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Grandpa's Vacation Surprise


Spring break was always a fun time for eleven-year-old Dale.  Every year, when school was closed, they visited his grandparents for the week.  Besides all the usual stuff boys expect (and get) from indulgent grandparents, just two houses down the block Dale had a wonderful friend, Jess.  They were the same age and loved to play together.  Jess was also a wonderful guide to the area for he knew where everything was – all the great spots to go to play and explore for this was a little town which was very different from Dale's own neighborhood in the great big city.  This year was to be a little different.  Dale's parents were going to a convention elsewhere.  The lad saw that this had several advantages.  First, his parents would not be there to tell his grandparents not to spoil him.  He was delighted that his grandparents let him do stuff and have things that his farther said were prohibited for him.  Second, his father was not there to spank him if (when?) he got caught misbehaving.  His grandparents were not physically able to spank him.  He even wrote ahead to tell Jess.  Jess' parents did not believe in spanking their son so Dale was sure he was safe.

The first day Dale spent with his grandparents and enjoyed his favorite meals and special, super yummy, double chocolate cookies that his grandma made.  Of course, they had special presents which did not count as either a winter holiday or a birthday gifts as they loved having him visit.  It was like being in boy-heaven.  The next two days he spent with Jess managing to get home for meals and a somewhat later than usual bedtime.  His grandparents did scold him a little bit for being late and going to the pond.  Eleven-year-old boys are not careful about cleaning pond mud off their sneakers and jeans.

It was the fourth day that was to be the special one.  Dale was only a little late and a little muddy but frogs are far more important than clocks to boys.  His grandparents were not happy with Dale.  He was made to strip to his underwear on the back porch before his grandmother would even think of letting him in.  Even after shedding the muddy clothes, he did not immediately gain entry for his grandfather sat on the porch and gave him a long and boring lecture.  Dale was glad that his father was far away for he knew he would have gotten a spanking that would have made him cry and not be able to sit comfortably for a couple of days.  He was certain that his dad would not spank him after five days had passed when he was back home.  He was surprised when Grandpa asked: "If your dad was here, would he spank you, Dale?"

He responded immediately: "Yes, Grandpa, I'm afraid he would.  I'm sorry and I promise not to be late again or get muddy."  Dale knew a warning when he heard one.

"I know that you know that I cannot spank you because of my arthritis."  Dale knew this so well that he had planned for it.  He had not anticipated that his grandfather would make some provisional arrangements.  "You know Mr. Moulton?"  The boy nodded as he did and had noticed that the gardener was working nearby.  "I want you go to Mr. Moulton and ask him very nicely to 'kindly spank you because you have been a naughty boy'."© YLeeCoyote

Dale was dumbfounded.  He stood there like a statue with his mouth open.  After a minute, his grandfather spoke: "Go ahead, Dale, Mr. Moulton has three boys and knows exactly how to spank a naughty boy like you."

"Yes, Grandfather." Dale managed after another minute.  He had not anticipated anything like this.  He slowly moved the few steps to Mr. Moulton.  The gardener looked at him and continued his work.

"Mr. Moulton, Grandfather sent me over to ask you to spank me."  He paused and then added: "Of course, if it's too much trouble, you don't have to do it.  I'll just tell Grandpa that you're too busy."

Mr. Moulton put down his rake, removed his work gloves and sat on the porch steps.  Dale knew what was expected and got into position.  "Haven't you forgotten something, lad?" asked the man, snapping the waistband of the boy's briefs.  Dale stood up, pushed down his briefs and resumed the position over Mr. Moulton's lap.  "How would your dad have spanked you – hard, medium or easy?"

Dale was not stupid and so he did not say 'easy' for certainly the man had talked with his grandfather.  "Medium, Sir."

He got a few light spanks to warm him up and he noticed that the gardener's hand was very hard. Then he got twenty hard ones divided over his two cheeks.  He tried not to cry, but he did nevertheless.  When the spanking was over, Mr. Moulton helped him up and pulled up his briefs.  His grandfather was right there on the porch.  Dale dashed up to him and immediately hugged him as he cried.  His grandfather held him as he cried on his shoulder.  Mixed in with his sobs were apologies and promises.  His grandfather took him around to the front door and then up the stairs so that his grandma would not see his tear-stained face.  There he showered and dressed in fresh clothes before going downstairs for dinner.  He appreciated the pillow on his chair and that nothing was said about it.

He made sure to get home on time for the rest of the visit although he did get muddy a couple of times.  As was said before, Dale was not stupid and did not like getting spanked.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., April 8, 2008

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