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The following story is fiction about a young man coming of age in one way.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, slavery and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The theme of the "Growing Up" series is that a lad is trying to impress his parents that he is maturing and should be treated as such.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Growing Up: The Key


It was Rey's fourteenth birthday.  Naturally it was very special for in his culture, he was now considered of age in several ways.  Although he still could not drive nor drink intoxicating beverages legally, he was not totally a child anymore.  To celebrate he visited his father.  They went to the big game in the afternoon and then to the stag dinning room at his father's club in formal dress.  They had big venison steaks from a stag shot by club member and potatoes all cooked on an open fire like they would have done had they been on a hunt in the forest.  The boy even had half a mug of beer which the maitre d' just winked at.  It was definitely man's day with his father's style commemoration ever so different than his mother's which was a boys' party, complete with a clown, ice cream and a birthday spanking.

His dad drove them back to his house but then surprised Rey by giving him a key and telling him that there was some urgent business that he had to take care of and would return tomorrow.  Rey was somewhat puzzled but knew enough not to question his father but thanked him for the wonderful day.  "You are well on the way to manhood, son.  Have a good time tonight."  The key was obviously something special for he long had the key to the house.

"Thank you, Father, for a wonderful day." he said getting out of the car and heading for the house.  It was obvious that his father had planned something special but he did not know what as he entered the house.  He studied the key for, excuse the pun, it was surely the key to some special gift from his father.  Two things surprised Rey in the quiet house.  The door to his father's den was open and his father's manservant, the twenty-year-old Timmy, was absent.  That too was significant since Timmy had served as disciplinarian and a babysitter in the past.

«Today is a special day.» he thought as he entered the normally off limits den room after having giving himself permission and took his father's chair to contemplate in the most masculine room in the masculine house, ever so different from his mother's frilly house.  He placed the key on the desk and studied it.  «What was it for?» he pondered.  «It must be something in the house for why else would Dad bring me here and give it to me.»  Although he lived mostly with his mother, he had explored the house a lot as a little boy so he knew it intimately.  He started to go through it in his mind's eye from top to bottom thinking about what the key might fit.

The attic was quickly eliminated for it was raw space full of junk that he had played in a lot and as a kid.  The second floor, was the main living space.  Certainly it was not anything in his own bedroom nor the bath.  Even more surely not the safe in his father's suite.  That left the lower part of the house.  There just were not any locks on the inside beside the desk he was sitting at and they all had the wrong kind of keyholes.  Then the mental light came on.  It must be for the basement door.  So long had he been prohibited from going there that it was not part of his active mental map of the house.  He went to the door and the key fit.  He opened the door and looked down into the dark.  Possession of the key granted permission to enter the previously prohibited space.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Flipping on the light, he started down the steps.  The furnace was in one corner and a lot of junk about and yet another door.  Boldly he walked to the door and used the key again.  Again it worked.  He turned on the light.  He saw bars and a man behind them.  The naked man was kowtowing so that he could not see his face.  All he was wearing was a slave collar which shimmered in the bright light.

Rey knew about slaves.  He saw then in public places and had been taught about them in school, just like about sex and driving as important social skills.  "UP!" he barked, remembering the standard command, and wanting to see the slave.

The slave switched positions and sat up sitting on his heels and saying: "Yes, Master, how may I serve you."  The slave was surprised seeing Rey, rather than its Master, but quickly recovered and corrected itself: "Young Master, how may I serve you." and bowed its head once again.

Rey was also surprised.  He knew this slave well although he had not known that it was a slave.  It was his father's manservant, Timmy, who kept house for him and had in the past even minded him as a babysitter.  Never before had he seen it naked like this in such an obviously inferior position.  Rey knew the slave was not a gift for he was too young to own one and knew that his father liked to challenge him.  His father's tests were far more demanding and exciting than those at school and passing them brought great rewards in patriarchal praise and more privileges for a mature son.  He also thought about the rules he had learnt in school before he spoke again.  "Slave: tell me how you became a slave, your classification and why you are in this cell." he commanded, managing to hide his own nervousness.

"Young Master, when this slave was a boy it was out of control and rather than being sent to a juvenile facility it was enslaved for ten years to be civilized.  It is Class 3D.  It is in this punishment cell for several failures and is now due a spanking before returning to its duties, Sir."

Rey thought carefully about the response and the situation his father had placed him in.  Class 3D made it a domestic slave subject the orders of all those fourteen and over in the household.  Rey noticed that the cell door lock was set to 'latched' rather than 'locked' meaning that he did not need another key to get at the slave.  There was a spanking bench and several punishment implements hanging on the wall waiting to be put to use.

Rey stripped off his good clothes so that he was just in his boxer briefs which was now sporting a large bulge.  He also checked to see what was in the table drawers.  Full of confidence, he issued a command: "Stand!"  The slave sprung to its feet.  It assumed the standard position exactly as Rey remembered from the training film shown in school.  Now he was very glad that he paid close attention for this entire subject.  Already he was feeling the high of being in total control.

He opened the cell door and issued another command: "Get on the bench!" which the slave immediately obeyed.  Rey noted that slave grasped the hand grips tightly.  Rey selected the tawse from the collection on the wall and moved into position.  He raised and swung it down on the target.  A bright red stripe formed and the slave tightened its grip and grunted.  Rey smiled broadly and the bulge in his boxer briefs got bigger.  Over and over he raised the tawse and brought it down on the target with great vigor turning the slave's butt into a flaming hot red mass.

Rey felt very manly fully charged up on testosterone.  He had punished a slave without any help.  But he felt he needed more.  He stripped off his boxer briefs and took the lubricant from the drawer.  He coated his steel hard rod and slapped some on the target hole surrounded by hot red flesh.  He penetrated it deeply with one powerful thrust and then fucked hard for almost three minutes before exploding into the slave.  He remained hard and continued to fuck until he came a second time.  Only then he withdrew and looked to clean his shaft.  There was nothing so he had the slave lick him clean which was also most pleasurable.

"Slave: Take care of my clothes, clean your butt, do any outstanding chores and then sleep on my floor."

"Yes, Young Master." the slave responded smartly.

Rey showered  and to went bed.  He felt very proud of himself for taking more steps to manhood.  He was certain that his father would be pleased.

He awoke before dawn still glowing from the night before while the slave was still sleeping on his floor.  As always, since he was fourteen-years-old, he was horny.  This time he was extra horny thinking of how he had lost his virginity.  He called the sleeping slave.

Once it was awake he commanded: "Suck!"  It immediately came over to him and began to suck his steel hard shaft.  It was something that Rey had never experienced before.  Far better than the bj's he had from his peers.  It brought him close to climax and it then eased off several times until he exploded like never before with a yell, exhausted, yet very satisfied.

"When would you want breakfast, Young Master?" it asked after a few minutes.

"Call me in time to eat with Master." he replied and laid back to rest.  It left taking its rolled up sleeping mat.

Rey went to have breakfast with his father when called and they were served by the naked slave.  "Father, thank you very much for your trust with your slave.  I hope that I chastised it properly."

"Yes, son, you did very well – just as I expected." responded his proud Father.  "I trust you also enjoyed the privileges of a young master."

"Most assuredly, Father, most assuredly I did."

Rey was extremely happy that his dad praised him on what he had done.  Even without asking, he knew that it would be available for future fun.

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