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The following story is fiction about a youth not doing well in school.  The story contains scenes of humiliating spanking and strapping by a social inferior.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I have not worried about making this historically accurate but have created my own universe to let the story unfold.  This is the third part of the story and, of course, you should start with Part 1

The mental images I have for the tailor shop screen is depicted in the Laurel and Hardy movie "Putting Pants on Philip" (1927) starting at the ten minute mark.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Hall Boy's Leathering 3/3


The entire Brewser-Patton household was happy for the young master had graduated from school and was going to Obscure College.  No one was happier than Tom, for he too was going.  In the last two years since he had first leathered Kendrick III under the old man's watchful eye he had worked for this moment.  No longer was he a mere hall boy – the lowest of the low – but now he was the scion's valet.  Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III would have preferred another as his valet but his father insisted on Tom.  That was especially irritating because he even had made that farmer's whelp his agent to discipline him several times in the last two years and he recalled that unpleasant fact every time he saw him.  Of course, that was all in the past for he certainly was too old for that sort of punishments.  The university was very different from his public school with its cane wielding masters and tattling prefects.

Tom knew that he most certainly was not too old and that the brat was in for a big surprise once he started at the College.  Beside the standard assignment of a valet, Tom was enrolled in a course to learn the finer points of being a valet.  Tom was delighted for when and if he wanted to leave the Brewser-Patton's, then he would be able to find another situation.  The Master was also going to make him his son's disciplinarian with a lot of discretion.  For this office he was given the special sort of instruction that school masters and even perfects receive in how to use the usual implements effectively and safely.

The arranged living quarters for the young gentleman and his valet was a small flat in a boarding sort of facility which housed a half-dozen university students.  Kendrick III had his small suite with a separate small room for the [Junior] Valet Tom.  Tom was very busy the first couple of days arranging his master's things and then his own.  All this was very routine but the letter that Tom had for his immediate master he knew would not be well-received but Tom was more than thrilled to have it.

"I have a letter for you from your father, Sir." he said in the morning.  When that provoked outrage about delay, he calmly explained that "Your father instructed me to wait until now to give it to you."

That outburst was nothing compared to what happened when Kendrick read his father's letter.  It did two things.  First, Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III was forbidden to use corporal punishment on his servant.  If that had been all, he could have passed it off as a minor annoyance for it was the rest that was horrifying.  Tom had been given the position of his disciplinarian with the right to use corporal punishment to assure good performance at the college.  Included in his duties were checking up that his master did his school work and obeyed the other rules.  Also included were a list of rules that he was required to mind.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

The first rule violation occurred during the second week of the term.  The young master was not totally devoted to his studies.  This was the same behaviour that he had shown all too frequently while in Public School which had resulted in his not being accepted at a more prestigious institution.  He had, just like in the past, bunked off.  This time his transgressions were noticed by his valet as well as his tutors.  On Friday afternoon, Tom confronted his master with the unpleasant facts that such misbehaviour was most unacceptable.  Kendrick made excuses but Tom just laughed at his feeble attempts at evasion.

Tom directed Kendrick to fetch the tawse that was hanging in the cupboard.  Tom pointed out to him that it was not the nursery tawse that he had used under his Grandfather's direction but one more appropriate for college lads.  It was neatly stamped with an XH.  "You shall get four cuts for each of the two sessions that you skipped, Ken.  Please drop your trousers and pants and bend over your desk."

Kendrick was not happy about doing this but obeyed anyway knowing Tom could easily write to his father and things would get worse.  Tom positioned himself and swung the strap hard.  Kendrick jumped for it hurt a lot more than the old strap had.

"Stay in position, boy.  Move again will earn you extras." said Tom smiling and hoping.

Kendrick gripped the desk tightly and stayed in position for the rest of his leathering.  Tom had applied the strap with vigour to insure that the message was sent.  That Kendrick's arse was deep red and swollen testified that he had been soundly spanked.  After he told the lad he might get up, he told him that he would be restricted to his room that evening and the next day so that he could study the material he had missed.  Kendrick grumbled but Tom was steadfast.

Tom had mixed feelings that this proved to be an effective punishment.  Yes, of course, it was good that the young master paid more attention to his studies but there were fewer opportunities to strap him.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an unexpected letter that led to the next spanking only a couple of weeks later.  The young master's father had written that the young master's cousin Quentin was getting married in a few months and that he therefore required a new formal suit.  Arrangements had been made with the tailoring firm of Schneider & Schneider on the High Street to make the required garment.  The young master was to go for measurements forthwith to get the process going.  Tom, armed with Kendrick's schedule, went that afternoon to make the appointment.

Because Kendrick III was not enthusiastic he was practically dragged by Tom to keep the appointment.  The dictates of the current fashions precluded need to make more than one decision – order or not – and his father had decided that already.  It was just a matter of a few minutes before the tailor, his assistant, Tom and the young master were in the fitting room for the measurement session.

It took an excessive amount of talk to get Kendrick III to remove his trousers so that he could be properly measured.  Tom could see the disgust on the tailors' face at how immature the youth was objecting to being in just his vest and pants so he could be properly measured.  After the measurements for coat were taken successfully, Tom could see his master getting antsy as the tailor moved lower.  Kendrick III became impossible when the tailor was trying to get inseam and related measurements.  Mr. Schneider was obviously losing his patience.

"Excuse me, Mr. Schneider, may I have a few minutes alone with Master Brewser-Patton, please?" said Tom.  The tailor agreed and withdrew with his assistant.  Immediately, Tom switched into his disciplinarian mode.  "Kendrick you are embarrassing all of us not letting the tailor take the necessary measurements." he said most sharply.

"But … but … but." started Kendrick but Tom was not hearing any of it.  Instead, he grabbed the troublesome lad and sitting down pulled him over his lap.  Instantly he delivered a few hard hand spanks provoking howls.

"Quiet, boy unless you want then to come back in and see you getting spanked like naughty little boy."  That quieted the lad and Tom yanked down his pants to bare the target.  After a few more spanks, he picked up the clothes brush that the tailor used and put it to a new use.  It was very effective in turning Master Kendrick Lester Brewser-Patton III into a bawling boy.  "Now will you be still and let the tailor measure you, Ken?"

"Yes, Yes, I will." he whined.  Tom let him up and handed him his handkerchief to wipe his face and blow his nose.

"OK, now back up on the stand for the tailor and behave properly."  As he got into position, Tom called the tailor back in to complete his measurements which went smoothly.

They both wondered what Mr. Schneider and his assistant thought as they returned to their residence.  Tom could see the unhappy anger in his master's eyes as they walked and could easily imagine what he was thinking.  "That would not have been necessary had you behaved like a man rather than a little boy, and cooperated with the tailor." Tom said.

* * * * * * * * * *

A major rule violation occurred in midterm.  The young master had gone out with several of his fellows and managed to get excessively intoxicated.  The Rules allowed him to be out until half past eleven since the public houses closed at eleven.  That was more than enough time to get back home – provided that you could properly navigate the dark streets.  By the time he found home, the landlord had locked up and gone to bed.  It took much pounding to rouse him and he was not pleased.  Not only was the youth late past midnight, his lockup time, but he was a mess having both stepped and fallen into the muck on the streets.  The landlord demanded that he remove his soiled clothes and boots so as not to mess the house before allowing him entrance.

In the morning, Tom noticed the missing items from his master's room where the brat was sleeping in and shortly after told about his late return by the annoyed landlord.  Tom was not pleased with the extra clean up required and especially not with his master's errant behaviour.  After he had arisen and taken care of his toilet Tom read him, what is now known as the riot act, lambasting his outrageous behaviour.  Tom then opened the cupboard and got the cane he was so looking forward to using on the young master.  Thoughtfully the Master of the house had not only arranged for his basic schooling and special things that a valet needs to know but lessons in the use of canes and tawses.  He flexed it in the way well known to intimidate school lads and swung it so that it swished.

Kendrick III watched in horror.  "What's that?" he blurted out.

"This is a proper senior cane to use on you because of your outrageous behaviour, Sir." replied Tom with the obvious.  "Now, please drop your trousers and pants and bend over your desk like you had to when you were in the headmaster's study in school, Sir.  I'm certain that you are quite familiar with the drill."

There was something about the way Tom ordered him about that made Kendrick obey.  So a minute later, he was in position and Tom was finding the proper position. He raised the cane and delivered the first cut to his young master.  Kendrick was not the strong stoic silent type.  He felt the blow and reacted like a baby with a cry and jumping up and grabbing his arse.

"Position!" snapped Tom.  As Kendrick gripped the far side of his desk, he added: "Hold on tight." quickly followed by the second cut.  Tom carefully continued and watched as each tram line formed.  He paused at six.

Kendrick made the rash assumption that the thrashing was over and Tom quickly ordered him back into position.

"But that was six of the best." he pleaded.

"Public school boys get six.  University ones get a full dozen." declared Tom.  As resumed the thrashing.  Now with more than a half dozen earlier cuts, they started to over lap thus becoming far more painful.  Much to Kendrick's relief Tom finally said: "You may get up."

Automatically, the well-trashed lad said: "Thank you, Sir." causing Tom to smile.

"After you dress and eat, I suppose that you'll get to your studies, Sir."

Tom did not concern himself with the response.

* * * * * * * * * *

As time progressed, Tom found few and fewer reasons to bare Kendrik's arse for the cane, strap or whatever for the young gentleman was maturing and applying himself.  This was pleasing to all parties.  Tom was given the opportunity for more education and advanced training to be a top notch gentleman's gentleman.  Kendrick's attitude also changed and he decided that Tom was an excellent choice for the position of his valet.

The two even made a secret pact giving Tom not only the power but the duty to thrash his master when he deserved it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 16, 2016

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