an accident.  By the time we had finished eating it was clear that Priscilla was a tyrant constantly barking orders at me.  She was worse then even old Mrs. Hinchey.

Not realizing how strict she was I argued about finishing a TV show when she insisted that it was bath time and then bedtime.

My ear was practically yanked from my head as she dragged me upstairs yelling.

* * * * * * * * * *

Timothy made it easy to have a reason to spank his cute little butt – he refused to turn off the TV and go bathe and then to bed.  I turned it off and dragged him to his room by his ear.  It a very effective method.  Once in his room I sat on the bed and stripped him while lecturing him.  He said he would undress and bathe but I told him that he lost that opportunity and that I would do it.  He was not happy at all.© YLeeCoyote

He was even less happy being starker in front of me and having to keep his hands on his head.  I was delighted to admire the perfect boy flesh that he wished to hide. Timothy was surprised when I pulled him over my left thigh and clamping my right leg over his locking him into the spanking position.  He was howling immediately and promising to be good and begging me not to spank him.  Of course, that was exactly what I wanted to do.

It was wonderful bringing my hand down hard on his little tail and hearing his howl of pain as my handprint formed in pink on the target.  I immediately repeated this on his other check with the identical results.  I kept this up until he was sobbing.  To be sure that he knew that beyond a shadow of a doubt, I gave him more with my hairbrush turning him into a blubbering little boy.

I held him tight as he cried on my shoulder leaving him absolutely certain that I was in charge totally and that he was just a little boy.  I hadn’t any doubts about this as he was totally docile when I bathed him.  He brushed his teeth and peed on orders while I supervised for he had completely lost any modesty.  He got into bed without any objection.

Timothy certainly knew his place now and I looked forward to our next meeting.  I’m sure he is not but that is not within his control.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 4, 2022

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