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The following story is fiction about a twelve-year-old who after being strapped by his fourteen-year-old sitter manages to get even and turn the tables showing he more grown up.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The theme of the "Growing Up" series is that a lad is trying to impress his parents that he is maturing and should be treated as such.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Growing Up: The Sitter


Ivan did not like it at all.  He was twelve and felt that he was old enough not to need a babysitter.  His parents almost agreed but they said he was not old enough to sit his kid brother, Jerry, who was only nine.  "Maybe next year, Ivan." they promised.  Although Ivan was not happy, he actually understood and could live with that promise.  What he could not abide was the sitter who got the job.  They had Reggie as a sitter a couple of times before and he was a mean and arrogant know-it-all.  "Reggie is the only one we could get, dear, sorry" explained his mother when he protested.

They had a couple of hours before dinner so Ivan played with his brother in the yard.  Nine-year-old boys rarely care about getting messy and Jerry was no exception.  After a while he was quite muddy because it had rained in the morning.  Unfortunately, Reggie was appalled by the mud and yelled at kid.  It was confusing to the boy because his mother knew that it was normal and healthy and just told him to undress before coming in and bathing.

Part of the yelling included that he was going to be strapped and, to emphasis the point, Reggie even removed his belt.  Jerry was quite scared.  Occasionally, he had gotten spanked but only with a hand and not so very hard at that.  Ivan tried to reason with him that this was normal and their mother just did want the mud tracked into the house.

"Jerry you have been very naughty and you are going to be punished.  Take off your muddy clothes and bend over for a strapping." Reggie yelled.  Jerry turned to his big brother for protection.

Ivan tried again but it did not help.  In desperation, he made a false confession.  "It's not Jerry's fault.  It's mine.  I pushed him into the mud.  Don't strap him but me.  Please."© YLeeCoyote

That got Reggie to smile.  It sure would be a lot more fun strapping that uppity twelve-year-old than that wimpy kid.  "Get in here, immediately.  Both of you." he ordered as he pulled a chair out from the table.  "Ivan drop your pants and bend over that chair for your strapping."

Fearfully, Ivan did as he was ordered and Reggie then proceeded to use his belt.  Over and over he raised it up and brought it crashing down on the exposed tail.  Ivan yelled in pain but bravely kept hold of the chair.  Jerry yelled in sympathy.  After a dozen cuts Reggie stopped and ordered both boys to go up stairs and clean up.

Quite scared Jerry immediately scampered up the stairs and ran to his bedroom where he stripped.  Ivan followed close behind and also stripped.  He did his best to calm his kid brother but hurried him into the tub for a quick joint shower.  Reggie watched in silence even as Ivan dried them both off.  While he perversely relished the view of the red stripes on Ivan's behind, he was definitely jealous of the small bush the younger boy sported which he had not even started.

"Into your pj's now." he ordered and the two complied.  Then they had the dinner which their mother had prepared.  Even though it was early, they were ordered to bed.  Reggie made sure his little brother brushed his teeth and peed.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, they had to face an angry mother.  There was a trail of mud from the back porch to their bedroom and the muddy clothes were there rather than in the laundry room.  It took a lot of explaining and a showing of a still marked bottom to get their mother to believe what had happened.  In short, Reggie forced then to do the wrong things and he certainly did not had any right to strap them at all.  Ivan was praised by his mom for grown up behavior especially protecting little Jerry.  He was quite pleased and quickly decided that the strapping was small price to pay for being elevated in his parents' perception.

In short order, their mother was on the phone with Reggie's mother.  It was barely an hour later that a very unhappy Reggie was ringing their bell.  He had gotten a long tongue lashing from both his parents and was feeling very small.  He was also ordered to return to the scene of his 'crimes' and make amends.

It was with great difficultly that he apologized.  First, to Jerry for scaring him, making him miss a favorite show and improper charges of misbehavior.  Second, to his employer for making a mess and he also returned his ill-gotten fee. Third and hardest was to Ivan for strapping him for he was also required to ask (beg, if necessary) for Ivan to return the strapping.

Not surprisingly, Ivan was most happy to oblige especially with his butt still with fresh memories of the strapping.  Ivan carefully folded the belt and got into position just like Reggie had the night before.  Then he swung the belt as hard as he could which caused Reggie to yell and jump when it connected with his bare bottom.  Jerry laughed at that earning a mild rebuke from his mother.  After a few more cuts Reggie was bawling like a baby but a pleased Ivan kept going.  He had decided on giving back two for each he cut he had received.  After all, Reggie was bigger and older so that was only fair.  By the time Ivan had finished he was delighted that Reggie was bawling like a baby and his bottom was flaming red.

Reggie then spent a couple of hours, scrubbing to remove mud from the floor and walls because he had not allowed Jerry to undress outside.  Only after that was completed was he allowed to put his pants on and return home a much chastened boy.  While he was naked, both Ivan and Jerry took note that Reggie was still a hairless little boy.

Jerry greatly admired his big brother for how much better he took the strapping than had Reggie.  He had yelled less and he had cried less.  In short, he was much more of a man (and had hair to prove it) about it.

Ivan was also pleased.  Not only did his kid brother admire, respect and love him more but he had most favorably impressed his parents.  He was sure that they would not have Reggie as a sitter again.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few weeks later that Ivan was shown a letter from Reggie.  The letter asked for another chance at sitting and claimed that he had learnt his lesson and would do a good job.  Ivan's mother left the decision entirely up to him.  He struggled with it for sometime and without much enthusiasm agreed sensing that he would gain points with his parents for doing so.

The evening that Reggie was to sit again, just before Ivan's parents left, they got a phone call from Jerry's cub scout den leader.  Jerry had gone on a trip with the pack to the city and now they were delayed coming home.  There had been an accident on the railroad and they would be two hours late returning.  The Cubs were happy to get kids' meals to eat on the train.  There was not anything to worry about nor to do.  Jerry's mother advised Reggie to be relaxed about bedtime so Jerry could calm down telling about his trip after he returned home.

Ivan and Reggie now had more than two hours alone together.  They played a couple of video games but Reggie was not very good at them and griped about losing.  They moved on to cards but it was not long before Ivan caught Reggie cheating and called him on it.

"Cheaters get spanked!" insisted Ivan.

Reggie said: "No way, José." and they got physical quite quickly as boys are want to do.  Again, Ivan proved to be superior and soon Reggie was crying "Uncle." in submission.  Ivan was delighted.  Because of the struggle, Ivan gained the right to strip Reggie which he proceeded to do right after he had Reggie kick off his sneakers.  Removing Reggie's T-shirt was quick as he just pulled it off.  Then he opened Reggie's jeans and lowered them.  He pushed Reggie back onto his bed, and pulled the jeans off.  He got Reggie standing again and he repeated the operation with Reggie's tightie-whites.

"I see you're still a hairless, little boy, Reggie." said Ivan taking this opportunity to embarrass the older boy.  "No wonder that you howled like a little baby when you got the strap.  I suppose that you should be spanked like one – laying over my lap."  Of course, Reggie was humiliated by this and Ivan was delighted to be able to say it (unlike the previous time when he was trying to act grown up for his mother).

As he sat on his bed, Ivan snatched a flip flop from the floor that he used as a slipper without Reggie noticing.  He had the older boy get over one leg and clamped him in place with his other.  This was a very comfortable position for Ivan – not having to support Reggie's weight yet having perfect access to his naughty, little boy bottom.

Reggie was not nearly so happy.  He was shamefully naked and submitting to a mere tween to get spanked after losing a struggle.  This was even worse than the other time, although he was quite glad that he was not to be strapped.  A few soft hand spanks to start and Reggie's tail started to turn a light red in promise for what was to come.  Then Ivan increased the force and Reggie began to react.  Ivan grabbed a flailing limb and forced it up Reggie's back to hold him still as he continued to spank.

Reggie was yelling like a baby when Ivan switched to the more potent flip flop and delivered a dozen hard spanks leaving Reggie bawling like a baby.  When Ivan stopped spanking he pushed Reggie to the floor so that he was on his knees between his own legs.

Then Ivan realized that he had a 'problem' of his own.  He had a stiffy that was crying for needed attention.  He opened his own jeans and freed the anxious organ which hit Reggie in the face as he did so.  As he was about to relieve himself he realized that a crying baby needs a pacifier.  He easily guided Reggie head so that his rampant shaft slipped right into the older boy's mouth.

Ivan was delighted when Reggie just started to suck like he must have done at his mother's breast years before for comfort.  Of course, Ivan did not know that but only that the hot mouth was delightful.  He did not take long before he exploded and surprised the naive Reggie with a load of delectable tween cream.

Since they expected Jerry to return soon, they stopped and Reggie got dressed.  He was very aware that a younger boy had gotten the better of him and was appropriately subdued.  Jerry returned soon after and excitedly talked about his day before going to bed.

Ivan reported that Reggie was an acceptable sitter this time and hoping he could be hired again so that after Jerry went to bed he could have more fun.  Well, at least until he did not have to have a sitter.  Ivan hoped that his willingness to give Reggie a second chance would show his parents that he was growing up.  Wisely he sensed that his spanking of Reggie for his cheating and then helping him to recover by suckling was not exactly the sort of stuff that one tells one's mother even though it definitely is a grown up behavior.

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