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Proper Use of a Hairbrush


Part 1

Timmy froze when he heard his brother yelling.  Yelling, no, bellowing at him about using his mini-screwdriver as a pry bar.  The screwdriver from his almost still brand-spanking-new-birthday-present craft/model toolbox.  Ralph kept yelling at him as he dragged him over his bed where he sat down.

"I told you NEVER EVER to touch my tools!  Now, not only did you do that but you were using it improperly!"  With that he pulled down his brother's jeans and shorts and hauled him over his lap.  Ralph was furious and he spanked his little brother hard.  Very hard.  But that did not assuage his anger.  As his brother yelled and promised and begged for mercy, he saw what he needed – his big, wide, heavy hard wood backed hairbrush.  He leaned over and grabbed the evil brush.


Timmy was howling like a banshee.  Ralph continued to use the hairbrush.© YLeeCoyote


"STOP!  RALPH STOP THAT IMMEDIATELY!" roared their father as he dashed into the boys' room.

Dad was angry that Ralph was abusing his little brother.  Yes, Ralph had the right to be angry but not to beat his brother.

"What is this, Ralph?" asked his father holding up the hairbrush.

"A hairbrush, dad." answered Ralph.

"And what is it for?"

"Brushing hair." said Ralph softly.  He had a terrible premonition.

By now Timmy had stopped crying and pulled his pants up over his hot red but not permanently injured behind.  Dad was very upset with his big brother.  He was going to get to see his brother get it (a rare treat) and that took precedence over his own pain.  He had not any idea of how but he was sure that he was going to like it.  Dad whispered something into Timmy's ear.

"YES, SIR!" he said as he bounded up the stairs to the attic to get what dad wanted.  In just a minute he was back holding the item out to his father.

"Ralph, what is Timmy holding?"

Ralph gulped and said: "Your fraternity paddle."

"And what is it for?"

"Paddling butt."

"Strip and assume the position."  It was all that Timmy could do to keep from cheering as he watched his big brother strip completely and then bend over holding his ankles.

Dad raised the paddle and brought it down hard on the upturned bottom of his eldest son.

THWACK!  Ralph howled in pain.  He howled for the next few also as his butt turned bright red. Dad stopped and ordered him to lie on his bed with his knees on the floor.  When Ralph was in position, dad handed the paddle to Timmy.  "Give him a few, Timmy."

"Yes, dad."  Timmy swung the paddle a few times in the air as if he was on deck in a baseball game and then stepped over to his big brother.  The paddle connected squarely – Thwack!  Ralph yelped even though the blow was not nearly as hard as his dad's.  Timmy took full advantage and quickly gave his big brother another five hits with the paddle.  He paused.

"Do you think that's enough, Timmy?" dad asked in the quiet tone that indicated that it was not really a question.  Timmy thought about it for a minute.  Paddling his big brother was certainly fun but dad was definitely hinting that he should stop.  It was certainly not a good idea to provoke dad at this time.

"Just one more, dad."  Dad nodded and Timmy raised the paddle for the last time.  Ralph body's tensed and he bit the bedspread in anticipation of a heavy blow.  Then Timmy brought the heavy paddle down lightly on the target.  He wanted his brother to know that it was his choice and to "own him one".

"Boys, you are not to hit each other, PERIOD."

"Yes, sir." they both responded as dad left them.

Ralph was hurting badly and just collapsed on his bed.  Timmy could not help but to have sympathy for his big brother.  He went to the bathroom and wet a towel with cold water.  He returned and placed it on his brother's flaming butt.  "Thanks, Tim." was all that Ralph could manage.

Part 2

Timmy was not happy with how his brother was treating him.  The problem started two weeks earlier when Ralph giving him a well deserved spanking with a hairbrush for using his tools both improperly and without permission.  Dad's reaction was to paddle him with his frat paddle and even have Timmy give him several swats.  Since then Ralph had been giving Timmy the cold shoulder.  When you're twelve and your big brother who you idolize acts as if you don't exist, it is very difficult.  Timmy had tried repeatedly to talk with Ralph to apologize and beg forgiveness but there was never any answer.

He talked about his problem with his friends and they pooled their collective wisdom (along with that of some big brothers).  A few days later, Timmy went to the hobby shop and got a new screwdriver to replace the one he had bent.  He also went to the lumber yard and got a piece of maple about 10 x 4 x 3/8 inches (25 x 10 x 1 cm).  He spent two afternoons in the wood shop carefully shaping a small paddle and really making it nice and smooth.  He took two more days to put five coats of vanish on sanding and steel wooling each one glassy smooth.  He even put a inscription between the second and third coats of vanish.

Timmy carefully gift wrapped both items separately and left them on Ralph's plate when he set the table for dinner.

"What this?" asked Ralph as he sat down.  Their parents did not know and dad suggested that he open them and find out.  Ralph opened the little package first and saw the screwdriver.

Timmy filled the silence with a very sincere "I'm really sorry, Ralph."

Ralph remained silent until he realized how his dad was glaring at him.  He was not so happy to say what was obviously expected but he managed a limp "Thank you."  He then opened the second package.  All could see the small paddle as Ralph studied the brief but extremely significant inscription.  He was too confused to say anything and just passed it to dad.

Dad studied the inscription and turned to his youngest.  Timmy, with eyes downcast said: "Yes, dad, I trust Ralph." before dad could speak.

Dad handed to paddle back to Ralph with a simple: "Don't betray your bother's trust."  The threat was clear.

Automatically, Ralph answered: "Yes, dad."  But he was not sure just what this meant.  Surely though his little brother was trying hard to make up for the past and dad just seemed to have given him permission to paddle his brother.  He was very quiet through the meal.

It was that evening, after their parents had gone visiting and they had done some homework that Ralph asked the question. "You really mean what you wrote on the paddle and what you told dad at dinner?"


Ralph was sitting on his bed and indicated that Timmy was to sit next to him.  "You really did deserve that spanking I was giving you."

"I know.  And you did not deserve the one dad gave to you and I'm sorry I enjoyed it so much."

"I don't like IT hanging on the wall either where my friends can see it."

"You can hang this one over it." Timmy said as he picked up the paddle and handed to him again.  "Your friends will not laugh at that.  They will probably be jealous."

Ralph hugged his little brother.  "You really are a brat!  I ought to paddle you right now."

Timmy continued to hug his brother back.  He felt that his brother had returned from a long trip.  He wanted to tell his brother that he should try out his new gift by finishing the spanking that he started weeks ago but he could not find the words.  All he could do was whisper barely audibly and very hesitatingly: "Yeah."

As Timmy continued to hug his brother, Ralph opened the lad's jeans and pulled them down along with his shorts.  "It's time for your spanking, Timmy."

"Yes, Sir." Timmy whispered as Ralph guided him into position.  Unlike last time not only wasn't there any resistance but Timmy seemed very anxious to assist.  Ralph was not angry like he was last time but he understood that Timmy needed a real spanking – and from him.  He caressed the tender buns of his little brother a little bit and then started to spank them.  He hit moderately hard at first until Timmy's buns were a bright red and then gave him a few hard ones.  Timmy was sobbing and promising to be good for ever about everything.  Ralph picked up the lovingly made paddle and smacked each check six times hard.  Timmy was bawling but never tried to resist.  Ralph held his brother for a long time.

Eventually, Timmy told Ralph that he loved him so very much.  As he was wiping the tears away Ralph told his brother to go to bed.  While Timmy was getting ready, Ralph placed the new paddle on the hook with dad's big fraternity paddle.

Just before he hopped into bed, Timmy turned the paddle over so that the inscription showed:




The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 1, 2001

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