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The following story is fiction about an advanced high school having trouble with college classmates.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, paddling and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The HS Geek vs. the ΨΞΩ Pledges


Roger Ketner was his parents' pride and joy for he was a top notch student.  Still only sixteen-years-old he was a high school senior and not just taking advanced placement classes but an actual college course at the local college.  It certainly was to be expected that he was the youngest in the class.  The other students in the class were freshmen and sophomores who ranged in age from eighteen to twenty-years-old.

Although it was an advanced course for a high school student, it was the introductory course in the field so that many students had to take it.  Of interest to us were Teesdale and Vanderweel.  They were both twenty-year-old freshmen and pledging the ΨΞΩ fraternity.  They were not top students by a long shot being far more interested in sports and they were being groomed for one of the varsity teams.

To most of his college classmates Ketner was just another student albeit the youngest and the brightest in the class.  However Teesdale and Vanderweel did not like him and were more than certain that the little boy should still be in high school.  It was after the first major exam that the two decided that the upstart needed to be taught a lesson for he had gotten the top grade and only one of them had barely passed.  Exactly what 'lesson' was not defined but that did not even give the bullies pause.

They surrounded him after class and promised him a ride so he wouldn't have to take the bus.  Pretending friendship they got him to the back of a parking lot and then into the adjacent wooded area so that they were alone.  By the time he realized that they were up to no good, it was too late to get away.  "You're getting a spanking for being a stuck up know-it-all teacher's pet, boy!" they told him.  He wanted to run but they each had a tight grip on him.

There was a convenient fallen tree and Teesdale sat down on it.  While Vanderweel held Ketner's arms behind him, Teesdale opened the youth's pants and then along with his undies yanked them down to his ankles.  Now that he was hobbled, it was easy to push the youth over Teesdale's lap.  It started with a hard SPANK.  This was new to Ketner although very familiar to the other two as they had endured many spanking at the hands of parents and teachers as they were growing up.  The first "OUCH!" was quickly followed by a dozen more as Ketner's butt turned bright red.© YLeeCoyote

That shade of red did not satisfy Vanderweel at all.  He pulled his heavy leather belt from his pants, doubled it over and then started swinging it.  He used this wicked weapon to turn Ketner's bottom deep dark red and get him crying.  The two, now satisfied with their great achievement, abandoned the boy there.  After a few minutes, Ketner got up, rubbed his sore butt, pulled up his pants, blew his nose and wiped his face.

Slowly he made his way back to the bus stop stopping in one of the classroom buildings to wash up.  He quickly rejected the idea of reporting the event realizing that it would be his word against theirs and they would probably have the support of their frat brothers with a bogus alibi.  "I'll have to devise a plan to get them." he decided as he waited for his bus.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was only a few hours later that Ketner knew what he was going to do.  Fortunately high tech equipment was readily available at prices he could afford.  Within a couple of days he had purchased a wearable miniature spy cam that would connect wirelessly to his smart phone.  He programmed his phone to upload the video file every few minutes to a secure storage location on the web.  Should those cretins pull any more stunts, he would have the necessary evidence to get the school and maybe even the DA to act.

Ketner thought that the cretins looked surprised to see him at the next class but they did not exchange words and they avoided each other.  After the next class, Teesdale and Vanderweel spoke to him.  They claimed to be sorry that they had spanked him and offered limp apologies.  They invited him back to the ΨΞΩ frat house where (they said) there was a get together and he could meet other members.  Ketner was, naturally, suspicious but wanting to get some hard evidence went along after accepting their apologies.

The get together turned out to be for a couple of hours later he learnt when they got to the empty frat house.  "Have a drink and relax, Ketner." said Teesdale and opened the refrigerator with the drinks.  He got three beers and opening one offered it to Ketner and gave one to Vanderweel.

"I don't drink." he said quietly, "What kind of soda do you have?"

"Soda is for babies – not for men.  Drink up." exclaimed Vanderweel.

"None of us is old enough to drink legally." he said.  They laughed and downed their beers.  "I wonder what the DA and the Dean will do when they see these pictures, boys."  And he showed them offering a minor alcohol and drinking themselves.

"Delete that boy or we'll smash your phone." Teesdale snarled.

"That won't do you any good.  It's uploaded to the cloud already." explained Ketner quietly.  "Now be good little boys and fetch your paddles for me."  He paused as they stared unbelievingly.  "NOW!  CHOP CHOP!"  They were not sure what to do but Ketner just repeated his orders and they complied.

When he had the two paddles, he gave another order.  "Strip and assume the position."  Ketner was sure they knew better what that was than he did.  A couple of minutes later the miscreants were bent over presenting their bare rumps just as if Ketner had been an active member of ΨΞΩ dealing with two pledges.  "It's no wonder that you behave like babies for you are without pubes." he taunted as he saw their naked bodies.  He was savoring what was to come was as they were getting into position.

It was with great pleasure that Ketner delivered each WHACK to the bare butts before him.  He had gotten up to three each when they were interrupted.  Stockwood, Teesdale's big brother and pledge master, walked in and demanded to know what was happening.  "These naughty boys spanked me a couple of weeks ago and today they have been drinking and even offered me a beer.  I am punishing them good and proper."

"Teesdale is this correct?" demanded Stockwood of his pledging little brother who had to admit it since the beer cans were still in evidence.  He did likewise with Ketner with the same result.  He also found out who the paddle wielding youth was.  "I think you should proceed, Mr. Ketner."

He watched as Ketner gave each of them a couple of more whacks and then he gave him several pointers about being more effective with the paddle.  Ketner immediately saw that Stockwood was correct for both Teesdale and Vanderweel reacted much more than previously after he altered his swing.

Stockwood then chastised the two pledges for not following the proper protocol for a punishment paddling.  "Please start from scratch, Ketner.  Pops only count when properly acknowledged."

Ketner swung the paddle once again.  Teesdale gave a howl and then "Thank you, Sir.  May I have another?"  That brought a huge grin to Ketner's face and he also gave the other pledge, Vanderweel, a pop swinging the paddle in his new style.  The results were similar.  After ten more acknowledged pops for each, Stockwood indicated that it was enough and Ketner stopped.

"Teesdale, Mr. Ketner has a big hard problem because of you.  Take care of it for him." Stockwood said commandingly.

"Yes, Big Brother." replied the red-assed Teesdale as he got into position kneeling directly in front of Ketner.  "May I, Sir?" he asked reaching to open the same belt he opened without permission a couple of week earlier.  Of course, he did not wait for an acknowledgment as he was following his Big Brother's orders. The surprised Ketner just stood there anticipating the pleasure to come.  He may have been a geek but he was as horny as any other teen and certainly was not going to refuse to be pleasured.  As his pants and undies fell, his hard cock sprung forth practically poking an eye out.  Then Teesdale proved that he was very experienced and immediately engulfed the anxious shaft totally.  He proceeded enthusiastically for two good reasons – he wanted to please his big brother and he liked what he was doing especially if he was not doing it on his own.

Ketner was, naturally, very delighted.  He could not resist the experienced fellator very long and he soon exploded blasting his large teen load into the welcoming maw of the pledge.  He was very happy with this turn of events.  But with the stamina of a teen, he still needed more.  Again, Stockwood noticed and came to his rescue.  "Vanderweel: Present Hole." he commanded.  Ketner was again surprised for the pledge immediately bent over again re-exciting Ketner with his hot red-rump with its winking hole.  "Now that you're nice and wet, Roger, enjoy this hot hole."  The youth did not need to be forced but eagerly stepped forward, grabbed the pledge's hips and rammed his hard shaft deep into the bullying pledge's tail.  It was fantastic both for the pleasure and the feeling of revenge.  When he finished Stockwood assigned the miscreants some extra chores and accompanied Ketner to the bus stop so that they could talk.  Ketner was sure that his troubles with the two were over and he now had an upperclassman friend.  He did not anticipate what else would happen.

At the next class session each of the pledges gave Ketner an envelope along with a polite greeting.  Ketner noticed that their bravado was missing as they quietly took their seats.  Each envelope contained a handwritten apology for the prior bullying behavior and a thank you for the punishment paddling from the bearer.  They also contained a certificate from ΨΞΩ fraternity signed by the president that gave him great authority over the two including the right to paddle and use them sexually.  The pair was required to show him the respect as due to any of the actives.

Roger was certainly that the bullying was past but looked forward to dealing with them in the future.  Being a disciplinarian not only felt good but came with wonderful side benefits.  He thought about how the two were often disruptive in class and all.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 28, 2016

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