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The following story is fiction about CP in a British Public school in the mid-twentieth century.  The story contains scenes of spanking, slippering and caning.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Grandfather Clock and the Cane


The three eleven-year-olds were new to the Boarding School and since it was only a few weeks into their first term, they still had the ‘new boy’ smell.  They were also somewhat nervous about all the complex rules and the Headmaster’s scary warnings about various punishments.  The one thing these corporal punishments all had in common was that they all involved the exact same target – their bums.  Sometimes they even targeted naked bare arses.

It had only taken a week for the trio to become such truly close friends that it could be said that they were like Siamese triplets for they were never apart.  In the next week, they had managed to incur the wrath of their housemaster shortly after lights out in their dorm.

The Housemaster made short work of their talking after lights out.  Putting the lights back on as he stormed in, he directed that the talkers stand at the foot of their beds.  “Don’t want to waste much time with this as everyone needs to get to sleep.” he declared grumpily.  The boys had hardly taken a breath when the order came to drop their pyjamas bottoms and bend over the ends of their bed.  Each of the three experienced what the slipper was all about as it crashed into each exposed bums six times.  Just so that the others could properly see the results of deviant conduct, they had to tour the room and show their now red-hot bums to all their dormmates.  Then it was back into bed and lights out (again) but this time the dorm room was absolutely silent.

* * * * * * * * * *

The French master was annoyed when the simple sentence Le bûcheron a lié les bâtons qu'il avait rassemblés dans des fagots pour les vendre.  in the book they were translating caused a disturbance.  Our notorious trio could not get past that the translated word was ‘fagot’ and not ‘faggot’ and continued to giggle after the others had quieted down.  He directed that they remain after the class for some extra tuition.© YLeeCoyote

The extra tuition consisted of making their day most memorable with an ancient Plimsoll.  The application of the Plimsoll to each of their bums as six-of-the-best was, they agreed when in the corridor, even more memorable than the slipper had been the week before.  As the sore tail trio rushed to their common room they encountered a disturbance in the corridor.

This time their curiosity served them well for they stopped and watched safely from afar.  Two fourth-year boys were having a loud argument which quickly escalated to physical.  One of the masters also observed the altercation which was quite forbidden behaviour once it had escalated.  Instantly, with sharp words, he called them both to order commencing the show for the trio and several other boys who were passing though the junction of several corridors.

A short lecture was the preamble to a far more noteworthy and predictable event.  The Master went to the nearby Grandfather Clock and opened it.  The trio was surprised that he extracted a cane.  It was the second cane the trio had seen for the first had been during the Head’s discussion at the start of the term.  It had been explained that they could look forward to being subject to its kisses in a couple of years time.

But now the trio watched, wide-eyed, as its flexibility was demonstrated when it was bent into a semicircle and then when they heard it SWISH as the air was cut a couple of times as the Master shook the kinks out of his arm.  This would be the first caning that they witnessed.  They were happy that such violence was not in the cards for them for some time.

Each of the fourth-year boys was required to pull up his trousers tightly over his bum and lean on the wall after flipping up his blazer so that it did not cover his arse.  The trio watched and listened as the cane delivered its message six times to each bum.  After this they were dismissed.  The Master then encouraged everyone to continue on to their destinations.  Such encouragement was taken seriously by all including the trio who observed the cane being returned to the clock as they headed for Prep.  Later the trio would be the centre of attraction as they reported on getting the Plimsoll and showed off their roasted bums before lights out in the dorm.  As a bonus they also would report on witnessing dual caning and the strange storage space.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was during Prep that the seeds of their next misadventure were sown.  The cane was now more than just a noun but something that transfixed their souls.  It definitely was something that must be investigated.  Within a day they were planning (scheming?) how to actually touch and bend the fascinating item now that they knew of one that was accessible.

It was after dinner and before bedtime two days later that they snuck back to the corridor nexus where the Grandfather Clock containing the hypnotic cane was.  It was the work of just a minute to open the cabinet and extract the cane.  Simple examination was not sufficient as you would expect of three most curious boys.  As if it was a natural law, once it was in their hands they could not resist examining its flexibility by bending it into a semicircle and then SWISHING it several times.  Then they realized that there was one experiment that was left.

A couple of rounds of an ancient game and it was decided.  Paper had beaten both Rocks in the first round and had won the right to wield the cane first.  As Scissor he now got to test how swinging felt while Paper learnt what sort of pain it could inflict.  Then Paper had a go at Rock who immediately decided he did not like feeling the cane in action.  A minute later Rock found that he liked to thrash Scissor.  They were deciding if they should try another round when they were interrupted by the Head Boy.

The Head Boy had been watching and was favourably impressed by their quest for knowledge.  He decided that he would help them with such an advanced study topic which is normally introduced in the third-year by awarding them each six-of-the-best.  Of course, there was a problem that the first-year boys did not get caned, even by the Masters.  He quickly thought of a plan.

“So you’re interested in learning about the cane, boys?” he said startling them.  “That is a subject that is given in the third year.”  Naturally they were flustered and he took advantage of this.  “I could send you to the Head for this.  He will find you useful for demonstrations although he might keep you waiting a while but he has his large Plimsoll for immediate use.”  He paused to let them worry.

And worry they did.

“But I am impressed seeing how interested you are in ‘advanced’ studies.  I could give you a lesson but only if you request one from me rather than being sent to the Head.”  They quickly agreed not realizing what was in store.  It was only a minute later that they were in position for the lesson as they had witnessed a few days before.

“Don’t move.  Stay in position until I tell you we are done – otherwise you will get extras.” said the Head Boy quite cherfully.  Each of them heard the SWOSH and then felt the rod’s impact.  Each cut was many times more painful than the timid trial cuts they had traded.  The pain built up with each cut and each one yelled for the last three.  Surely it must be noted that they were luckier than the proverbial feline who lost a life.

After they were dismissed by the Head Boy, they had much to talk about and to examine in the bog before they got back to their dorm.  They were afraid to let their mates know yet terribly anxious to boast about their adventure.  The tram tracks were revealed in the next shower period and they explained that they found a cane and experimented with it.  And, yes, it hurts!

The Head Boy was delighted that he was able to use the cane on three cane-virgin bums and definitely enjoyed reminiscing about it in the privacy of his bed.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 13, 2021

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