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The following story is three fictional vignettes of younger brothers taking charge of their older brothers and spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Guided Big Brothers


Here it is, Friday evening – so no school tomorrow – and fifteen year old me is in bed, with my red ass wrapped up in a diaper and it's just seven.  Everything is turned off – my computer, TV, radio, games, cell and lights – everything but my battery powered watch.  Before I left school this afternoon I had plans to meet my buds to eat and then go to the new adventure movie.  Obviously, I'm being punished but my parents are out and haven't seen me since I left for high school early this morning.  I wasn't sent to bed without dinner but it was not a feast by any stretch of the imagination.  I had a luncheon meat sandwich, an apple and a glass of milk.  The extra was a packet of mustard that I happened to have.

Downstairs, in our home theater, my brother, Todd, and his best friend, Don, are enjoying the championship game in HD.  They've ordered a couple of hot, fresh, delicious pizzas and there is lots of tasty soda in the 'frig and munchies in the cupboard.

When I got home from school, my brother made his usual checks.  There, in my pack, was the exam paper with the big red "F" and a comment that if I had done my homework I probably would have done better.  Obviously, I should have done better and I didn't even have any excuses.  My brother ordered me to cancel my plans for the weekend for I was going be busy full time catching up.  Then I had to strip completely for a whipping after handing Todd my heavy wide leather belt.  Yes, my brother uses my own belt on me.  I assumed the position on my bed with my butt sticking up and Todd gave me ten hard cuts with the thick belt.  The only reason that I did not scream is that I was biting the sheet as hard as I could.  If I don't take it like a macho man – in silence – then I get extra.  He showed me the picture he took and it reminded me of the baboons in the zoo.  I was red and swollen like a female baboon in heat.  I was given my cold, miserly dinner and then told to shower, brush and eliminate.  At six, I was wrapped up in the diaper so that I would not have any excuse to get out of bed.

You're probably thinking that my brother is a big college man who been in charge of me since forever.  A guy who could whip my ass in a fight without working up a sweat.  Well, he isn't.  Todd is just twelve and in the seventh grade (that's middle, not high, school) and is a bit of shrimp.  I could whip his ass with one hand tied behind my back yet he bosses me about like I was a little kid.  He has a powerful and extremely dominant personality.  He started puberty more than a year ago and that was one of the results.  He may be a shrimp but he already packing more in his briefs than I do in mine and he still got a lot of growing ahead of him.  If I hear him say "Robert Dewey Schweig…" I start to jump and worry about how high on the way up.

Todd even bosses my friends about just as he commands me.  A couple of months ago, Luke (who is almost fifteen) and I got into the liquor cabinet.  We were about to pour ourselves drinks when Todd caught us.  "Put that back immediately." he barked and we obeyed, perhaps even faster than if it had been Dad who caught us.  We were lectured about the evils of drink and the crimes we were committing and then we each got strapped.  In turn, we each dropped our jeans and briefs and leaned over the end of the couch for ten cuts from the belt.  I knew that Mom and Dad would have backed Todd up so I had to obey.  It is Todd's personality that made Luke (and others) obey him.  He also knew that Todd won't tell so when the pain of the strapping fades, it's truly over.  Well, we both got razed in the showers the next day at school.  Our friends made sure everyone knew that it was not our dads but my kid brother that had marked us.  None of the guys who know Todd think that is strange in the least.© YLeeCoyote

I hang out with a group of about ten guys and there are several others who also have brothers.  A couple of those big brothers are real assholes and we do our best to avoid them because they are constantly bossing us around and like to show off their muscles usually by hurting us.  A couple of our younger brothers seem to act like we behave like that.  We, as a group, have tried to avoid that.  My brother is different.  My friends, like I do, accept his dominance and discipline without complaint and understand that I must all the time.

Todd has essentially a perfect record in terms of making the right decisions which makes it much easier to have him as a leader.  Although he is strict he is also fair, balanced and calm.  He is not cold and calculating like Mr. Spock, but just very controlled.  I do wish that he would not shave my pubes whenever he puts me into a diaper, however.  He explained that should I wet or soil the diaper, it would be much easier to clean me.  He also said it is good that I don't like it and reminds me that it does not have to happen.

I guess that it would be fair to note that Todd has prevented me from getting into real trouble a few times and I'm very grateful for that.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Luke, get down here immediately." bellowed my father while I was still in bed.  It was not yet even ten on this Saturday morning and that was not good.  I dragged my ass down wearing nothing but my briefs for Dad does not like to be kept waiting.  He immediately interrogated me about school and I owned up that I did not do very well on a test.  "Not very well?" he repeated and handed me my failed test.  I had left my pack open in the hall and it had fallen out.  I was immediately condemned to studying that weekend.  Then Dad called Mr. Schweig because he knows that when I fuckup so does Rob.  He was out but Todd answered and Dad soon learnt that Rob was in the same hot water as I was.

"Perhaps they could study together, Sir." suggested Todd.  "I'm sure that we can find another pillow for Luke to sit on."  Dad was using the speaker phone so I heard it all.  Dad gave me twenty minutes to eat, shower and dress.  To help keep me focused before he drove me over to Rod's place he spanked me.  He spanked me like I was a little boy.  He opened my jeans, lowered them, pulled down my underwear and took me over his lap.  At least we were alone so nobody saw.  Then he gave it to me really hard with Grandma's old hairbrush.  That wicked thing is like a small paddle as it made of solid, dense, hard oak.  I may be almost sixteen but draped over Dad's lap make me feel like a little boy so I responded like one and was soon crying.  I was still sobbing when Dad lead me to the car for the drive.

Both Todd and Rob could tell that I had been bawling and knew that I had been spanked.  Any possible doubts were resolved because Dad made me bring my pillow to sit on.  A few minutes later, Rob and I were studying at his desk.  My cell phone was turned off and in my pack.  Because we needed the computer to study, Rob and I had a temptation that we yielded to.  He checked his email after we had been working a while and got a link we just had to check out immediately.  Unfortunately, not only were there hot pictures but a loud music track that started immediately.  Todd was there before we could kill it.  We were busted.  We knew that we were going to get it, immediately, because Todd had told us that any non-authorized use would have severe consequences for untrustworthy boys.

"Strip, immediately." he ordered.  We both knew to obey and keep our mouths shut.  Naked we laid side by side on Rob's bed for our spankings.  "Luke, you're still red from your father's spanking just a couple of hours ago.  Obviously, it was insufficient."

"Damn" I thought, "he's right." but that's as far as I got before I felt the strap on my already sore butt.  It made me see stars and howl.  My yelling caused me to get rebuked by Todd and admonished to take it like a man.  Rob helped by putting his hand over my mouth.  It seemed like forever before he moved over to strap Rob.  I must have gotten two dozen hard and very painful strokes.  Todd then had us take a bathroom break to drain and wash.  When we returned, we had to put on kid's briefs with cartoon characters printed on the seats.  Todd also told us to try to go to that site again.  The screen turned red and a notice came up that it was prohibited.  Todd had adjusted the nanny program.  We knew better than to say anything.

Rob's mother made us some lunch and then we went back to studying.  After a couple hours we were given a recess and sent outside to play ball in the backyard like grade school kids. Since it was a warm day, we played wearing just the superhero briefs.

When Dad picked me up, he thanked Todd for watching me and especially for the strapping.  "My pleasure, Sir.  I had to strap Rob so it wasn't any trouble at all."  On Sunday, Rob was at my house studying with me.  I was not allowed to dress properly until Monday morning for school.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an email from my cousin and I eagerly opened it.

Want to see the big game?  Got a ticket if you want it?
You can even spend the week.

Did I ever!  "Absolutely!" I replied immediately and was checking with the 'rents about spending the week.  They agreed and a month later I was off to spend the spring break with my cousin.  I'm just a few months older and we are the best of friends.  I don't know how he managed to talk his 'rents into giving permission but we were also going to have a three of nights at the cabin at the lake.  Best of all – no parents!

On Sunday, Uncle Marc took Luke and I to the championship game.  It was wonderful.  Uncle Marc is much more relaxed and permissive than my Dad.  Dad is constantly on my case about everything.  There are times when I wonder when he going to tell me that it's time to jerk off.  Unk expects that Luke and I know enough to take a leak before the long ride to the game and he only took a couple of minutes to remind us that we were expected to behave properly.

On Monday, we took the bus up to town near the cabin.  Unk had arranged with a local man to provide us with taxi service to the cabin and placed a grocery order so we would have food.  There were four of us – Luke's buddy, Rob, his kid brother, Todd, Luke and I.  I couldn't really understand that this would not have happened if Todd had not been along yet Rob and Luke insisted that it was the only way.  I figured if the kid was too much of a nasty brat, we could just tie him up and still have our fun.

I had not realized that there was going to be a lot of grunt work because the cabin had been closed for the winter.  Since the others got right to work, I could not loaf like I could with the 'rents and had to pull my share of the load.  Todd seemed to direct everything, yet he did not bark orders (like my dad would have) but made gentle suggestions.  Rob and Luke took them.  Todd suggested that I hold him up to get the storm shutter latches rather than fuss with the ladder – faster and easier.  The kid was right and not too heavy to hold up as he was pretty small.  We even got the rowboat out of the shed and down to the lake shore.

After lunch we took a break and a hike.  The woods were just getting into spring and were very different that I had seen them.  We finished up the setup work and had dinner.  I was to share the double bed with Todd because it would mean less laundry in the future.  I was surprised when Todd stripped for bed for he wasn't a shrimp everywhere.

As I said, I was surprised that we could go without any 'rents just a the agreement to be well behaved.  When we headed for the pond Tuesday morning, I found out what that was all about.  I was a stupid, stubborn asshole and refused to put on a life vest like the others had.  It wasn't like it was going to mess up my tan since we were dressed.  "I can swim." I insisted.

Todd really tried to persuade me, but I was pigheaded.  Eventually, he said: "I think you need a good spanking, young man."  I laughed but Rob and Luke agreed and tried to convince me.  That was my last chance and I blew it for I continued to refuse.

"I sorry it had to come to this, Matt.  We all tried to get you to do the right thing the easy way.  Now you are going to get a spanking."

"No way, Jose." I said.  "You're not my father."

"But he is in charge, Matt."  That is why we could come." said my cousin.

"Now get over Todd's lap, ASAP.  If we have to force you, it will be worse." followed up Rob.  I figured I would make myself scarce for a while until these guys came to their senses and started to move away.  I was too late and too slow.  Rob and Luke grabbed me.  Separately, I could have easily taken each of them but together they could control me.  With my arms in hammer locks, they dragged me over to Todd who was now sitting on the end of the bench.  Todd opened my belt and jeans and yanked them down.  My briefs followed immediately.

"Are you going to cooperate, Matt?" Luke asked.

It finally dawned on me that resisting was not helping.  I was going to get spanked no matter what I did so I gave in and said yes.  Also, with my jeans about my ankles, I could not run.  I was positioned over Todd's lap with my head down on the ground so my butt was well raised up.  Rob pulled my sandals off and gave one to Todd who certainly knew how to use it most effectively.  Once I agreed to the spanking, I figured it would not hurt.  I was very wrong.  Every SPANK hurt a lot.  Todd was mad and put his all into it and the sandal made him most effective.  I did my best to be macho but he quickly got to me and I was begging for mercy.  "I'll be good." I promised.  "Please, stop, please."  Rob and Luke then held me and Todd really piled it on hard.  I broke and started to sob and then to cry.  He did not stop then but continued until I was crying all out.  When he stopped, they lifted me up and even pulled my pants up.  My face got wiped and I was handed a life vest which I put on.  We got into the boat and pushed off.  I was very aware of being a well spanked boy on the wooden seat.  I was not allowed to sulk.

Rob was rowing and I was on the stern seat with Luke.  He carefully explained that Todd, young as he was, was in charge.  "He's just a good leader and gets things right.  It takes a bit of getting use to, but our Dads approve.  We thought you would show good sense, follow us and the rules and not have know.  We figured it would be upsetting."  He paused a bit to let that settle in.  "We're sorry that you had to get spanked, but we want to be able to do this again and that requires we be good and trustworthy."

That required a lot to take in and adjust to.  "Anything else you haven't told me?" I asked.

"Nope.  You heard all the rules many times and you're expected to be grown up enough to follow them.  Save your foolish behavior for when you're with your folks."

I felt like a big fool and a baby.  I was the oldest and instead of acting responsibly, I was rebelling against parents who weren't there.  Rob said it was my turn to power our little ship and we swapped seats.  As I pulled on the oars, I decided that I needed to apologize so I did.  Luke and Rob were pleased that I did that and accepted but pointed out two things.  I had to tell Todd and I was due a second spanking for my unacceptable conduct.  "Can you be man enough to ask for it?" asked Luke.  The idea of asking for another spanking while I was still hurting from the first was scary.  Of course, the way they said it told me that I was going to get it no matter what.

I'm sure Todd had heard everything but I turned and he faced me when I called.  I apologized for being an a-hole and owned up that I deserved another spanking.  He said he would oblige me and we agreed to just before bedtime.  We had fun the rest of the day.  Once I accepted that flaunting the rules was childish and fighting with my peers rather than higher authority, I found that it was easier to follow the rules.  It was even more fun.  However, the time came for me to get spanked again.

I told Todd I was ready for my spanking and he explained how I should bend over after stripping.  Then he took his belt to my ass.  It was very different getting it this way.  It was much more dignified and although it actually hurt more, I did not feel like crying.  My butt was very red and hurt more but I survived.  Rob and Luke told me that I took it well – like a man.  Looking back I see how it changed me for the better.  Not the strap itself but not fighting it while owning up to my failure.

Todd and I talked long into the night that night and the next.  He really surprised me for he was ever so smart.  I got to understand why he was in charge and absolutely loved his gentle style especially contrasted with my fathers' dictatorial one.  He encouraged me to not to fight rules just because they were rules but only when there was a real reason.  "Not the shit I did with the life vest." I said and he laughed in agreement.  "That was pretty stupid." I agreed.  I even confessed that I had brought a hunk of rope to deal with him should he had turned into that monster of a kid brother just like I had dealt with a friend's kid brother.  Todd made me think about that a lot.

After I got home, I kept thinking about Fred and I having tied up his kid brother, Jimmy, for being a pest.  I realized that it had been a very wrong thing to do and that I had to make amends.  I discussed it with Fred several times but he did not agree with me completely.  Then one evening I spoke with Jimmy with Fred present.  First of all, it was hard to get Jimmy to listen since he stayed away from his brother and his friends because we mistreated him but I cornered him and had Fred promise to behave properly.  It was very hard to explain and apologize but eventually I got the words out.  "I was wrong.  I'm sorry."

Jimmy was skeptical and I don't blame him.  He asked: "Does that mean you won't do that shit again?"

"Yes.  And you can even punish me – tie me up; spank me.  Whatever you think is fair." I said.

That really got his interest.  Fred did not sign on but Jimmy immediately took me up on my offer.  By the time the weekend arrived, Fred had signed on to the deal.  Jimmy was flying high,

Jimmy had us both strip and then tied us up like we had done to him.  It was not comfortable position and it got worse with time.  Jimmy told us that we would be spending twice the time that he had tied this way and then we would be spanked.  It was going to be a very long day.  It was actually a relief when Jimmy untied me and had me lie crosswise on the bed with my butt up.  He tied my wrists together and to the bed frame.  A few minutes later, Fred was tied next to me.  I did not like the way he looked at me, but I knew I had to repent and atone for mistreating Jimmy so much.  "I trust that you guys are more comfortable in this position." he asked.  After we admitted we were he asked: "Well, are you man enough to take your spankings … or do you want to chicken out like wusses?"  Some question!  We certainly could not quit now for one can't show weakness before a kid brother or a friend's kid brother.

He showed us the heavy belt he had found.  "This is going to hurt you two much more than I." he chuckled.  "But you deserve it for the all times you hit me."  Jimmy then walked around to the other side and slid the belt over our asses and gave each of us a light hit.  He came back around and put a sign up against the wall.  It was blank but he explained the other side was the number of strokes we were to get … unless we yelled "Uncle".

He gave each of us three light ones and then they got really hard.  I lost count at eight and a couple later Fred yelled "UNCLE!  UNCLE!"  Jimmy did not say anything but I got three more before he stopped.  Fred was sobbing both from the pain and the shame of stopping his kid brother.  I'm sure that the strapping I got from Todd had taught me to accept more.  Perhaps I had more trust in Jimmy keeping things fair.  I'm not sure at all.

Jimmy pickup my legs and rolled me over so I was face up.  My wrists were still tied to the bed rail and now he tied my ankles to the other side.  Then he did the same with his brother.  "There's just one more things, guys.  You have teased me about not having pubes when you got them even though you were three years older.  That wasn't nice and now it's my turn."  It took all my will power not to complain like Fred was doing.  After a minute, Jimmy stuffed a sock into his mouth to shut him up.  I had decided that to fully repent I had to accept everything that Jimmy decided on although I knew that it I would get razed in the showers at school.  I hoped that would be a small price to have an clear conscience.  I did not watch as Jimmy took the clipper to my pubes.  I knew that I would see the change later.

Jimmy then went to work on Fred.  It did not take very long and Fred was sobbing again.  Fred's behavior seemed to anger Jimmy for after he finished with the clipper, he got a razor and stuff and did a full job, "Fred, you act like such a big baby that you should be baby smooth." he explained.  He left us lying there awhile and I tried to calm Fred telling him they would grow back.  He untied me first and then shook my hand saying we were even and that we should stay that way.  I agreed and was feeling a lot better than a day ago even though my butt was sore.  I was surprised when I checked out my pubes.  He had given me a crew cut rather than a baldy.  He explained that I had been acting like a man and not a baby so he had just given me a trim rather than a shave like Fred got.

Fred was not happy.  He had broken under pressure from his brother and I had not.  Jimmy had gotten it right with three warm up and twelve hard strokes with the belt but Fred had yelled "Uncle" with only a few more to go.  That, and his whining, cost him his pubes.  Even more important, he lost his brother's respect.  All Fred did for the rest of the day was sulking in his room after driving us both out.  Jimmy wanted to talk.  His question was simple.  "Did I over do it?"

"I don't think so; certainly not for me.  Your brother is used to getting his way and you got the better of him today."  I also told him about my experience with Todd and how it helped me more than a dozen spanking from my Dad.  At his request, I put him into contact with Todd.

Fred seemed OK after a few weeks but he was changed.  He totally stopped bullying Jimmy and let him led just like Todd did with his older brother.  He gets into a lot less trouble now.

Father noticed that I had changed and he talked to me about it.  I told him about how my experiences with Todd had changed me and that I had even made peace with Jimmy.  Father did not seem terribly impressed but he had been.  A few days later he had Jimmy over for dinner and then we had a three way discussion.  Dad had found a way to avoid the problem he had with his strict methods – Jimmy was now in charge of me.  I was to obey him and accept his discipline.  He would set my curfew and was authorized to punish me with groundings, loss of allowance and spankings.  Resistance would result in a strapping from Dad.  Jimmy started immediately by checking my school assignments and I was behind.  I got a well deserved strapping immediately.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 31, 2009

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