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In the usual versions of her encounter with the Three Bears, Goldilocks gets off scot-free.  And, to compound the injustice, the bears are even blamed for scaring the cute, pretty, little, innocent girl.  Well, that's not a good object lesson for the little ones so here is a much more realistic version that teaches the proper lessons.

This story is fiction and deals with the CP of a young lady.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Goldie Gets What She Deserves


Goldie, as Goldilocks was known to one and all was not at all happy with her parents' decree.  "You shall stay with your uncle and aunt while we are away and that is FINAL Goldilocks." said her father in a way that cowered the young lass and let her know that was the way it was going to be.  At dawn the next morning, Goldie was dragged from her bed and put into the car.  It was a long drive from home to where she would be spending most of the summer.  Her father was most glad that the child protection feature of the rear door locks was still working so that his rebellious daughter could not jump out.

She sulked for the entire trip.

She sulked when her uncle welcomed her.

She pouted when her aunt welcomed her.

She sulked until her uncle and aunt went to bed.© YLeeCoyote

She sulked until she fell asleep on the couch.

Goldie was most unhappy.  Along with her parents, she lived in the big city with lots of things to do and where she had lots of friends.  Now she was stuck with her uncle and aunt in a little town without anything to do and no one to do it with.  It was quite obvious that Goldie was not a happy camper.

She was so depressed that she hardly put up any fight when she was dragged off to church on Sunday.  This did not interest her in the least.  It was only after the service during the potluck luncheon that anything interested her.  Sherman caught her eye.  He was, in a word, a vision.  He was cute; he was handsome; he was a hunk and best of all he smiled at her.  When the luncheon was over, he said, with a great big smile: "See you at Wednesday's dance." and dashed off with his parents.  She knew what he was talking about because the church's calendar was stuck to the refrigerator.

Her aunt and uncle were so glad that Goldie showed some interest in life on Wednesday afternoon as she prepared for the dance that they set an extra late curfew for her.  She bounded out the door right after dinner.  She dashed so fast that her hair and dress streamed in the breeze she created about herself.  She was the first at the dance and anxiously waited Sherman's arrival.  She was crestfallen when she saw him for he had another girl on his arm.  Even worse, they were making moon eyes at each other. © by Y Lee Coyote

An hour later, she accepted an invitation to dance.  This young gentleman never had a chance since all she could see was Sherman.  He quickly abandoned her.  It was two hours later and the last dance when Rocky asked her to dance.  Rocky was a bit older and rougher.  He was very aggressive and took charge like he was a feudal lord.  He quickly got her outside and into his car.  Along with another couple they drove off to have some fun.  At the edge of town where park became forest, in an open glade, she discovered their true intentions.  She had been enjoying Rocky's attentions as they passed the bottle around lying in the grass.  She loved how his hand felt all over her body; how the gentle night breezes felt on her naked bottom after he removed her panties.  They went further than she ever had before.

They rested afterward as did the other couple watching the moon and stars but not the clock.  She was not ready to switch partners as the other three desired.  Thad made advances on her as Rocky made out with Peggy.  Although she pushed him away, he persisted.  She ran away but he pursued and laughed as she ran into the forest.  "Have fun with the bears, bitch." he yelled at her.

She quickly got lost in the forest.  The others left – not caring about the silly, uppity tease who decided to go into the woods on her own.

Goldie wandered about in the dark forest.  She was scared to move.  She was scared to stay still.  She was petrified by the strange noises and, even though exhausted, she could not sleep.  When the sun rose she was completely lost and befuddled in the unfamiliar environment of the forest.  She meandered about some more and then, heaven be praised, saw a small house.  "Saved!" she thought and the idea was reinforced when she saw some smoke from the chimney.  Her spirits lifted immediately and she hurried there as fast as she could. © by Y Lee Coyote

She burst right into the house.  It was a small place and deserted.  She saw that there were three bowls on the table.  The first was filled with steaming hot pottage.  Hungry, she grabbed the spoon and greedily took a mouthful.  She spit it out instantly as it burnt her mouth.  The second was bowl was cold as she discovered as she took another spoon and another mouthful.  It cooled her mouth but was horrid – like paste.  The third bowl was just perfect – neither too hot nor too cold.  She wolfed it down.  It was a large serving of a very rich and filling pottage for her.

With her belly full, Goldie remembered how tired she was.  She sat in the big chair by the first bowl of pottage.  It was big and hard and very uncomfortable.  She then tried the second chair.  It was smaller and soft.  She sank so low into the very soft cushion that her knees were poking her in the face.  Of course, she then tried the third chair.  At first it seemed OK but when she leaned back it collapsed.

"OUCH!" she yelled when she hit the floor.  "What a stupid place this is."  She picked herself up and realized that she was quite tired and that she had a terrible headache.  (It was a hangover but she did not know that.)  "There must be a bed here." she said and went looking.  Well, about this she was right.  There were three beds along the back wall.  She plopped herself down on the biggest one, wiping some mud from her shoes onto the bedcover.  With a yell she unplopped herself because the bed was as hard as stone, making a second set of mud marks.  She went to the next bed and, having just learnt a lesson, tested this one first.  It was so soft that she was certain that she would sink so deep that it would smother her.  She turned to the third bed.  It felt just like her own back in the big city.  She pulled back the covers and got in – with dirty dress and muddy shoes.  She was practically asleep by the time she pulled up the blanket.

It was immediately obvious to Mr. and Mrs. Oso and their young'en that someone had been trespassing in their house while they were out for their early morning walk. The breakfast set on the table had been disturbed and Junior's pottage was completely gone.  Junior was doubly upset for not only was his pottage gone but his chair had been reduced to kindling.  The Osos made a check about their house to see what else had happened.  They quickly observed the mud marks that Goldie left on the big bed.  Next they observed then the depression the interloper had made in the second bed.  (I told you that it was very soft indeed.)  Then Junior yelled: "Someone is IN MY BED!"

This woke Goldie who immediately screamed seeing the Osos.  She jumped out of Junior's bed and started to run.  Junior was much faster than she was and easily grabbed her before she reached the door.

The Oso's were most unhappy that their home had been invaded and damaged by the struggling juvenile before them.  Perhaps this delinquent was the cause of other problems in the neighborhood.  There was not any doubt that she was responsible for the current damage.  Like parents all over, they quickly interrogated the miscreant.  They were not deterred from this task because the criminal was a cute and pretty golden haired lass.  They knew full well that girls can be just as naughty as boys.  Goldie quickly lost her pout and her stubbornness and her attitude under their stringent questioning.  It did not make it any easier that Mrs. Oso had noticed that Goldie was not wearing proper undergarments when she had jumped from Junior's bed.

If Goldie had been a boy and a bit older, Mr. Oso would have taken him out to the woodshed and given him a thorough strapping that he would not have forgotten had he lived another hundred years.  Goldie was spanked instead.  Mr. Oso sat on his chair (the big overly hard one) and easily pulled the protesting girl over his lap.  He lifted her dress up to expose her little derriere.  She was yelling and twisting but that did not do her any good.  Mr. Oso, with the approval and encouragement of Mrs. Oso, was going to spank her.  And spank her he did – long and hard.  Mr. Oso's big hard hand, propelled by his strong arm, was inflecting great pain on Goldie's bare bottom, turning it hot and red so that it felt like it was on fire.

Junior watched with extra glee for it had been his pottage, his chair and his bed that had been most violated.  Like most youngsters he found spanking to be most interesting – provided that he was not the spankee across the parental lap.  This one also had the extra spice since it was a girl getting her comeuppance rather than one of his male friends.

You might think that Mr. Oso was taking great liberties in punishing someone else's child but that was common in that area at that time.  When Goldie stopped bawling uncontrollably and was merely sobbing, Mrs. Oso pinned up her skirt and she was made to strip the beds she had messed and load the washer.  While the washer was running, Goldie worked at cleaning up the other messes that she had made.  Junior's parents noticed that he watched her carefully, especially when she bent over and thought that it was good as he would remember how hot and fiery the naughty girl's behind was for longer time.

The Osos ate a delayed breakfast.  Since the laundry was not done, Goldie stood in the corner.  While the bedclothes were drying, Goldie did the dishes under the most watchful eye of Mrs. Oso.  After that, she was required to remake the beds.  It was only then that she was given some stale bread and milk.

When Goldie was not doing chores, she was parked in the corner to contemplate her misdeeds.  Junior was quite content to keep a watchful eye on her to make sure she did not run off.  He did realize that it was much like his corner time except Goldie had her dress pinned up and did not have any panties on, while he did his corner time with his pants and underpants about his ankles.

It was a couple of hours later that an officer from the child protection agency finally showed up.  She was a big woman who was meaner than your most horrid image of a loathsome school matron.  Goldie quivered in the corner.  Junior, also intimidated by the fearsome woman, decided that reading on his bed was a good thing to do while the Matron interviewed his parents.  The Matron left with the dastardly delinquent in custody and handcuffs.

At the Children's Shelter Goldie begged to be allowed to return to her aunt and uncle but she discovered that she was now a ward of the state until the court decided where she could go.  She was taken to the 'intake' section where she was made to strip completely – everything from her hair tie to her shoes was placed into a bag and sealed.  Then, under the watchful and lusting eyes of the guards she had to shower.  "Be sure to get everything nice and clean for the doctor." they ordered her.  After she dried with a small, threadbare, rough towel a male assistant checked her carefully for infestations of lice and crabs before the doctor did his examination.  She got a cursory medical exam but she was carefully examined for venereal diseases and drugs.  She was checked for sign of infection, needle marks and for contraband material hidden in every body cavity.  The doctor noticed that there was sign of recent sexual activity.  She was given a shapeless dress (think of a cross between a gray muumuu and a gunnysack) and assigned to a dorm.  Dinner was worse than she could have imagined and her dorm mates were unpleasant and aggressive.

She was a scared, tearful wreck when her aunt and uncle saw her in court in the morning.  Because she did not have a record, she was in juvenile rather than regular court.  The Court viewed her breaking and entering, vandalism, theft and trespass as serious crimes.  She was sentenced to six cuts with a strap and a year's probation and restitution ordered.  The strapping was to be public in the court house square in two days.  She clung to her aunt and cried and cried.  She could hardly eat or sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

There were several others there for the court-ordered CP that morning.  She watched in horror as a girl her age got six cuts.  Goldie saw her bottom turn from a milky white to a flaming red firestorm of pain.  This was far worse than the spanking she received from Mr. Oso.  The girl's screams surely would have curdled milk.  Next was a young boy.  He too was stripped and tied over the punishment bar.  It was only then that she realized that the other girl had also been stripped and fully exposed to the gawking crowd.  He managed to remain quiet at the beginning as the strap ripped up his ass but by the fifth cut he was screaming just as the girl had done.  He got ten and Goldie was thankful that she was only getting six.

After she was stripped, she was led to the punishment bar.  It was then that she saw a wonderful smile in the crowd – it was Sherman.  Things seemed even worse now as she was paraded naked before everyone and especially him with his girlfriend.  There was a bit of relief – in a perverse way – when she was flipped over the punishment bar since that hid her nakedness.  But as her legs were spread to be strapped into place, she realized that her sex was no longer private but on view to one and all especially as she was on a raised platform.

The strapping officer approached her and her blood ran cold in fear.  She screamed on the first cut even louder than the previous girl had.  Each of the other five cuts provoked similar screams.  When she was untied, all she could think of was the fire in her ass.  Her exposure to the crowd was not of any importance whatsoever.  When the other two miscreant were strapped and yelled loudly, she felt their pain in addition to her own even though she could not see them through her tears

She returned to her aunt and uncle's place a changed girl in great pain.  Her aunt tried to cool the fire in her bottom with salves and ice but it did little good.

Goldilocks was a most obedient and polite girl after that.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 8, 2006

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