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The following story is fiction about a housebreaker being caught and receiving summary punishment.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and paddling.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Goldilocks and the Messieurs Bärin, Bjørn and Urso


Cortney Stewart Limpfold was new to town.  The twenty-something old blond was called Goldilocks in honor of his flaxen hair.  He had found a job and a small house but had not yet made any friends.  So after work on Friday he went out.  Fearful of getting caught – again – for DWI he left his car at home and walked the ten minutes to the nearest watering hole with hopes of making friends.

Things did not go well for him.  He drank far more than he talked and as the night progressed the balance got even more lopsided.  Already tipsy, he got a double at last call and gulped it down before wandering out.  The bartender was glad to see him go and planned to talk to the owner about banning him as he disturbed the other patrons.

Inebriated and in a new environment Goldilocks quickly got lost as he attempted to get home.  The dimly lit streets with their little houses all seemed familiar yet unknown.  After a long trek, he saw his house.  At least he thought it was his house for it had walls and windows and a door and the porch light was on just like he had left it.  That they all were quite similar was not a help.

His key wouldn't turn the lock and he broke it in the lock trying to force it.  Barking a curse he punched the glass pane which shattered.  He just reached in to unlock and open the door and then he entered.  The damn light switch didn't work and he stumbled against the entry table knocking it over.  The lamp which had been on it shattered.

It was good fortune that he found the bathroom for he had to pee badly.  He managed to get his zipper down but lost his balance.  Once he was laying on the floor, he lacked the energy to get up and he fell asleep.  This did not keep him from reliving the pressure in his bladder thus soaking his pants and even making a puddle on the floor.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile the three housemates that lived in that house were on the way home from the rock concert in the city a three-hour drive away.  They were all from different backgrounds but their surnames had a common meaning.  They were the Messieurs Bärin, Urso, and Bjørn all with the common meaning of "bear".  They could not avoid the very cleaver world which quickly dubbed them "The Three Bears" and wanted to know where they were hiding the naughty, nubile little Goldilocks.  They thought it was a very lame joke but it persisted.

It was almost dawn as the three walked up to their front door, and they were horrified to see that it was open.  Being three macho college men, they continued on.  They immediately saw the shattered glass, then the broken lamp and fallen table.  They heard snoring and continued to investigate.  They soon found Limpfold sprawled on the bathroom floor in a puddle of his own waste.

They stared at the mess.  They each had the same thought.  One said aloud: "I feel like we are in fairytale."  Even though they all had that horrible thought there was a collective groan yet it was quite true.  They woke up Sleeping Beauty, er, Goldilocks.  He was confused, disoriented and scared.  Even if he could have given a coherent explanation, it would not have mattered.  He was a criminal for breaking and entering and damaging property.  He was told that unless he did as he was told, they would call the police, press charges and sue for damages.  They did not bother to lecture him.

"Yes, Sirs." was what he eventually said.

Their first order was for him to clean up the stinky mess.  They directed to him use his shirt to soak it up, wring it out in the toilet and then rinse the floor twice.  He resisted at first.  So Bärin pulled out his belt and Urso yanked down his wet pants (ripping the fastener) and undies while Bjørn held him bent over.  Then Bärin proceeded to strap him with his own belt.

He yelled at the first one and was howling by the fifth cut.  Bärin gave him a good dozen.  The individual stripes had quickly merged into each other leaving his tail bright red.  He then cleaned up the mess up with his shirt, rung it out and did the same with the rinse water.  His shirt was ruined and his pants were a mess about his ankles.

Then they addressed the cost of the destroyed lamp.  Goldie tried to bargain.  Urso yanked him over a chair and Bjørn made use of his well-worn fraternity paddle.  He howled even more than he had for the belt.  He soon made a payment to Bjørn's PayPal account with his credit card with his butt now glowing.

Goldilocks tried to minimize the cost of repairing the door (both glass and lock) and Urso was quite annoyed by such pettiness.  He sat on the hall chair and pulled Goldie over his lap.  He did not have to spank very hard to convince the miscreant of the errors of his ways and even made him cry like a baby.

Amazingly Goldie had an epiphany and suddenly he was quite happy to quickly make a generous payment to cover the repairs to the door rather than having another discussion with the paddle as Bjørn was suggesting.

Goldie was made to sign a statement that his payments were to compensate the Bears for the damages he had caused by his criminal activity.

The Bears then ejected Goldilocks from their house and told him never to return.  He quickly ran away fearful that the Bears might impose additional penalties.  During the many hours it took Goldie to find his home he wet his pants again adding to the discomfort of his roasted tail for people shunned the smelly disreputable man when tried to get directions.  When he eventually found his house, he had to break in because his own key was broken increasing his losses.

As it took Goldie many months to pay the unplanned charges on his credit card so his punishment continued for a long time.  Messieurs Bärin, Urso and Bjørn enjoyed their guest's most generous contribution to their house fund after repairing the house themselves.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 22, 2017

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