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The following story is fiction about teaching a bully a life lesson.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The theme of the "Growing Up" series is that a lad is trying to impress his parents that he is maturing and should be treated as such.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Growing Up: The Bully


Thinking back I realized that it had been happening for years but I had not paid any attention.  Unfortunately, no one had paid any attention.  Red was a bully and his favorite target was Jammie.  I had seen Red pick on several guys but most frequently on Jammie both in and out of school.  This time it was different for I took real action like a man should.

Looking back, the way the bullying went had changed.  Years earlier, Red would just shove the smaller and younger (by three years) Jammie about or knock over his stuff or demand his seat in the cafeteria or the bus.  Occasionally, I saw that Jammie had a bruise but he never talked about it.  Actually, we did not talk much at all since we were not friends as I was a year ahead of him while Red who was two years older than I was just a year ahead of me.

I'm not exactly sure why I reacted differently this time.  Red just shoved Jammie against a tree in the local park and said: "Let's go to the grove so you can do what fags love to do, fagboy."

"I'm not a fag." insisted Jammie.

"That's what you say.  Com'on." insisted Red.© YLeeCoyote

"Leave him alone Red." I yelled at him.  I got back a potty mouth response with an order to perform an impossible act upon myself.  That was totally unacceptable!

"You're just a naughty little boy, Red." I said and I grabbed him and pulled him off balance.  That also got me off balance and I plopped down on a bench by the path and with Red falling on top of me.  More precisely, he was over my lap like a kid.  The Fates had kindly set things up.

It was Jammie was gave me the idea for he half asked and half suggested by saying: "You going to SPANK him?"

It was a brilliant idea and I said so.  By now Red was trying to get up and I pinned him down with a leg over his and pushing one of his arms up to his nape.  He may have been a couple of years older but he was not stronger so I could hold him that way.

"Spankings must be on the bare!" instructed Jammie.

"Do it, Jammie." I said as I lifted Red up a bit.  Jammie opened Red's pants and pulled them down.  Red was howling, so I asked if he wanted to attract an audience.  He shut up immediately even in the pretty empty park.  Jammie had not only exposed his butt by pulling Red's jeans down but also his briefs.  Additionally, he pulled his belt free so after I delivered a couple of hand spanks he swung the folded belt at the target.  That produced a major howl as you might have expected and left angry red stripes over my pink hand prints on Red's butt.  Jammie was not going to let this opportunity go to waste so he gave him about a dozen wicked cuts.  Red was limp enough by now so that a few more hard hand spanks left the cowardly bully openly sobbing.

Red was pretty much beat so after I pulled him up, Jammie did not have any trouble tying his wrists together with his own belt, leaving his jeans sagging.  "Let's see about that grove now, boy." I snarled and started frog-marching the teary Red towards the grove with Jammie helping by keeping his pants up.  "Let's see what fun there is out there."

Once there, I told Red that we were going to have fun just like he wanted to while winking at Jammie.  I told Jammie to sit on a low stump with his pants open so that Red could show him how it was done.  Just for safety, I knelt behind the knelling Red and held him by the balls.  "You better not bite or…" I said not bothering to finish the threat and tightening my grip to be sure the message was received.  Soon Jammie was enjoying a bj from the bully.  Not surprisingly all this made me horny and I opened my own jeans freeing my hard shaft.  I was kind and covered it with my spit before ramming it into the bully's hot fuck hole.  He could not howl because his mouth was full.  Both Jammie and I took our time before cumming.

Jammie, always full of good ideas, suggested that we swap places and repeat which we did.  Over the years since, I had the pleasure of other bj's and I gradually realized that Red was an expert showing that he had practice before Jammie and I took him showing he lied about his true nature.  We both cleaned up using Red's shirt as a rag and left him to lick his wounds and crawl back home.

Father was pleased with me when I told him about how I protected a smaller weaker kid from a bully.  "You are growing up son.  A man protects the weak when they need help with bullies.  I'm very proud of you."  I thought that it would be too much like boasting to tell him about the sex and besides a man is discrete talking about his sex conquests.

I'm pleased to report that Red stopped bullying after that.  Also, he liked to go the grove with both Jammie and me to have more fun and to review the pictures from the first time.  He even made us promise not to show them to others so that they wouldn't be jealous.

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