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Goldie at the Three Bears


Goldie was being a terror.  His parents had hoped that he would calm down at lunch but they were wrong.  The little terror got even worse running about wildly.  He managed to get out of their sight.  Then while they searched for him he caused havoc.

He climbed onto several tables and took samples.  What he thought was ketchup covered French fried potatoes were hot sauce covered ones.  He howled at the burning.  He grabbed the glass next to it.  It was cold.  It looked like water.  It was gin.  He howled again as he spit it out.  When he jumped down he knocked several plates off the table and they shattered.

As he ran around in pain, he knocked over several things.  One of them, a small beach chair was terminally injured when a rock gashed the seat. © by Y Lee Coyote

At the next table he found relief in the form of a large container of ice cream.  Nice cold, smooth, sweet ice cream that soothed his tongue and throat.  He ate it all making his little tummy distend.

He was tired and wandered into a tent.  A sleeping bag with a teddy bear was just what he needed.  He got in and was asleep in seconds.© YLeeCoyote

As he slumbered Mama and Papa were frantically searching for him.  In fact, everyone was looking for him.  He was found only when another boy ran from his tent yelling.

"There's someone in my sleeping bag, Mama."

A few minutes later he was no longer dreaming of unlimited supplies of yummy, soothing ice cream.  His father was yelling at him about being a bad boy for running away.  Then his shorts and briefs were pulled down and daddy put him across his lap.


Goldie knew that he had done something very, very wrong and bad because daddy was spanking very, very hard.  He was bawling already.


Then the spanking stopped and daddy picked him up. © by Y Lee Coyote

A few minutes later he was sitting on his very hot bottom strapped into the car as his daddy drove home.  If he hadn't been crying still he might have heard his father say to his mother: "And I don't think we can ever go back to THE THREE BEARS CAMPGROUND."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 9, 2000

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