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The following story is totally fiction.  Another Goldie story but very different from the others.  This time she has lots of sex although not only with a human but always hetero and not a single spank to be heard.  For those not from USA, let me explain that Smokey [the] Bear is the National Park Service's best known icon and mascot.  He grew from a rescued bear cub with burnt paws to have his own postal code.

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Goldilocks' Entirely Different Encounter
with the Three Bears


Goldilocks did not want to go with her parents on this or any other vacation.  Now that she was sixteen going on thirty she wanted to do what she wanted when she wanted to.  Her parents, wisely, knew that she needed more supervision and insisted that she come along.  They had been in the very uncool lodge just inside the national park.  There was, however, one thing that she found interesting and exciting: JR, an attractive waiter, who was just a year older than she.  She had managed to get close with him but she wanted more!  Especially since he was a college man (well, he would be in the fall).

She was willing to sacrifice to get to have quality and private time with him.  So much so, that she even got her ass out of bed at 5:30 in the morning so that she could meet him before he started work.  It was wonderful.  Fabulous!  By chance it was the peak of her fertility cycle and her come hither pheromones were at their maximum.  Not that it mattered to JR for at his age he was always up and ready for some action, although truth be known it did make him a bit more randy. © by Y Lee Coyote

They met at sunrise down by the lake and soon were entwined on the beach sucking face.  It was just a few minutes later that her tube top had been slipped down allowing her pert breasts and their hard nipples to be nibbled by the young man.  Soon her panties were slipped down, her miniskirt raised so that he could kiss her lower lips and then, after unzipping his pants, he slid his hard, hot shaft deep into her dripping love canal.  Minks and rabbits could have learnt from watching them.

All to soon, although after a couple of climaxes, he withdrew and kissed her lips gently.  "I got to get to work, Goldie."  He fixed his clothes and hurried off to the drudgery of the dinning hall.

Goldie got up a few minutes later, quite satisfied with herself.  No matter how the day turned out with her parents, JR's fuck was just so marvelous it would not matter.  She decided to take a walk about the lake before going for breakfast.© YLeeCoyote

Goldie had just turned to return to the lodge when she saw IT coming at her.  It was HUGE!  A black and white BEAR.  She froze.  The bear continued and soon was upon her.  Upon in the most literal sense for it had run into her and she went sprawling.  He weighted more than twice what she did.  She was certain that this was going to be her end.  At least she had a great fuck just before and this certainly would teach her parents a good lesson.  If they had let her stay home, she would have been safe.

While she laid spread out on the ground as she had fallen, the bear licked her face.  A bear kiss.  It was wet and sloppy, like it would have been from a large dog, but it did not hurt.  The creature quickly turned its attention to her other lips.  There were not any panties to remove for she had forgotten to put them back on.  A few boys had gone down on her but the difference was immense; like the difference between steerage and first class.  As the huge tongue worked its way in and about her hot sex she just relished the feeling.  She came over and over as the beast ate her out.

His vocalization translated as: "Yum, yum.  Ripe young sow; much cunt juice with cum.  Yum, yum."

Then he stopped eating and mounted her.  She was surprised that he did not have a larger cock but this one fit her just fine.  Apparently he was happy also as he mated vigorously and then shot a large load into her hot pussy.

His vocalization translated as: "Ripe juicy cunt.  Hot, hot sow!  Great fuck!"

He gave her face a final lick and scampered off.  She watched him leave.

Goldie remained on the ground for a while and then got up.  She was a bit confused so she headed deeper into the forest rather than back to the lodge.  Then she saw a small cottage and headed there in hopes of succor.  It was the house of the Mr. and Mrs. Smokey Bear who were eating their morning porridge with fresh fruit, berries and honey.

Goldie told them what had happened but was very surprised by the response.  Mr. Bear immediately said she must have met PB.  Mrs. Bear insisted that she first have a proper breakfast with fresh orange juice (with all the pulp), hot porridge with fruit and milk. (Absolutely no coffee for such a young lass.)  It was all served at the proper temperatures and she had a study chair to sit on.

Then Smokey explained.  "Oh, you met PB; he's our new Giant Panda Bear.  Headquarters said that we should have one as an extra attraction for the visitors."

"But he attacked me" complained Goldie.

"Nonsense, he only did only what he suppose to do and we can't go against Washington's directives.  Smokey opened the Park's procedure manual to the panda's job spec.  "Giant Panda: eats, shoots and leaves."

The End

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss is a book on punctuation got its title from a joke about a sloppily edited natural history of the panda which explained: "Giant panda: eats, shoots and leaves.".  There are many version of this joke about.  The usual version is that the panda goes into an eating establishment eats, then takes out a gun and shoots it and leaves.  A guide to the panda is then shown to have the punch line due to its mis-punctuation to the people in the eating establishment.

© Copyright A.I.L. May 2, 2004

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