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Percivallineham has set us another challenge with this image of a boy in British PE kit doing a "high press-up" that displays his bum most nicely covered only with the thin, tight PE shorts.   Click to open the image off-site (NSFW).

This story is fiction and deals with slippering and cane of a British school boy.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Goody's First Time


Goody was late for PE.  His form-mates at St. Sebastian's all noticed it for Goody lived up to his name and never had heard even a harsh word from the nastiest of the masters or most sadistic of the prefects although they all thought he had merited them and even more.  He was now in the third form and had never been required to bend over even for a whacking much less a caning.  The thought that he might be caned had never crossed his mind although his form-mates all worried about such a thing occurring to their bums.  Yes, Goody's being late was strange.

It was, therefore, not a surprise when Rimmer, the strict, mean ex-sergeant major who did not know the difference between training schoolboys and training military inductees did not say anything when Goody slipped into the gym late.  A few furtive eye rolls that Goody got away with it – again – was all his mates dared to do during warmup time.  No one was surprised when Rimmer commanded: "Goodspeed, up here." to help him demonstrate some points.  Nor was a harsh word said when Rimmer lectured the class about the finer points of boring exercises getting Goody in various positions.

The first hint was when Goody was placed in an extreme press-up position.  They noticed that as Rimmer babbled on, Goody was fidgeting.  Rimmer snapped at him, "STAY STILL, Goodspeed!"  After a few more minutes, Rimmer finished his lecture and turned to Goodspeed next to him on the platform.  "What time does this class start, Goodspeed?"

"Ten hundred hours, Sergeant Major."

"When did you grace us with your presence today, lad?"© YLeeCoyote

"Ten ten, Sergeant Major."

The class sat there, their mouths agape.  They could not believe what was happening in front of their very eyes.  Goody being called to task for tardiness.

"What is the penalty for tardiness, Parker?" asked Rimmer.

"One whack for each two minutes or part, Sergeant Major.  That is five WHACKS for ten minutes for first offenders."  Parker was not annoyed at having to do an extra maths exercise for such a worthwhile cause.

Rimmer stepped over to his table and picked up the sole he always used for whacking boys.  He had carefully cut it from a size 16 Plimsoll years earlier, leading to much discomfort of many boys in his classes.  Standing back by Goodspeed, he gave instructions not to move until given permission.  The students did not know that Rimmer was admiring the beautiful curves tightly enshrouded in the short PE shorts.  The thin fabric conformed so well to every delectable curve, that they could have been sprayed on like the jeans that the young birds wore.  Then, as more than two score of his mates watched, Goodspeed got his first whack in his public school career.  It was a most memorable experience for Rimmer was a strong man and swung the sole most vigorously straight down on the target.  There was a loud impact immediately followed by a grunt from Goodspeed.  His form-mates were smiling for Goody had never sympathised with their pain when they had got it.

The other four whacks were just as hard and loud.  It was all that Goody could do to keep from screaming.  He knew that they would all laugh at him should he show any sign of weakness.  It was with difficulty that Goodspeed said the required: "Thank you, Sergeant Major.  I'll not be late again."

Rimmer stared at the still positioned target.  He imagined that he could see the five overlapping red spots that surely were forming under the tight PE shorts.  He did not dare to linger more than a few seconds.  Everyone but Rimmer thought this was all.  Everyone was wrong.

"Goodspeed, did you report to me when you came in late?"  The class quickly realised where Rimmer was headed.  This was a special requirement in PE for safety reasons not needed in regular lecture classes.  Strangely, they did not feel any annoyance at losing more exercise time if Goody required any more special attention from Rimmer during class period.

"No, Sergeant Major."

By now Rimmer was at his table and exchanged the sole for a cane.  As he flexed it, he asked Marks: "How many?"

Marks would have been delighted to say a dozen but he knew that would incur a significant and most unpleasant penalty so he answered with the prescribed number "Three, Sergeant Major."

Goodspeed's bum was still in position and tenderised.  Rimmer flexed the cane and took a couple of practice cuts which he had found increased the anxiety of the target.  Goody winced at the whooshes as expected; his form-mates smiled.

Rimmer brought the cane down hard on the target.  It connected across the entire width of the target bum covered in tight, thin PE shorts without any pants underneath.  Goodspeed yelped; his mates smiled.  The second and third cuts were just as hard and on target.  Goody was not able to keep quiet for this ordeal to his form-mates' joy.

The rest of the period was spent in routine games of less than usual interest.  Even if the Beckham or Dallaglio had been coaching them this day the collective mind of the third form of St. Sebastian's still would have been thinking of the upcoming showers.  Even Rimmer had his thoughts there but, for now, the third form must be kept moving.

For the first time Goody was the centre of attention as everyone made sure to examine his track marks on a field of red.  It was not an honour he wanted.

It was not just the boys of the form that were interested in the state of Goody's bum but Rimmer as well.  He had been observing Goodspeed's bum and now, after more than two years of waiting, had seared it at last and wanted to see the results.  He was just pleased as the boys were.

The End

Percivallineham has posted an enhanced version of the original image at  It shows what I thought that Sergeant Major Rimmer imagined Goodspeed's bum looked like had his shorts been transparent.

© Copyright A.I.L., September 26, 2006

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