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The following story is fiction about a youth not doing well in school.  The story contains scenes of humiliating spanking and strapping by a social inferior.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the second part of the story and, of course, you should start with Part 1

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Hall Boy's Leathering 2/3


It was about a month after Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III returned to school that the Master of the house, Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton junior, summoned the Hall Boy Tom to see him.  "I understand that you leathered my son a month ago.  Do you know why?  How did you feel about it?"

Tom would have loved to say that he absolutely loved it but had the presence of mind to temper such enthusiasm with the Master.  "Yes, Sir.  Your father was feeling poorly so he ordered me to and I did my best.  He did not say and I certainly would not ask why Master Kendrick was deserving of such a punishment.  It was certainly more pleasant than being leathered myself.  I hope it was satisfactory, Sir."

The Master smiled.  "Yes, and it is proving to be effective.  His school reports that he is doing better."

Tom practically jumped out of his skin as he thought how great it would be to do it again but kept tight control of his tongue.  It surely could not be good to tell the Master of the house that he liked, no LOVED to leather and spank his son.  "I know my father would be pleased if he had gotten such a report about me so I guess that you are pleased." he said with restraint.

"Have you given any thought to your future, lad?"© YLeeCoyote

"Oh, yes Sir.  I was thinking about being a valet although I would need training for that."  He paused a second and then dared to express a more explicit thought.  "Your son will be needing a valet when he goes off to the university in a couple of years.  Perhaps that would be a good place to start."

The master paused a minute before declaring that he'll consider the matter.

Two weeks later Tom found that he was attending school once again although only part time to study basics in preparation to learn to be a gentleman's gentleman.  He was thrilled.  He would have been even more thrilled had he known what warning the Master had given his son about slacking off at school.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the next school break and Kendrick junior was greatly displeased with his son's school report for it showed several canings and some just marginal grades.  The young master had many excuses but all were rejected.  He was positively stunned at what his father ordered.

The next day at dinner, the Master asked his son if he had received his punishment leathering and when told not, he directed that Tom appear at the end of the meal.

"You wished to see me, Sir?" said Tom.

"My son has a request." replied the Master.

"How may I serve you, Young Master?" he asked not knowing what to expect.

Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III blushed.  He deeply regretted not doing as his father had ordered privately and he seemed like he wanted to slide under the table and disappear.  Unfortunately, he could not do that so he had do as his father had ordered but now shamefully publically.  "Tom, come to my room in a half hour…" He paused which made everyone listen even more carefully.  "… and … deal with me for doing poorly in school." he finished in practical a whisper.

"Of course, Sir.  In a half hour, Sir." replied Tom most elated.  The other servants had a hard time believing their ears.

A short time later Tom knocked on the young master's door.  Although he knew full well why he was there, he respectfully asked: "How may I be of service, Sir?"  Now in private, Kendrick responded crudely and tossed him the evil tawse.

"Trousers and pants down, please and lay over the end of the bed, please Sir." Tom ordered with great delight.

Tom admired the target for a bit and then made sure of his position before he delivered the first stroke.  It was an absolute wicked stinger and Kendrick reacted to the pain.  "You must do better in school, boy" Tom lectured and struck again with similar results.  He continued with brief lecturing lines interspersed with the dozen hard tawse strokes.  He left the well leathered and humiliated boy on his bed and withdrew.

When he reported to the Master he mentioned that he was surprised that the request was done so publically.  It was then that he learnt that the lad had skipped asking for a day when he could have done it privately.  "If I may, Sir, that sounds like he was being naughty."

"Quite so, Tom.  What would you suggest?"

"A spanking for being childish, Sir!"

"I agree.  I trust that you can take care of it."

"Oh, yes Sir." replied Tom elated but doing his best to hide it. «Yes, I will spank him tomorrow.» he thought as he went off.

* * * * * * * * * *

The young master still very aware of the terrible embarrassment he suffered at dinner told the staff the next afternoon that he would dine in his room that evening.  The cook was delighted when Tom said that he would take the brat his tray because that would avoid disrupting the serving of the meal for the family.

The young master was surprised when Tom entered his room with the dinner tray.  He was shocked when he did not depart immediately but explained that they had further business.  Tom went on to explain that "Your father was disappointed that you delayed asking for your punishment and that has earned you a spanking.  He has directed that I should deal with you."  The lad's jaw dropped.  "Shall it be before or after dinner, Sir?" he asked politely.

The lad selected before and Tom sat.  "Ken, please bring me your hairbrush, then drop your trousers and pants, and get over my lap, Sir."  The young master bristled at the familiarity but that was just one more humiliation.  That there was not anyway to avoid this was far more important.  If he refused, his father would come up with more punishments.  Kendrick did as required and let Tom pull him over his lap for the second time.  Tom got a good grip on his waist and picked up the hairbrush.  It was a heavy wide backed one that was like a small paddle when applied to an errant boy's bum.  And well-applied it was.  Tom raised up his hand with the heavy brush and brought it down hard on the target.  First Kendrick yelled and then an oval red mark appeared where the brush had landed.  This was repeated a score of times reducing the almost seventeen-year-old young master to a blubbering baby to his shame and the absolute delight of Tom, the lowly hall boy.

Lifting the baby up, Tom said he'll return in an hour to get the tray.  He was, most elated while Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III was feeling most sorry for himself as he sat on his soft bed picking at his dinner.

Tom could not think about the delights of his day for several hours as he had many duties to preform.  But eventually it became bedtime and he was able to luxuriate with reliving the wonderful parts of the last two days in his mind.  What could be better than to leather the young master and to spank him?  Although the Master had ordered the punishments he had decided everything else.  The young master was certainly a nasty brat and in need of civilizing.

It was not long before he was projecting into the future.  The Master had sent him back to school (part time) so that he could go on to be a valet.  What would it be like not being stuck with the dirtiest chores but to assist a gentleman especially if he travelled?  That sounded very, very nice indeed.  But he could think of one thing that would make it even better – having the authority to deal with the young master's transgressions and to be able to order him to drop his trousers and pants to assume the position for a caning or leathering.  How wonderful that would be!

End of Part 2.  Go to Part 3

© Copyright A.I.L. August 8, 2016

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