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This story is fiction and deals with the spanking for violation of Hallowe'en trust.  If such subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Hallowe'en Troublemakers Get Spanked


The village council had considered a 6:00 p.m. curfew for the under eighteen-year-old minors for just one evening – that of October 31.  The kids were horrified for that would have totally ruined Hallowe'en by effectively banning trick-or-treating.  The younger teens were outraged by the proposal not because they wanted to collect candy but because the younger kids – their siblings – would miss the great fun of the night they had always enjoyed.  Sure, they agreed, there had been some abuses but to outlaw the holiday was, well, unconstitutional and downright mean.

A movement got started.  In just a few days, the fifteen through seventeen-year-olds got together and formed the Hallowe'en Safety Squad (HSS).  Since they would have been the problem makers or knew who would be the village council relented.  Hallowe'en would occur as it should but without vandalism.

The squad members all wore uniforms of pumpkin-colored vests with black "badges" and were assigned areas to patrol.  For the most part they felt well rewarded by just having special authority and privileges.  The sheriff was proud that his son, Owen, was a driving force behind the squad.  Their primary duties were to watch out for the little kids and prevent trouble.  A secondary duty was to assist any kid who got lost or tore his/her loot bag or got sick.  Cell phones provided the communication network.  The sheriff was delighted that his phone was quiet.

There was a recurring problem at 982 East Elm Street.  It was the residence of the Randal brothers.  They were both in their thirties and new to the village.  Their porch was brightly lit up along with an extensive display on the lawn.  The problem was that the little kids were not getting any treats from them.  HSS member Owen explained to them that a lit porch light meant that trick-or-treaters were welcome and would get some goodies.  They just laughed at him.  Their porch light remained on.

Whenever he or another squad member could, they warned the little ones to skip that house for they did not have any candy.  It hurt his heart that the kids he couldn't tell were disappointed; betrayed by adults once again.  As it approached nine, the cutoff time for bell-ringing even for the pre-teens, he had an idea.  He called a couple of friends and at 9:15 the four of them were ringing the Randals' bell.© YLeeCoyote

"Trick or treat!" they chorused when the door was answered.

The two men just responded by yelling "BOO!  BOO!" and then started to close the door.

The four squad members pushed their way inside.  The Randals were not expecting any such action.  Some quick action by the four teens followed.  Arms were grabbed.  Randals were spun about.  Plastic ties slipped over wrists.

The two were neatly trussed for several seconds before they began to yell.  The four teens continued with their plan.

Two belts were pulled from two pairs of trousers.

Two trouser buttons were undone.

Two trouser zippers were undone.

Two pairs of trousers were pulled down.

Two pairs of underpants were pulled down.

Two Randals were bent over two ends of their couch.

Two belts were doubled.

Two doubled belts were swung at two bare bottoms.

Two red stripes appeared.

"You did not follow the ancient and sacred laws of Hallowe'en.  You deceived the little ones into believing they could get some candy by leaving your porch light on when you did not have any." they were told four times; the voice message was reinforced by the belts.  The belts kept swinging and making more red stripes until they all blended together and could not be distinguished from one another.  All four squad members had a turn at the deceivers.

They left them bent over.

* * * * * * * * * *

The two brothers got up and found a pair of scissors and cut themselves lose.  Then they called the sheriff.

The sheriff was polite but unhelpful as shown by his side of the conversation.

"They strapped both of you.  …  So they were all in the same costume of orange vests with black marking and black masks?  …  Did you see any faces?  …  Do you have any names?  …  Sounds like they were impersonating our Hallowe'en Safety Squad.  There's not much I can do, Mr. Randal, since you can not identify the perps.  Although there is one thing – I could send out a deputy to photograph your, er, injury and that of your brother.  Then there would be evidence should something turn up.  …  Very good, Sir, then I will consider the matter closed."

Owen walked in while his father was conversing with Mr. Randal and, of course, his ears pricked up at the mention of HSS.  "It worked well, Dad.  There were only trivial matters that were quickly dealt with.  The worst problems were adults not following the rules.  Of course, we all had fun being "special deputies".

The sheriff looked at his son in that special way that indicated he better come clean.  "It was the Randals, Dad, they were teasing the little kids by keeping their porch light on without any candy."

The sheriff laughed and stopped his son.  "I don't think I want to hear anymore."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., October 25, 2006

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